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A loud melodic tone echoed through the club as Kiba plucked the strings and his fingers danced across the neck of the dark red guitar. He had a stern look on his face as he concentrated, trying his hardest not to mess up. His tan skin was glistening from the beads of sweat that traveled down his face. The bright spotlight caused his eyes to squint, making it harder to concentrate. For what seemed like an eternity, he finally heard the low groans of Shikamaru's bass, the intertwining notes of Neji's rhythm guitar, and the deep beats of Shino's drums.

When he felt his band mates' presence, he glanced out into the crowd. The mass of bodies had became closer and closer together as they drew closer to the stage. He looked at the fans that were near the edge of the platform. Five of them looked familiar. One was a girl with bright pink hair and emerald green eyes. She was dressed in a black skirt and a dark red t-shirt that had three claw marks with red eyes inside. Over the marks was the name Beniga. Their was two more girls one each side of her. The one on her left had long blond hair that was tied up in a pony tail and her bangs fell over one eye. She was dressed in tight ripped jeans and a dark blue top. The one on the right had short black hair and light violet eyes. She had a dark gray hoodie with the same logo as the pink haired girl's shirt and dark cargo pants.

The other two of the five were boys. One was a rather good looking one with medium length spiky raven black hair and cold onyx eyes that caused a shiver to run up Kiba's spine. Even though his eyes gave him the chills, he had to admit the raven looked good in the knee length black shorts and baggy black t-shirt with the kanji for snake written in green. The other was, in Kiba's opinion, way better looking then the other. He had golden hair that was messy, but he made it look great anyway. His eyes were a brilliant crystal blue that, even in the shadows of the club floor, could easily been seen. His clothing consisted of a tight black shirt with an orange swirl on it and tight dark blue jeans. Kiba wanted to continue to stare, but he had to remember that he already had somebody.

As the crowds roars grew louder, a new being walked onto the stage. The man looked about the same age as the other members, but there was a more mature aura around him. He was shirtless, so his pale, muscular torso was exposed. His hair was a blood red and jagged around his left eye. On the right side of his forehead was a tattoo of the kanji that stood for love. His most distinctive feature, besides the tattoo of course, was his stoic, teal eyes. They had a complete other worldly beauty, but also seemed to lack any emotion at all. Kiba had to admit that his band's lead singer's eyes scared him more than the raven's did.

The red head glanced at the Inuzaka, which caused said boy to stiffer slightly. He gave him an 'are you read' look. It took a few minutes, but he finally nodded. The singer then glanced back out into the crowd as he took his stand and the music started to calm down. He began to sing with a melancholic tone.

"With bloodshot eyes, I watch you sleeping,

The warmth I feel beside me, slowly fading,

Would she hear me, if I called her name?

Would she hold me, if she knew my shame?"

The music began to pick up again and Kiba stepped towards his microphone while still playing and yelled.

"There's always something different going wrong!

The path I walk in the wrong direction!

There's always someone fucking hanging on!

Can anybody help me make things better?!"

As Kiba's yelling started to echo and fade, the other's soothing voice appeared.

"Your tears don't fall, they crash around me,

Her conscience calls, the guilty to come home,

Your tears don't fall, they crash around me,

Her conscience calls, the guilty to come home."

Once again, the music slowed and the sad tone returned to the words that were being sung by the red head.

"The moments died, I hear no screaming,

The visions left inside me are slowly fading,

Would she heard me, if I called her name?

Would she hold me, if she knew my shame?"

Kiba picked up the harder pace as the singer banged his head slightly. He took a deep breath as he screeched.

"There's always something different going wrong!

The path I walk in the wrong direction!

There's always someone fucking hanging on!

Can anybody help me make things better?!"

The other leaned over the edge of the stage and his teal eyes met a certain pair of light blue ones. The two boys' eyes were locked and neither of them could break away. As he continued to stare at the blond boy, he sang.

"Your tears don't fall, they crash around me,

Her conscience calls, the guilty to come home,

Your tears don't fall, they crash around me,

Her conscience calls, the guilty to come home."

