A/N: I shouldn't be allowed to watch movies anymore.

Evil versus evil. The clash of the titans. The unstoppable force and the immovable object.

It was just as the scene below him played out. The harsh waves of the ocean were especially vicious at four in the morning, even for the summer months. The blistering winds may have played a part in it. The sea-salted waters sprayed at incredible heights as they hit the rough cliff that he was standing on, gazing out into the ocean.

If only he could have that power…

If only he could have all of this…

If only he could have the world.

He could do whatever he pleased. He could corrupt the world just as he chooses to. Everyone would be just like him. Everyone would support him.

The world would be a better place, right?

His blonde hair whipped around his face. He took a step closer to the edge of the cliff and looked down at the beautiful destruction below him.

That's what he needed: destruction that people wouldn't mind seeing. Turning something terrible into something gorgeous would be an art form, and he believed that he was the only one who could manage to do it.

He pulled a blindfold out of the pocket of his jeans. He placed it over his eyes and tied it behind his head.

The sun was beginning to rise over the water. He didn't want the sun to ruin his dark thoughts.

He stepped closer to where the cliff ended and the fall to his death began. This would be easier if his intent was to actually commit suicide. But he just wanted to see how willing he was to go the distance to what he wanted.

Inch by inch. Step by step.

When his left foot extended out and didn't meet rock, he knew he had accomplished his goal. He took off the blindfold and looked down. His black Chuck Taylor clad foot was about three feet over the edge. The only thing saving him right now was the balance he had on his right leg.

And that thought made him smile.

He turned to go back to his car and drive home. He had a flight to make later that afternoon, and for his plan to work, he couldn't be late.

Edge wanted to rule the world. Too bad there's already a king.