I'm in the midst of writing another story (which I would love it if you read that one too!) but, I decided to start writing a new one. Hope you like it!!

Personally, I find the whole "imprinting" concept pretty interesting. So, it got me thinking and now here I am…with a new story. I do hope you enjoy it. It might not make sense…but I like to use my imagination vividly!

Chapter 1: Who Am I?

Today was the start of something new. Well, at least I thought it was new. To the rest of my family, it was sort of a routine to them. They had done this so many times in the past that it wasn't really that exciting to them. I think that I was more nervous that I was excited. This would be my first time being part of the whole moving to another town with pretty much a clean slate experience. My father assures me that I will get used to rather quickly. I don't know about that, I'm not really the extroverted type. I like keeping to myself most of the time. A habit I picked up recently. After that night in the woods…

"Natalia?" my train of thought was cut off as I snapped back into reality.

"I thought we were going to focus on the positive?" my brother frowned at me.

"I am being positive…" I began to protest but he gave me that look with his eyes.

"Oh yea. I forgot." I blushed.

"We're almost here apparently." He looked out the window again as we entered our new home state.

"Why do we have to live here again?" I mumbled, looking out the window.

"Because, it's almost always raining and overcast here…and there's plenty of forest around." He laughed as he saw my expression and my face go a little pale.

"Don't worry" he patted my hand gently "everything is going to be fine."

"Easy for you to say." I smirked.

I guess this is the part where I should start to explain. My name is Natalia Mor—er, I mean Cullen. Yea, Natalia Cullen. I'm seventeen and I was adopted into the Cullen family about a year ago. We aren't a very big family I suppose. It's just me, my brother Edward, my Father Carlisle and my mother Esme. I met them a year ago, on the darkest night of my life. You, see Carlisle was on duty the night we were in the car accident. Our car has skidded off the road and down an embankment. My mother had been thrown from the car and there was nothing they could do for once she reached the hospital. However, before she passed, she made Carlisle promise that he would take me in. I don't know what it was about Carlisle, but my mother trusted him…enough that she would put me in his care. She knew nothing about him or his family. She just picked him. True to his word, he legally adopted me a few months after my mother died. It was then that my entire world changed. I didn't know much about the Cullens when I moved in with them. But, soon enough, I caught on to their little charade. They were good at first when they tried to hide the fact that they never slept nor ate anything at all. It wasn't until one day when I caught Edward answering my thoughts as if I had asked them out loud that I knew something was up. It was then that they sat me down and told me their secret. My new "family" was actually a group of vampires…yea, that's right vampires. I didn't believe them at first. Vampires didn't exist! But, I quickly changed those thoughts when they told me their history and when they told me about their special diet. It didn't make sense to me in the beginning. Why would a group of vampires take in a human girl and make her part of their family? I might never know the answer to that one but, I have grown to love the Cullens as if they were my own family. Sometimes things get a little too complicated for me to follow but other than that, we're pretty normal I suppose.

"We're here!" Edward announced as he pulled into this huge driveway of what could only be called a mansion.

"Whoa." I breathed in, taking in this huge house in front of me. I got out of the car and looked around. Carlisle and Esme were already unloading their things from the car. We had no moving truck…no nothing. Apparently, when we moved, we couldn't bring much with us. Only the vital things of course.

"Oh I cannot wait to start decorating!" Esme beamed as she took my hand and walked into the house with her. She took me through every room, telling me what she was going to do with all of the rooms. I just nodded, trying to keep up with her. By the time we went full circle and ended up in the front room again, Edward and Carlisle had everything inside already.

"Are you hungry?" Esme asked me and I shrugged. It was always kind of weird when it came to eating. I almost always did it all alone. Because the smell of "human" food was sort of repulsive to them.

"Yea, I guess so…" I looked around. I doubt there was any food in the house.

"Well, I had a delivery service come in earlier today…so the fridge should be stocked." She said proudly. She as on top of things…like, all the time!

"Alright then..well then I'll just go find something in there then." I smiled and made my way towards the kitchen.

"We are going to go hunt…will you be okay by yourself for about an hour?" Carlisle asked and I turned to look at them.

"Yea, I should be fine." I nodded. They left as I made my way into the kitchen. I found something before heading to the couch. I had no bed yet so the only place I had for tonight was the couch. Which, that was fine by me. I was totally exhausted. I wanted nothing more than to just curl up and sleep. Tomorrow would be a big day. Edward and I would be starting high school tomorrow. Well, this would be his like twentieth time through high school…but this was my first time through. I was pretty nervous. We both are entering as juniors and I didn't know quite what to expect. At least I'd have my brother with me. Before I knew it, an overwhelming sense of exhaustion set over me and I quickly fell asleep on the couch.

Chapter Two: First Day

"wake up sleepyhead." I opened my eyes and made out the form of Edward standing beside me, a grin on his face. Slowly, I stood and stretched and looked at my brother who was all set to go to school. While it only took him probably a minute or two to get ready, it took me a cool forty five minutes. Luckily, they had gotten semi-used to the fact that I didn't do things in five seconds.

"Ready." He called as I said goodbye to our parents and got into his car.

"Edward what's our story again?" I yawned as we traveled through the small town.

"You forgot already?" he laughed "we're simply Dr. & Mrs. Cullen's children. We just moved here from Alaska. And you, my dear sister…are adopted."

"That's it?"

"I'm afraid so. Unless you want to make up some fancy, fabricated story?" he looked over at me.

"No." I sighed. I didn't want any more attention than needed. We reached the school and I was surprised at how small it was. As we got out of the car, we were met with about fifty stares as we made our way to the main office to get our class schedule.

"Hello." Edward spoke to the lady behind the counter "I'm Edward Cullen and this is my sister Natalia." He pointed at me and I just waved "we're new here this year." He said no more. The lady was up and handing us all these papers.

