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"Pervert": Talking

Gaki: Thinking

Kit: Demonic/Summoning speaking

Shannaro: Demonic/Summoning thinking

Blue and green eyes stared incredulously at the warping mass before them. It all seemed to happen so fast. One moment, the imposing figure of the Shukaku towered over them, its sheer presence promising untold pain and misery. The next, the shrieking, quivering mass of sand and energy crumpled in on itself before imploding with a resounding boom.

A very rare sight indeed.

The whiskered teen rose to his full height and stared at his slowly recovering friend. A single thought seemed to pass between the two. What the hell just happened? Before any words could be exchanged, the figure still held in the arms of the blonde moved. It began to struggle before crying out in a desperate female voice. "Let me go you vile infidel! You'll NEVER consume me!"

The blonde teen stared confusedly at the female as she kicked out of his grasp. She landed with a loud thump, long brown hair flailing behind her, before reflexively curling into a ball. The resident redhead of the small group began to notice a few disturbing additions to the now rescued woman.

She has canine like ears…and even a striped tail back there. This really doesn't look good. Before the young village leader could voice his concerns, he saw what caught the view of his fellow jinchuriki. One look into those golden eyes answered many questions, and brought up infinitely more. The fox container however summed the situation up perfectly with a single phrase.

"I definitely didn't see THIS shit coming…"


The young male sat perfectly still in a meditative pose. It had been well over an hour since he witnessed the events at the chunin exam stadium, and his mind was still in turmoil. What will happen to us now? With Hinata-sama being officially betrothed to Namikaze Naruto, what future do we hold? The teen had to strain to keep the voices of the main house from invading his only true sanctuary…his mind. Hinata-sama promised to free us…to free me. I even confessed to Tenten that when Hinata-sama is installed as the clan head, we may have a future. But it's all for nothing! The long haired male clenched his fists in despair. I doubt that Hanabi-sama will have the fortitude to become clan head and free the branch family. And even if she is willing to stand up for us, it will be at least another five years before she is ready to lead. Tenten told me that she wants to start a family soon, so that she doesn't have to take the X-rank konoichi missions that may be given to non clan protected, unmarried and child-free woman above the age of twenty. The white eyed male's body tensed at the thought of his teammate performing such missions for the good of the village. She will be up for Jonin soon, and with her age and her rank, she will be more than eligible. And there may not be enough teams for a new Jonin to train. There are very few new konoichi that have the compliment of qualification and abilities for such deep cover missions. If nothing is done soon… The long haired male clenched his jaw in fury at the mere idea of what Tenten would have to endure. She said that she wanted to wait for me. Her morals won't allow a child out of wedlock…but she refuses for her child to be a slave. All of our hopes together depended on Hinata-sama…and now it is being taken away. The teen clenched his closed eyes tightly as he struggled to stay within his meditative pose. It doesn't matter much anyway. Hiashi-sama will never be able to convince the clan to let me marry her as things are now. With me being the so called genius of the Hyuuga clan, they'll want to breed me out as soon as I turn nineteen. I can already hear the whispers of my worth…as if I were a piece of cattle to be bargained for greater standing for the clan. Or they'll force me to marry Hanabi-sama…my own little imouto…for a stronger bloodline. I really am just a slave. In a rare break of decorum, the proud Hyuuga slumped his shoulders dejectedly. Yet before his thoughts spiraled into truly suicidal waters, an old promise jumped to the forefront of his mind.

*** flashback ***

"If you can't change the Hyuuga clan, I'll change the clan for you when I become Hokage!"

*** flashback end ***

Of course! If anyone outside of the Hyuuga can help, it's Naruto. He is the one to defy fate itself time and again. Maybe he can save me from mine. With a newfound hope, the bolstered teen rose to his feet. His eyes shined with a fire that would more commonly be found in the dark orbs of his bowl haired teammate.


The creature that once was the fearsome one tail rose shakily to its full height. No longer was it several meters high, but a mere five foot four inches. The glowing figure appeared to be an older male in his fifties with a rotund belly and a bald head. He had a brown tunic like shirt with tan pants. Around his shoulders, a dirty white cape hung; tying itself around his neck. Finally a trio of glowing black beads hung loosely about his neck, held together by a simple piece of silver string. The male glowered hatefully at the duo across from him and as his eyes met that of the redhead before him, the teen flinch involuntarily. The eyes held a star pattern similar to those of the beast that the Kazekage had reverted to in his past. With an insane grin the monk like man spoke to his host in a familiar high pitched tone.

"Hehehe! Gaara-chan, it's so good to see you again." The man smirked viciously at his host and spoke in a mocking tone. "Now, now don't be shy. Come and give your mother a hug. Hehehe!"

The Kazekage's face twisted in rage at the insult. Yet before the normally composed teen could utter a word, a comforting hand was placed on his shoulder. He didn't even have to turn to look to know who it was and to realize the message being relayed.

