Alright. Now that I've sufficiently creeped you out, allow me to present to you *drum roll, lol* a new chapter of iSleepwalk! :D I hope everyone who liked it so much is still interested, and that you don't beat me with meat products, seeing as I didn't post this yesterday. Speaking of the past… I was re-reading this story (yeah, that's how long I've been gone) and I noticed that on the last chapter, a few people said they thought Sam would handle that perv herself, so I just wanted to address that. Sam is definitely one of the toughest girls on TV, and she probably could've handled herself, but I've noticed that she tends to get really, well, girly around guys. Like all nervous, you know? But whatever.

ONE LAST THING! Have any of you seen the trailer for iTwin?!? OMG I nearly died. My little Seddier heart is so hoping for some major development, and then they finally face the facts and admit their undying love for each other …. Ok, got carried away. Anyway, it's on July 11th! Waaaatch it!! *shifty eyes*

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You know what really sucks about having feelings for one of your closest friends? Actually, let me rephrase. You know what really sucks about having feelings for one of your closest friends, when he's in love with your other friend, and you two can't be in a room together for five minutes without finding something to fight about? Oh wait, kind of just answered my own question there. But other than that?

Well, as I found out, it makes it really hard for you to look at him without totally spacing out in some random daydream about you two, which causes both your friends stop what they're doing and ask if you're alright. And then you have to lie and say you're fine, because God knows what would happen if you actually told them the truth, and they just shrug and go back to whatever they were doing.

Which is why, after running up to Carly's room for a change of clothes, I found myself slumped on the Shay's couch with a plate of ham in my lap. Carly was fussing around, trying to pry some answers out of the two of us. Freddie was sitting in the chair next to me, furtively shooting glances at me, but there was no way in hell I was going to look at him. The last time I did, I spent a good ten minutes imagining us as various movie couples… yeah. I'd like to point out, however, that this was caused purely by my lack of sleep, and not in any way my strange attraction to the boy.

"So Carls…" I began, searching for a way to break the awkwardness. "What's with all the people in the hall?"

"Oh, there's an apartment down the hall that's for sale, and they're doing tours today and-- STOP CHANGING THE SUBJECT!" she cried. I winced. So she hadn't forgotten. "I want to know what happened with you two!"

I heard Freddie sigh and finally looked over to meet his eyes in some sort of silent agreement. "Well," I began, "we were supposed to do a Wake up Spencer last night..."


She bought it. It was a harder sell than Mrs. Benson, but then again, Carly is a bit more perceptive and oh I don't know… sane? But whatever. A few hours later, Carly and I were lying on the couch watching some Girly Cow. Freddie was upstairs, doing some system checks for the show tonight… whatever that means. As long as he was out of the room, I could relax and settle into the relative normalcy of my life.

"Hey Sam, about Freddie…"

Or so I thought. Cringing, I turned to face her, just as the phone rang. Saved by the bell. I thought with relief as Carly pouted, but got up to answer the phone. This is not good. She obviously knows something's up, stupid Carly and her smartness….

My thoughts were interrupted by Carly's more-frantic-by-the-moment voice. "Wait Spencer, where did you say you were?" she paused, but whatever Spencer said wasn't very comforting. "Well how did you get it up there? What!? Spencer, where the heck did you find that in Seattle?! Well, can't you just go through the – oh. Yeah, I guess, hang on…"

"What's up?" I asked as she hung up with a sigh.

"Spencer and Socko got this catapult from his friend Cappy and they launched Socko's bag of double A batteries – don't ask" she commanded, "-at the roof of a building. Only they forgot that Socko put his wallet in the bag before, and they didn't aim too well and the bag went through a window. And now the doorman won't let them go up and get the bag so they need me to go and try and convince him…" she paused. "Did that make any sense at all?"

I laughed. "Not really. But it is Spencer."

"Yeah, ok." Carly replied distractedly as she ran to grab her purse and a jacket. "Hey, can you go tell Freddie what's going on? I really need to get down there."

"Um…." I hesitated. Going up to see Freddie, being alone with him again? I wasn't sure if I would be able to handle it. But there was no way I could let Carly know that. "Sure." I sighed, only to open my eyes and discover that my best friend had disappeared. "Ok… here we go…" I muttered, trying to prepare myself.

The walk up the stairs had never seemed so short. In a matter of seconds I was at the studio door. Looking through, I could see Freddie bent over the tech cart, frantically typing away at something. His head snapped up when he heard me come through the door, and his face twisted into this strange mix of happiness and fear. "Um… hi." He greeted me cautiously.

"Hey." I replied, feeling possibly the most awkward I ever had. "Um, Carly had to go deal with this thing with Spencer… and a catapult…"

"Do I want to know?" he interrupted, a small smile growing on his face.

I smiled back. "Probably not." And suddenly, all the tension seemed to melt away. It was weird, but I felt completely comfortable just hanging out with the dork. "So… what're you doing?" I asked, leaning over his shoulder to see the screen. This was a mistake, as I also got a huge whiff of him again – that smell of clean soap and cinnamon and—

I blinked and made myself stop sniffing him – seriously? How creepy did I just sound? – long enough to focus on what he was saying. "or stress, in many cases. Let's see, we could lock the doors and windows, or there are pills, but I really don't know which would work best … what do you think Sam?" he asked, looking back at me, which of course had to bring his face inches away from mine, his lips just inches away…

He suddenly pulled away, leaving me standing there looking like an idiot. "Um, … what do I think about what?" I asked to distract him.

"Oh, um…." He stammered, and I was surprised to notice that his face had turned a light shade of red. "I was looking up some stuff about sleepwalking, and judging by the way you've been acting," he cleared his throat uncomfortably, "I'm guessing we have a winner."

Oh right. That whole me-waking-up-in-his-room-for-the-past-two-nights thing. "Well ok, so what'cha get on how to stop it?" I asked, leaning in again and as he started explaining, I allowed myself one last sniff. Smiling to myself, I decided that maybe this whole sleepwalking thing wasn't so bad after all.


Wheee! Well there you have it! Not too sure how this'll go over, because I've been off this story for so long (again, apologies). I suppose you could say this chapter is kind of just to get the juices going again or whatever. Lol. So anyway, let me know what you think, and I promise I'll have more soon! (But not tomorrow. I've had about 5 total hours of sleep the last three nights. I need a break, sorry. The day after.) Thanks everyone, peace out!