The tone quickly sped up and both Kiba and Neji started to spin their heads around, Kiba clockwise and Neji counter clock wise. Neji had a whirlwind of dark brown hair surrounding his head. The crowd to move around more violently. The only member of the horde of fans who wasn't moshing was the blond, who was trying his hardest to keep eye contact with the red headed man.

"This battered room I've seen before,

The broken bones that heal no more, no more,

With my last breath I'm choking,

Will this ever end I'm hoping,

My world is over one more time."

As the guitar purred with the short tone, Kiba breathed in and let out a loud yell, "Let's go!" The guitar and the rhythm roared with high pitched notes as their fingers moved across the wooden necks. Both the boys looked like some divine entity had taken over them and was using them as puppets to make its music.

"Would she hear me, if I called her name,

Would she hear me, if she knew my shame."

"There's always something different going wrong!

The path I walk in the wrong direction!

There's always someone fucking hanging on!

Can anybody help me make it better?!"

"Your tears don't fall, they crash around me,

Her conscience calls, the guilty to come home,

Your tears don't fall, they crash around me,

Her conscience calls, the guilty to come home."


"Your tears don't fall, they crash around me,

Her conscience calls, the guitly to come home."

When the music slowly died, the crowd's roars and screams escalated. For a las show of flare, Shino grabbed one of his symbols and flung it at the stage lights. The metal crashed into the light, shattering the bulb and caused a plethora of sparks to shower down onto the stage. The fans went wild and all the band members smiled, except for the red headed singer.

Kiba grabbed the microphone and spoke in a slightly horse voice, "Thank you, you've been a great audience. You can see us again at the Battle of the Bands, where we will be the ones opening up for Akatsuki! Thank you and good night Konoha!"

As the crowd erupted with applause, the band began to leave the stage. The red head quickly looked over his shoulder at the blond before disappearing backstage.


"Hey Gaara, you coming to the after party at Neji's?" Kiba asked the red head, who was slipping on a dark red sleeveless shirt and a silk black dress shirt. He looked up at the black haired boy, who, like always, flinched when those teal eyes landed on him. He was silent as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a pack of cigarettes and pulled out one of the few left. He placed it into his mouth and quickly lit it. He inhaled slowly and blew the smoke to the side so it wouldn't hit Kiba in the face, "I don't know, maybe."

Kiba grumbled. He hated Gaara's smoking habit. He had such an amazing voice, and he was going to destroy it by smoking. The brown haired boy reached out and snatched the cigarette from the crimson haired boy's mouth and threw it on the ground and stomped it out. Gaara glared at the other boy. If looks could kill, Kiba would be dead. Gaara growled, "What the fuck? I only have a few of those left."

"Well, you shouldn't be smoking anyway, you're going to destroy your voice." replied Kiba.

Gaara rolled his eyes slightly, "Sure I am Kiba. Hey, can I ask you a question. If you say yes, I'll promise to try and stop smoking."

"Okay, what's the question?"

"Do you know who that blond guy was. The one who was standing by the Uchiha kid."

Kiba smirked, "Oh, you mean the one you couldn't take your eyes off of."

The red head grumbled and looked away, "Yeah, yeah, just answer the damn question."

"That was Naruto, you know, the guy I told you about that was pretty hot. Well, I was talking about him." He them moved a little closer to Gaara and placed his hand on his shoulder and said, "He's also single."

A small grin appeared on Gaara's face. He was about to ask if the blond would be at the party, but Kiba didn't let him ask, "Yes, he will be there." Gaara's smile grew, but he then saw a stern look on his face. Gaara raised an eyebrow slightly and asked, "What is it?"

"I want to warn you though, you're not the only one after him. Sasuke has his eyes on him as well," said Kiba.

The smile draped from his face and was replaced by a frown. He never liked the Uchiha brat. He was always so arrogant and he always made audacious claims about how much better he was then everyone else. Gaara shook his head to break the thoughts of the raven haired bastard. He turned towards the door and said as he walked out "I'll meet you at Neji's." He then slammed the door behind him.


Gaara was immediately bombarded by the sounds of loud music and excessive talking and laughing as he entered one of the guest houses that resident on the Hyuga estate. He was amazed at the number of people that had managed to be stuffed into the small space. Most of the faces he was were unfamiliar ones, but he did recognize a few of them. One was obviously Kiba, who had the black haired girl that was from the crow earlier sitting on his lap. Gaara could never remember her name, but he knew that she was Neji's cousin and that her name started with a H.