However the form curled defensively on the sand floor didn't get the memo.

"Its YOU! No, leave me alone!"

The monk like man grinned in an even more predator like fashion as he slowly began to approach the trio. "Come now Mari-chan. Don't be that way. Remember all the times we've shared together…all of the blood we've spilled?"

"You…monster! You won't use my power any longer! I-I despise you!" The woman slowly uncurled herself from her protective ball and staggered to her feet as well. "You filthy creature, don't come any closer!" At her words a blast of killing intent smothered the desert expanse. However, the insanely grinning male continued to walk forward unperturbed. With a glance and a nod, the two teenage jinchuriki moved to stand protectively in front of the woman.

"Hehehe! You call ME a creature?" The male had closed to within fifty yards and began to shake his head in mock disappointment. "Do your little protectors know who it is they guard? Do not forget what you are Mari-chan."

The blonde could no longer stay silent at the turn of events. This just keeps getting weirder. "Ok, can somebody tell me what's going on here?"

The monk-like male stopped twenty yards away from the trio. His insane grin vanished at the words of the blonde teen. "Shut up fox spawn. This is none of your concern. Now Gaara, hand over that disobedient creature to your mother so that we can put things back to the way they were."

The analytic mind of the Kazekage labored furiously over the facts before him. This…woman has the ears and tail of a tanuki. And judging by the conversation, this must be the true one tailed biju. But if that's true, what is this man before me? And why are his eyes seem nearly identical to those of the humongous biju? The Kazekage glanced behind him at the shivering woman at his back. And he called her Mari-chan. This doesn't…wait! The priestly garb…He must be… "High priest Shukaku I presume?"

The monk like man schooled his features before weighing the teen before him. "So you've figured it out child? Impressive, no one else has been able to fully guess the truth for centuries." Which is strange since they've been calling me SHUKAKU for a few hundred years

"So this is where you disappeared to…but it doesn't make sense. How could something like this even be possible?"

"Anything is possible for one such as me. The cold grip of death will never embrace me."

The quivering female glared heatedly at the plump male before her. "You used me! I thought you would help me, and you corrupted me! You turned us into that…thing!"

"Stop your blathering monster. Your kind were created to be used for power. Your sentimental nature is an insult to the gift that you were bestowed. I should have been the one to gain the power, not some spineless weakling like you."

Green eyes darted between the two parties in contemplation. This is very disturbing news. Judging by the conversation, these two have known each other for quite some time. But just one thing still confuses me… "Are you a jinchuriki high priest Shukaku?"

Star filled eyes widened for a moment before the squat figure burst into laughter. "Jinchuriki? Hehehe…I am far greater than a puny human sacrifice. That woman there may have been blessed with some of the power of the fallen titan, but through me has the one tailed biju been born. I am Shukaku, merged hanyou biju and lord of the desert sands. And I'll be taking my power back with me." With a speed that few could match, a tendril of black sand shot from one of the glowing black beads toward the group. Gaara summoned a wall of sand to shield stop the attack yet the barricade was pierced with very little effort. Seeing few other options, the three scattered away from one another.

Blue eyes widened at what he just witnessed. "Holy shit! Was that…metal?"

The cautious redhead slowly nodded in the positive. "It appears that this monstrosity before us is related to the Sandaime Kazekage in some fashion. He seems to have control of the Iron Sand bloodline."

The group was forced to spring away once again as more sand began to flow out from the glowing beads.

"Gaara this is YOUR mind! Why can't you control this thing…or at least the environment to help us out?"

"It is because of the presence of an extra consciousness here. A normal jinchuriki would be able to control the demon that they were implanted with. Yet I was born a jinchuriki, and that means that they were born with some equal standing in my mind. We are simply on an even playing field here."

"Well shit. I was hoping you could hinder that thing some how. Looks like we're on our own." A wall of sand rose up to combat the flying mass of black sand that attempted to crush the group. It was clear to all that the sand was barely holding the black mass at bay.

"Hehehe! Well let's see what you can do against my true power!"


"I still can't believe this. Naruto is the head of not one but two clans!" The healthy remnants of teams 7 and 10 were sitting around at the local barbeque restaurant. Choji originally wanted ramen but the ramen stand was suddenly one of the village's most popular places. The place was standing room only.

"I know Ino-chan. Dad told me after the matches that he, Shikaku and your father witnessed his abilities first hand. He said that if I had a sister, he would have tried to get her into one of his clans."

"That's just weird Choji. I know Naruto is the talk of the town right now, but don't you think that's a little excessive? Trying to force someone into an arranged marriage just so you could use their name is kinda low."

"That's just the point Ino. For my dad to even consider it, it must have been one impressive demonstration."

