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Previously: Rogue has left the mansion. Wanda has left the Brotherhood. John and Remy are sent after them by Magneto. Jamie is upset about being left behind. Rogue puts a tracking device on John's tank. Remy develops a plan. Logan and Ororo punish the team with a no powers DR session, which everyone fails. Jamie and Kurt leave in order to protect Jamie for some of the upset New Mutants, upsetting Ororo. Rogue and Wanda try to call the mansion with no success due to phone problems.

Warning: Logan is a bit OOC in this chapter.

Elsewhere Kurt and Jamie reappear in an alleyway somewhere in Bayville. "So what was that all about?" asks Jamie.

"Bobby and them were going to beat you up for getting them more Danger Room sessions."

Jamie doesn't seem surprised by this and says, "I figured that might happen."

Kurt is about to respond when a blond blur suddenly latches onto him. "It is so great to see you, Blue," says the blur excitedly.

"Tabitha?" says Kurt still in shock from being attacked.

"In the flesh, so how have you been?"

"Good, you?"

"Ok. How are things at the mansion?"

"Not very good. Rogue left and well things just went down hill from there."

"I'm not surprised. I wondered when Jean would convince her to leave."


"Yeah, didn't you know? She has this crazy vision of what the X-men should look and act like and well neither Rogue nor I fit the bill."


"Yeah, she actually told me to that I'd be better off at the Brotherhood after I talked to Lance at school. She said my wild and uncontrollable behavior would be better suited for them rather than with the X-men. The final straw for me was after the whole carnival incident. She actually ordered me to leave; saying that I was a disgrace to the team and didn't belong there and sick of her attitude and the feeling that most people felt the same. I left."

"Rogue actually left to help Wanda not have her brain messed up by her father again. Though she was probably going to leave anyway, she was pretty sick of Jean and Scott's superior attitude," says Jamie

"So what are you guys up to?"

"Well, we actually just left…"

"Go, Blue! Stick it to those jerks!"

"Well, now though we don't…"

"Say no more, I know the perfect place for you guys to stay until you can find Rogue and Wanda. I assume that you're going to look for them to help them out right."


"Perfect, I'll come with. I've been so bored lately."

Kurt and Jamie merely look confused as they follow Tabitha as she talks a mile a minute about how they can find Rogue.

Back at the hotel, Rogue and Wanda are calling Jamie's cell phone to find that it's not turned on.

"Damn, I wish he'd turn the stupid thing on. I mean how are we supposed to contact him if it's not on?"

"Well, no use gettin' upset about it. Weh'll just call the mansion."


"Ah know, but weh don' have a choice in the matter if weh want tah know about Jamie."

"Fine, but we're not telling them anything."

Rogue just rolled her eyes in annoyance to the most obvious statement in the world and dials the mansion's number.

"Xavier's Institute for Gifted Youngsters, Jubilee speaking."

Changing her voice and accent slightly Rogue asks, "Is Ororo Munroe there?"

"Yes, one minute. May I ask whose calling?"

"Just tell her it's an old friend."

Wanda looks at Rogue funny. Rogue shrugs; she may not have liked many of the people at the mansion, but Storm was always nice to her, even after she lost control. Due to Storm's powers linkage to her emotions, she was in some ways a ticking time bomb like Rogue.

"Hello, Ororo Munroe speaking, who is this?"

"Rogue, Ah'm callin' tah ask about Jamie. How is he?"



"He left with Kurt. They took their things so they're not coming back. Kurt left a note saying that they had to leave to protect him, but it didn't say anything more than that except to tell me not to worry."


"I'm sorry. I just don't know what could have happened to make them leave or for me to prevent it. I'm so worried about them."

Rogue merely hung up.

"What'd she say? What's going on?"

"They left. Jamie an' Kurt left. They took their things an' Kurt left a note sayin' that it was the only way tah protect Jamie an' for Ororo not tah worry about them."

"What was Kurt protecting him from?"

"She didn' know."

"Rogue, are you all right?"

"Yeah, Ah'll be fine," says Rogue still in a slight state of shock.

Wanda then starts to grab her things. Rogue looks at her then catching on grabs her things and then heads out to the car with Wanda following her and they head back to Bayville to find Kurt and Jamie before something happens to them.

Back at the mansion, Ororo is still having a panic attack.

"I can't believe they're all leaving like this."

Outside the clouds start to roll in as Ororo loses control of both her emotions and her powers.

In the garage Logan smells the sudden change in the weather.

'I wonder what's up with 'Ro?'

He then decides to go check it out and work on his bike another time. He starts goes into the mansion and using his senses soon finds Ororo having her panic attack. He comes closer to her and notices that there are tears in her eyes, but she is not really crying quite yet.

"'Ro, darlin' are you alright?" asks Logan.

"They left. They're all leaving and they don't even say good-bye."

"Who left?"

"First Tabitha and then Lance I thought that he might turn his life around here and be happy with Kitty. Rogue was the next to leave. I saw it coming, but I just couldn't do anything to stop it. And now Kurt and Jamie have left too. All they left was a note. I don't understand, why do they all say that they don't fit in here? Why do they say that they were unwanted? I just don't understand what went wrong. This place is suppose to be a safe haven for all mutants, but why do I have this horrible feeling like that's not true?"

Logan comes up to Ororo and places an awkward hand on her shoulder and starts to guide her to her room, knowing that she wouldn't want the students to see her like this.

"When did Kurt and Jamie leave?" asks Logan.

"Just today, Kurt left a note in my room." Ororo hands Logan the note.

Logan looks at it and starts to growl in anger. ''Ro's right what is this place coming to if mutants don't feel safe here.'

"I thought that I could protect them, but I couldn't just like Evans."

"'Ro, you did everything you could, but you couldn't make them stay. Maybe one day they'll come back."

"Maybe, I think I'm going to take a nap before dinner."

"Alright 'Ro, I'll see you then."

'Ro just nods as Logan shuts the door. Outside the rain starts pouring down hard as Ororo cries for the children she loves as her own, who are now out in the cruel world alone. Logan hears and smells her tears and heads off to the Medbay to tell Hank about Kurt and Jamie's departure and then to the Danger Room to deal with his own pain.

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