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journal entrée

Back at the Brotherhood House, Fred comes back from visiting his friends in the Texas rodeo circuit to find that things are off. Colossus is sitting in the living room, watching the news. He also found that the house was quieter than normal. He cautiously walks inside and starts to look around for the other Brotherhood members. He soon finds the Brotherhood boys in kitchen.

"Hi, guys. What's going on? Lance, you didn't 'loan' Wanda your car again did you, because you do remember what happened to it last time?" asks Fred having noticed Lance's car missing when he came into the house.

"No, Rogue stole it when she helped Wanda leave before Magento came back with Mastermind," answers Lance.

"What?" responds Fred, who is surprised by this turn of events. 'I only left for one weekend and chaos ensues.'

"Yep, Wanda remembers everything," say Toad.

"She was really pissed wasn't she?" asks Fred.

"That's-the-understatement-of the-year," says Pietro.

"So why is an Acolyte in our living room watching TV?" asks Fred.

"Magneto left him here to keep an eye on us until Rogue and Wanda are found by Gambit and Pyro and forcefully brought back," answers Lance.

"That-and-Father-doesn't-trust-us-not-to-help-them," says Pietro.

"So what are we going to do about this?" asks Fred.

Everyone looks at him nervously and then turns their nervous looks toward the living room. Pietro quickly gets up and whispers in Fred's ear, "Don't-talk-like-that-with-him-here. He's-telling-Father-everything-we-say-and-you-don't-want-to-be-on-the-bad-side-of-Magneto. Remember-what-he-did-to-Wanda-and-she's-his-daughter." Then he just as quickly sat back down pretending as if he never stood up.

Fred looks at them again, just rolls his eyes and goes to put his things away. 'We can always deal with this later. I mean they can't possibly be thinking about doing nothing. Wanda is family and even though Rogue is not my favorite person, especially after she beat me up over Jean, probably to look good in front of Scott. I still go with the phrase "once a Brotherhood always a Brotherhood" and "you always help family no matter what".'

Back at the mansion, Jean is writing in her journal. Things are mostly going according to plan. I've always hated when people didn't do as I said. Some would say that I have only child syndrome, but that's just because they're jealous that they didn't have as great a life as me. I do find it interesting that none of the adults have tried to stop me, especially Logan. It's probably because they recognize how right I am. I mean how can, we show the world that mutants are normal and not dangerous when we have people on our team, who are odd and practically scream dangerous. Scott is completely clueless. He's just so trusting and as long as he thinks he's in charge he really doesn't care about his team. This of course works out perfectly for me, since Scott is really the perfect poster boy for the normal and not dangerous mutant, well except for his whole uncontrollable mutation issue, but I'm sure that I can work that to our advantage. Also he's extremely easy to manipulate do to his trusting nature. At one time I thought my greatest opponent would be Professor Xavier, but now I think that he is either too trusting or that he doesn't even believe that all mutants can change. I mean a leopard just can't change its spots. Now though I've realized that I should have been paying more attention to the other adults. They are starting to stop just ignoring my actions. Kurt's sudden departure messed a lot of things up, especially since the fool left a letter explaining his actions. While he hasn't completely messed up the plan, he has made it harder to implement. I will not let him destroy my success though. I will prove to everyone through the X-men that not all mutants are bad and if anything we, humans and good mutants, should team up to get rid of the evil mutants. We'd definitely be more productive that way. Think about it a mixture of good mutants and Sentinels chasing down evil mutants, who wish to destroy our way of life. Logan, especially, has started to watch me more closely now, but I'm sure that I can get rid of him before he causes any problems. I was going to rid of him anyway. I mean he's practically an animal. Now, I just need to do it sooner. He will be the most difficult, especially with his alliances with Ms. Munroe and Dr. McCoy. Wait a minute, I just thought of something. I wonder where that weird clone girl of his has gotten to. Oh well, a quick trip to Cerebro will answer that question and if SHIELD or HYDRA was just to happen to get that information. Yes, it's perfect. Logan will have to leave then and while he's away I can convince everyone to make sure that he stays gone. Among the students left that should be hard, all I have to do is remind them of his Danger Room sessions and he's as good as gone. My only problem on that front will be the adults, especially Ms. Munroe since she has such a soft spot for the animal. I actually think that she might be in love with him or something just as ridiculous. I mean how can someone love an animal? Some of the New Mutants also might become a problem later on. They're foolish to think I didn't know about that all girls meeting, sans me, that they had. Rahne would do well to heed Amara's advice though I will be watching both of them closely from now on. I haven't forgotten Amara's reaction to Tabitha. She would do well though not to cross me or a certain fiancé from Roma Nova will suddenly find out where she's been hiding all of these years and what's she been doing in all of that time. Rahne would also do well to not cross me, especially if she doesn't want me to reveal to everyone how her real father feels about mutants.(1) I wish I could have followed her earlier to see what she was up to, but it would have looked suspicious since I was suppose to be going to the mall with Kitty and Jubilee. Now those two are perfect for my plan. They both look normal and have relatively harmless mutations. The fact, that they are driven by a need to be popular and accepted unlike they were back home, makes them extremely easy to manipulate. Jean hears someone knock on the door. "Who is it?" says Jean sweetly.

"It's me, Scott. It's time for dinner and I thought I could escort you down."

"Of course, just let me finish this last sentence for that essay that we had to do for history class," says Jean smoothly.

"Alright, I'll just be waiting out here to escort you down."

"Thank you."

Scott is here to take me down to dinner and like a well trained gentlemen he knocked and has not entered my room since I didn't say that he could come in. He also doesn't questions, and yes I checked his mind just to make sure. I must leave off here though so that I don't cause in suspicion.

A/N: I've now finally put in Fred's opinion in due to the request of Caellach Tiger Eye, who pointed out that he hadn't been there when Wanda left the Brotherhood. Also I'm trying to portray Jean as being a psychopath. This doen't mean that she's inheritly evil or anything just that she looks out for number one. I want her to be deceptive, superficially charming/socially well-adjusted, and feeling no remorse in her exploitative behavior nor any empathy or compassion to her victims (I took this information from my psych. notes). I hope in that way she might appear less one-dimesional (since that was also a complaint about her and Scott) though I could be mistaken in that view.

1. In the comics her real father is revealed to be Reverend Craig (though in the beginning he is stated to have just adopted her at a young age). An extremely religious man, who tried to kill Rahne through the use of a mob after he found that she was a mutant. She was then rescued and adopted by Moria McTaggert. (This is all according to Wikipedia. I'm sorry if it's wrong, since I haven't yet read the New Mutant comics though it is on my list of comics to read.)

The thing about Amara's fiance though I completely made up. She may have one in the comics, but I have no idea about whether she does or doesn't.

Also I'm really sorry that it took me so long to update.

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