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When you fall asleep watching a sappy movie that basically consists of the main couple making out the entire two hours, it's totally normal to dream about kissing the guy you like. Which is what I did.

What's not only weird but also scary and embarrassing it to wake up hours later, sitting on said guy, making out in his bed, at four in the morning. Which, interestingly enough, I find myself doing right now. Ok, hold on, WHAT?

"Sam?" A soft voice floated out from beneath me. I looked down and saw the face that had filled my dreams for so long. Only this was no dream. Freddie Benson was really there, staring up at me with the most confused, disorientated, adorable expression on his face. No, stop it Sam. This is no time to think about how completely hot—I mean, he looked—anyways…

I felt my face get hot and I jumped off Freddie like I had been electrocuted. "Oh, um… you, we, oohh….." I rambled, trying to think of a logical explanation for why I happened to be making out with him in his bedroom in the middle of the night. Which is really hard to do, when you have no idea what you're doing there yourself.

Freddie blinked and began to come around. "Sam, what's going on? It's….four in the morning! Why are you in here and…" his eyes grew wide. "and you, we were just…" he touched a finger to his lips softly, as if trying to figure out if what just happened was really real. "Sam, did you kiss me?"

Shit, shit, shit, shit, shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit…… This makes no sense. Last thing I remember was finally blocking out Carly's never-ending coos at the sappy romance movie she made me watch and drifting off to sleep. How had I been able to get out of Carly's apartment, across the hall, and into Freddie's room if I was asleep? But I didn't have time to think about that now. I had more pressing issues. Freddie was still sitting on his bed, staring wide-eyed at me, waiting for an answer.

"Well, you see….you're dreaming!" I burst out with a bit of nervous laughter. "Yeah, dreaming, that works…" I muttered to myself, smiling at Freddie's confused face. "Yep, this is a really, really vivid dream! So I'll just leave so you can go back to sleep…" I called as I turned to leave.

I felt a hand grab my arm. "Hang on." Oohh so close!! I spun slowly around to face him. "I've got some questions…" I took a deep breath and readied myself for the worst.


I've always been a light sleeper. It really kind of sucks, when you think about it. I wake up over the smallest things. Which is what happened tonight, when I was woken from a very pleasant sleep by the feeling of hot breath on my face and a tickling under my nose. I opened my eyes slowly to see that what was under my nose was several strands of golden-blonde hair. I followed the lines up to discover they were attached to a girl's head. The very girl I had just been dreaming about.

"You know," she smirked, leaning her head in even closer to mine. "You talk in your sleep." I flushed, hoping she hadn't heard what I'd just been dreaming. Because that was all about her, and if I couldn't tell her how I felt in a conscious state of mind for fear of getting my butt kicked, I feared for what she would do if she found out like this. And yet, all my worry seemed to fade away as I gazed up at her face, merely inches away. Her smirk grew wider as she closed the gap between us.

I think my head exploded. No, really, you know those fireworks everyone always talks about in movies? They're real my friend. The second our lips met, I saw more explosions than the Fourth of July. I wrapped my hands around the back of her neck, pulling her closer. I felt her smile against my lips. This was it. My first kiss. (Well, officially. Like Valerie counts.) And, I couldn't help but think, there wasn't anything that could make it any better than just being here with Sam.

She pulled away, and almost immediately I missed the heat of her lips on mine. I reached up to pull her in for another kiss, but noticed the look on her face. Sam wasn't looking at me anymore. She wasn't looking at anything, really, just staring blankly into space. She blinked, then looked around like she had no idea where she was. "Sam?" I murmured sleepily. Her eyes moved down to me and stared. I stared right back at her, worried. Was something wrong?

Suddenly, Sam jumped off me like I had stabbed her with a fork or something. She stood at the edge of my bed, face bright red. I continued to stare, too tired to really understand what was going here. ""Oh, um… you, we, oohh….." she stammered, looking frantically around the room, like she was searching for a way out.

Beginning to wake up, I finally noticed that we were in my bedroom. "Sam, what's going on?" I glanced at the clock. "It's….four in the morning! Why are you in here and…" A sudden image of us kissing flashed through my mind. Did that really happen? "…and you, we were just…" I placed a shaking finger on my lips. They felt hot, and I came to the conclusion that what just happened must have been real. "Sam, did you kiss me?"

"Well, you see….you're dreaming!" she burst out in a fit of nervous laughter. "Yep, this is a really, really vivid dream! So I'll just leave so you can go back to sleep…" she called back to me as she turned to leave. Wait, that made no sense…how do I go back to sleep in the middle of a dream? I couldn't let her leave without an explanation. I jumped off my bed and grabbed her arm. She spun around to face me as if I were her executioner. "Hang on." I began "I've got some questions…"