I can't sleep

I can't speak to you


It was when I could no longer smell her that I knew she was gone. I knew I should have been happy. My temptation was gone. I didn't have to leave, I didn't have to run away, but a part of me was lost. So I mourned.

two months later

Her stare was unfocused. I knew that look. We all did. Her eyes, once bright with interest in the topic she was in with our brother, were staring off blank as if she was dead...well, really dead.

Jasper was frowning, perhaps already sensing the terror building up in her. He waited until she blinked out of her daze, her eyes suddenly on me, "What did you see, Alice?" He murmered. I could feel Rose stiffen next to me. Whatever it was, it couldn't be talked about here, not in front of all these people. Alice opened her mouth, but I held up my hand to stop her.

"Think." I said. No one was paying attention. I could see a group of students slamming their hands on tables, laughing obnoxiously. For a fleeting moment, I felt envy. Their hearts beating to the rhythm of their laughter, it was a sickenly sweet tune. It was cut off by her voice. Scared, but for me. disappear. You run into the woods and you're gone.

I gritted my teeth, my eyes still on the crowd of kids. Well, at least my family wasn't to be harmed.