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Blood pumped furiously through his veins as he looked up at the malevolence eyes of his enemy. His attacker grinned evilly and threw back his head back and laughed vociferously. The sword dug deeper into his side making him cry out in pain.

"How does it feel, Shadeslayer, to be defeated by me?" he laughed. Leaning down he placed his faces inches from his and whispered in his ear, "This is the end, boy, of this pitiful struggle. Alagesia has fallen into my hands because of your failure."

Eragon grimaced as tears began to stream down his face. "I'm sorry Saphira," he whispered to his partner that lay pinned benneth the massive claw of Shrukian. She stared pleadingly at him and closed her eyes in defeat. Eragon drew upon the remnants of his own and her strength to fuel his spell.

"Losna wyrda!" (release fate)He cried taking the king by surprise. The air around them began to glow a brilliant white and engulf the rider and dragon. Galbatorix cried out in rage as he watched the pair disappear before his eyes. His cry was echoed by the angry roar of his dragon.


White, silver, and blue swirls of energy carried them through space and time. The feeling of weightlessness consumed them forcing them to tumble. Eragon grasped his throat and gagged as the air around them stiffened and stretched reaching for the light before them. Before he was about to lose consciousness the passage came to an end.

The sky opened belching forth its prisoners to the land below. Saphira opened her eyes and cried out in fear. Opening her wings she dove towards the rapidly approaching earth attempting to catch her rider as he fell. His small body landed atop of her and she strove to pull out of the dive. The ground however had become too close. They crashed and lost consciousness just as several dragons and elves began to emerge from the shadowed forest around them.

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