"As troublesome as this is, I agree with Choji. My dad told me something similar when I asked him a couple of days ago what was going on. He swore me to secrecy and then gave me a brief explanation. And for some reason, he thinks I should play Naruto in shogi."

"Are you telling me…that you knew all of this stuff days ago and didn't tell me?" The platinum blonde stood and glowered at her unaffected teammate.

"I was promised to secrecy you troublesome woman. And I wouldn't subject a friend to you and your gossip hounds anyway, especially after what you did to the Sandaime's grandson."

The mind walker had steam shoot from her ears in frustration. But before she could unleash her feminine fury; her previously silent friend spoke up. "I wonder if Sasuke-kun is alright. They wouldn't even let me see him…and they took him to the Anbu clinic instead of the hospital. This is all too horrible."

"Sasuke did use the second level curse seal within the village ugly. Hokage-sama strictly forbid using the power unless in emergency situations." The pink haired chunin bristled at the ugly comment, but her blonde companion spoke first.

"What do you think is going to happen to him Sai?"

"He will probably be tortured for using the seal as a punishment as soon as the Anbu medics heal him. They should stay away from forced cavity searches because closet homosexual would probably enjoy it."

"Sasuke-kun is not gay! Yeah he went after Naruto's friend, so he must like pink hair and green eyed women, CHA!"

"I don't see why that spoiled Uchiha keeps getting breaks in the first place."

"He's not that bad Choji…" The blonde looked worriedly at her rotund teammate.

"You don't know the horrors we faced bringing him back here. And the ungrateful bastard gets a pass and pardon for going missing nin on us after Naruto drug his sorry behind back to the village. He still acts like Kami-sama's gift to the village and it irritates me."

"Hey, don't talk about Sasuke-kun like that! He's just had a tough upbringing and had to lose everyone in his family. He's the best ninja in our generation!"

"He's nothing special Sakura." The usually lazy ninja's voice held an edge to it. "He's a good ninja, but he has multiple flaws that an equally good ninja could exploit. Heck, even Naruto's silver haired friend defeated him without proper ninja training. Sasuke needs to reign in his ego if he ever hopes to be an elite ninja."

The green eyed ninja stood in anger, glaring at her pineapple headed former classmate. "Sasuke-kun could have beaten that weird girl if she hadn't cheated! He could have defeated her whenever he wanted to, she just pissed him off and he was distracted. He could beat her or that baka Naruto in a fair fight!"

The lazy genius simply slouched into his chair before looking at the angry genjutsu user with half lidded eyes. "Your argument simply proves my point Sakura. He had superior abilities but still loss to a more intelligent fighter. And I never heard of ninja fighting fair. Our whole lives are built on deception, any true ninja knows that. The simple fact that he allowed a non shinobi trained person defeat him at his greatest skill is the biggest example of his short-comings. Right now, he is still a child pretending to be a ninja, instead of a man that takes his shinobi responsibilities seriously."

The pink haired chunin glared hatefully at her ex-classmate. But for the life of her, she couldn't think of a response.


Metallic Lance

Divine Wind Ram

Pointed metallic sand spears exploded on contact with the ram shaped wind. Yet the dark particles began to regroup for another attack.

The situation did not look good.

"Gaara, we can't keep this up. This guy never seems to run out of energy!"

"I am aware of the same Namikaze Naruto. It appears that our fatigue gives him the advantage. It would be wiser to retreat for now."

"I agree, I'll create a diversion, and then we make for the gate. Hopefully my diversion can hold him long enough for us to slip out and then close those big iron doors."

"It sounds like the best chance we have at the moment. I'll carry the woman."

With a nod, the blonde created a few dozen clones to intercept the enemy before yelling out his jutsu.

Great Breakthrough

The large gust of wind blasted forward, stopping the crazed entity from completing its next move. The next moment the clones sprung into action. The dangerous metallic sand speared the first few, yet instead of the familiar puff of smoke, dark sand began to suck into the clones. Before the star eyed figure could figure out the phenomena, the remaining clones closed ranks.

Multi Exploding clones

The explosion rocked the desert expanse and showered the mindscape in sand.

Amidst the chaos, three figures silently slipped out of the giant iron doors.


Toujou Ruby had quite enough of the shenanigans of her two friends. Using her abilities, she had put both of the exotic females to sleep. Deciding that she had seen enough, the practitioner of the arcane went in search of her new niisan. It took over half an hour, but the ebony haired beauty could see the prone forms of her adopted brother and potential betrothed. Before she could utter a word, the self proclaimed super pervert beat her to the punch.

"I can't believe it. The seal is actually stabilizing. That little gaki did it!"

"Jirayia-san, if that is the case, why haven't they woken up yet?"

"I don't know. But I don't have a safe way of finding out while I'm supporting this seal from the outside. And I doubt anyone here has the ability to project their consciousness in the right areas."