In the corner, he spotted Neji who, like always, was sitting with a stern look on his face as he quietly played his acoustic guitar. Also, like always, the Hyuga's sex craved boyfriend Sai was hanging off of him, constantly trying to move the boy's guitar away and make his way into his lap, but to no avail. The red head wondered what Sai saw in the ever so silent Neji who would never say a sentence when a word would do. The mysterious, silent archetype had to get annoying to the black haired boy after awhile.

After awhile of maneuvering through the dense crowd, Gaara caught a glimpse of a pair of crystal blue orbs and golden locks. Once he had finally spotted the person he was hoping to see, he made his way towards the blond. As he drew closer, he noticed that the blond had three dark lines that resembled whiskers. He smirked under his breath, thinking of how cute those whisker marks made him. The blond glanced at Gaara who was heading towards him. A small smile appeared on his face as he went to close the distant between the two.

When Naruto looked up at the other boy and trembled as he met Gaara's teal eyes. He didn't know why, but for some reason, the red head's eyes made him feel strange. It was fear, like he got from Sasuke's, but it was an unstable feeling that felt all to familiar to Naruto. The blond shook his head slightly, trying to get the feeling to disappeared. When it was finally suppressed, he spoke in a happy tone, "Hello, you must be Sabaku no Gaara, the guy Kiba is always talking about."

"Guilty as charged, and you are obviously Naruto," Gaara replied.

"You already know my name?"

Gaara nodded, "I asked Kiba after the show."

"Oh, so I guess that means he's never mentioned me before?" said Naruto with a small bit of disappointment in his words.

"No he hasn't. He did mention a friend with beautiful golden locks and the most stunning light blue eyes. I can easily tell that he was talking about you, and let me tell you, he didn't give you justice with his description."

A small smile appeared on his face which was accompanied by a light pink tint. Naruto reached over and placed his hand on the red head's forearm as he spoke, "Well Kiba didn't do you much justice either."

"You think so?" asked Gaara.

"Oh, there's no thinking about it."

Gaara smirked and stared down at the blond, who was smiling at him. The red head stared at Naruto. For some reason, the other boy's smile calmed him.

As he continued to chat with the other boy, he began to notice someone was staring at him. Gaara quickly glanced over Naruto's shoulder and saw Sasuke glaring daggers at him. He chuckled and leaned over near the blonde's ear and whispered, "I don't think the Uchiha brat likes me talking to you."

Naruto raised an eyebrow, "Why do you think that?"

"Because he's glaring at me from across the room," replied the red head.

Just as he said that, the raven moved towards them. Sasuke continued to glare at him as he stopped next to the blond and said, "Naruto, can I speak to your new friend for a second?"

"Uh, sure," replied the confused Naruto. The Uchiha grabbed Gaara by the arm and dragged him to the other side of the room and slammed him against the wall. Gaara groaned under his breath as Sasuke grabbed the collar and said in a harsh tone, "Stay away from Naruto, he's mine."

Gaara smirked, "Oh, I didn't see your name on him."

The raven's eyes narrowed, "Don't fuck with me. I'm warning you, stay away from him."

"Why don't you make me Sas~uke," mocked the other.

Sasuke started to ball up his fist, but before he could do anything, the blond came up behind him and asked, "Is everything alright you two?" Sasuke quickly let go of the red head and turned around.

"Yeah, I was just informing Gaara of something."

Naruto looked over at Gaara. He could see the concern in the blond's eyes. Gaara moved from the wall, "Yeah, it's okay." The blond sighed with relief.

"That's good. So Gaara, what do you want to do now?"

"I think I should go home. I have band practice tomorrow and I need to get some sleep."

"Oh..." Naruto said sadly.

"Here," the red head took Naruto's hand and pulled a pen out of his pocket. He wrote his number and said with a smile, "Call me anytime. Also," Gaara leaned over and placed a small kiss on Naruto's cheek,"That should hold you over until next time."

A smile appeared on the blond's face as he walked towards the door. As he left, he felt Sasuke glaring at him. He chuckled and mumbled to himself, "totally worth it."

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