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Why did he say that he would stand by me? I know he means it because Dylan always says what he means, but why? After all, I did almost kill him and everyone else on board. How can he possibly still care about me after that?

Maybe it's because he's from a different time. A better one when people still cared and there was good in the universe. Did I really just think that?

I never believed it, not really. I would have said the universe was always as cold and unforgiving as it is now and the Commonwealth was only a myth. Then I took that salvage job and met Dylan. It was all real and I got
a chance to be a part of it. Well, until now, that is.

Dylan still believes in me, though, I don't know why. It's his crazy idealism, I guess.
Oh well, it does work. After all, he turned all of us into a crew. Well, Rev, Harper and Trance were mine before. They were still pretty eager to sign on.

Then there's dear old Tyr. If he can believe in Tyr, then why not me, right? I don't know, it's all pretty crazy to me.

I never really had this experience with men. God knows Dad and Rafe are just about as far as you can get from Dylan. Of course, all those other guys weren't much of an improvement.

So, is it all their fault? Is it Uncle Sids?
After all, he did give me my first hit of flash.

No, I made this decision on my own. Trance tried to stop me; she couldn't. Harper tried; he couldn't. What it comes right down to, nobody but me could have stopped me. And I didn't. So now, I have to live with the consequences. Can I? That's what scares the hell out of me.