"I believe I can help." The two shinobi jumped at the unexpected voice from behind them. The Toad Sage frowned at his lack of attentiveness. I sometimes forget just what the gaki's friends are. Just sensing for chakra won't be enough to keep tabs on them. "Ah, Ruby-san. You know, if you wanted to get close to me, all you had to do was ask." The lecherous grin of the legendary sanin melted away at the deadpan look on the faces of both young women. "I know a little of what you can do, so if you think you can safely get in, I'm all for it. Just tell the gaki that the stabilizing has worked and he can come out now."

"I will do as you command Jirayia-san." With a slight flick of the wrist, a beautiful scepter appeared within the witch's hand.

After muttering a few words, the jeweled scepter glowed brightly. In the next instance the beautiful ebony haired young woman crumpled to the ground.


The giant doors shut with a resounding slam as the three figures breathed a sigh of relief.

"Whew. We made it. That thing is freakishly strong for being in a weakened state."

"I agree Namikaze Naruto. However before his disappearance, priest Shukaku was the primary defender of the kingdom of wind in his day. History says that he nearly single handedly held back the monster and demon hordes during the era of chaos. That was back when samurai were the primary military force. It is also around this time that the Sage of the Six Paths emerged and brought ninjutsu into the world."

The blonde teen made a face at his friend. "Ugh Gaara, you're starting to sound like Sakura."

The two were interrupted by their recent addition. "I'm sorry to interrupt the two of you, but where are we?"

"This is my mind. The desert expanse that you were confined in is a representation of the seal that housed the two of you. I am what's known as a jinchuriki. I am a human who contains the power of a tailed beast."

The stripe tailed woman stared owlishly at the red haired teen. The blonde nearly laughed at the emotions that flashed through her eyes. After a few minutes, the woman shakily asked the question that had been bothering her. "Y-you said that the desert was the seal domain for a t-t-tailed beast. And that's where you found me and high priest Shukaku. Do…do you think…I-I'm the tailed beast?"

The fox container knew that his fellow jinchuriki lacked tact and restraint in certain ways, and thus answered before his friend could. "Actually, we aren't exactly sure what exactly is going on. From what I could hear and deduce, that weird short guy somehow fused or possessed you. He used your power and fused with his spirit in order to become the one tailed tanuki. His mind must have suppressed yours, because he was in control. Throughout history, the one tailed was even called Shukaku, which is odd, because no other biju was ever given a specific name."

The Kazekage interrupted his friend with a sigh. "In Suna, it was always assumed that high priest Shukaku battled and was consumed by the one tailed beast. The story goes that after the fall of the high priest and his miko apprentice, the kingdom of wind rose up in rage for its fallen protector. The people eventually drove the rampaging biju out into the desert. There, a few brave samurai and conscripts built an outpost to watch the wanderings of the sand spirit. Because the beast who consumed the high priest called himself Shukaku during the battle, the name stuck through the passage of time."

"How…how long ago did this happen? How many years has it been?"

"Per our records in Suna, high priest Shukaku died 429 years ago."

The ears on the top of the head of the woman drooped depressingly at the information. "Everyone that I ever knew is gone. And I've become a monster." Before her thoughts could spiral any further downwards, a soft voice broke through the miasma of her mind.

"What is your name? I would prefer not to call you Shukaku."

For reasons unknown, the young woman blushed at the question. "My name was…is Sunamari. I was named after the desert that I was born in."

"Ok…something's been bugging me. It's obvious that you are the majority of the power behind the one tail biju. But what are you exactly? Are you a demon? Hanyou? Monster? What?"

The golden eyed female looked at the ground in sadness. "I am…was a miko and apprentice to the high priest Shukaku."

"What does that…?" The blonde was interrupted as his red haired friend cut in.

"This is a very interesting line of questioning Namikaze Naruto, however we should see about getting you out of here. I assume that you don't want to spend the rest of your days trapped in my mind."

Blue eyes widened at the statement before narrowing in thought. I know I can get out, but should I leave Gaara here with the raw power of Shukaku free from imprisonment? What should I do? Glancing at the clear pity shown in the teal eyes of his friend made the decision easier. The thoughts of the fox container ground to a halt as his adopted sister phased into view. "Ruby? What are you doing in here?"

"Nii-san, Jirayia-san says that the seal has stabilized, and you can return. I was sent to make sure you got the message and know to come out."

"Well, Ero-sennin can be as worrisome as baa-chan sometimes." Looking at the indigenous pair again, a plan began to form in his head. Gaara obviously trusts her. And she does look like the victim here. I can't just allow her free reign like this, so I'll just have to do the next best thing. Looks like your teachings are going to come in handy shishou. "Ruby, it's a good thing that you're here. We're going to help the young lady over there. But you have to do exactly as I say to get this thing done."