"Thank you very much." He smiled at her as we walked out of the building. He took my paper from me and looked at it, his face turning into a frown.

"What?" I laughed.

"It seems as though we only have one class together…and it isn't until the end of the day."


"So? Are you going to be okay?"

"I'm not five Edward." I smirked at him. "Besides, I'll get to see you at lunch. And, you'll be keeping tabs on me through all the other students I know it." I laughed.

"Okay then…well in that case, your first class is history and if I'm correct, it's in that building." He pointed to one of them.

"Okay. Well, have fun." I said as he gave me a hug.

"Be careful okay? Don't get into any trouble." He mumbled, pulling away.

"I promise." I waved as we walked in two different directions. People kept looking at me as I made my way to where my class was. It made me sort of nervous. I didn't like it when people looked at me. I didn't know what they were thinking…it killed me!I finally made it into the classroom and gave my teacher my slip thing.

"Welcome to the class." He said, but not really caring. Sighing, I turned to find a seat when I bumped into someone…someone who was very cold and hard.

"Ow. That's going to leave a bruise." I blushed, holding my wrist close to my chest and bent to get my books. Looking up, I was met with a set of hazel green eyes, staring at me intensely. I stood as this person handed me my books, still staring at me. When he finally stopped staring at me, I felt a little lightheaded when he broke the contact.

"Sorry about that." He said "about dropping your book and bruising your wrist." He said and turned and walked away.

"Oh wow…how did you do that?" someone asked me as I sat down, still rubbing my sore wrist.

"Huh?" I looked over to a girl who was staring at me.

"Jasper never talks to anyone…only to his sisters." She whispered.

"Who's Jasper?" I asked confused, still feeling a little off from that stare.

"The guy you bumped into."

"Ohh." I blushed again "I guess it was my lucky day." I shrugged and was relieved when the bell rang. Great, this was exactly what I needed! To have some mysterious guy who I'm sure all the girls were enamored with to pick me as the one he struck a conversation with. I made it through that class and my other two before it was time for lunch. When I walked out, Edward was there waiting for me.

"You shouldn't do that." I said as we made our way to the cafeteria "People don't know we're related." I laughed but he didn't say anything. He was just staring down at me…his eyes fixed on something.

"What's that smell?" his eyes narrowed on me and I just shrugged, sniffing my hair. It smelled like honey & vanilla, like it always does.

"Why are you staring me like that?" I whispered to him as we entered the cafeteria. Again, he didn't answer…just kept his gaze locked as we got food and found an empty table.

"Edward stop it. It freaks me out when you do that." I said, nudging him slightly. After a few moments, I heard him make a low hissing sound come from his mouth.

"I thought I told you not to get into any trouble Natalia." He said, his teeth clenched.

"I'm not in any trouble."

"Oh yes you are…this is just perfect."

"Can you explain it so I can understand you? First you tell me I stink and now I'm in some sort of trouble."

"Did you have any certain encounters this morning?" he looked at me.

"Um, no?"

"Natalia…" he started up again.

"Okay, okay…I bumped into this guy in my history class. He picked up my book…that's it." I shook my head. I didn't know that was a federal offense.

"And nothing…nothing seemed familiar about him?" I thought about it for a moment. I had never seen that guy in my life before. His eyes though, they were beautiful.

"No?" he sighed, obviously frustrated with me over something. He leaned across the table and gently took my arm and stretched it out, exposing the bruise that was already forming.

"It's nothing."

"It's everything!" he snipped. I looked at him again. Then, as if someone whacked me over the head, things started to click together. No regular person would bruise someone by simply bumping into them right? And he was…he was cold. But how? He was wearing a sweater just like everyone else.

"Oh…" I moaned in disbelief "this isn't happening is it?"

"I'm afraid so…seems that I'm not the only vampire you know now." He said in a low voice. My head started spinning a little bit.

"Is that why you think I smell?" I frowned and he nodded.

"Each vampire has their own unique scent…and we usually pick it up rather quickly. It's used when a vampire wants to…" his eyes widened and his face suddenly swept the room, looking for something.

"When they want to what?" I said, taking a drink of my soda.

"When they want to mark what is theirs." He sneered, still looking for something. My face dropped.

"Are you sure Edward?" I panicked. I don't know exactly what this meant but, I didn't want to be marked by anyone…let alone a vampire. What if this guy wanted to hurt me…oh, crap.

"I won't let that happen Natalia…I swear to you." He looked back at me, concern in his eyes. I was about to say something when I saw a pair of feet walking towards our table. My heart skipped a beat when I saw who it was.

"Excuse me…" someone spoke and I instantly recognized the voice. It was deep and sounded like it was from the South. I tried to open my mouth but nothing came out. Next thing I knew, Edward was standing up in front of this guy, standing in front of me. I swore I heard two very low growls come from each of them.

"Leave her alone." He whispered harshly.

"I didn't know she was taken." He said, almost as if he was disappointed?

"She is MY sister…and if you ever come near her again…" he clenched his fists.

"Edward, stop it!" I said, standing up and placing a hand on his shoulder. People were staring to look at the situation at hand. We didn't need that…

"Look, we don't mean any harm…" I began to say, looking at this Jasper guy but I was at a loss for words when his eyes met mine. The look he had in his eyes…they made me do a double take. He didn't look like he wanted to hurt me…but he more looked like he wanted to rip Edward into shreds for the sake of being closer to me so he could…so he could hold me? I felt Edward's arm outstretch in front of me, as if he was blocking me from Jasper. I couldn't break the gaze with him though. As much as I was freaked out, I couldn't stop looking at him. The bell suddenly shrilled, causing me to jump a little.

"Let's go." Edward whispered, and I grabbed my bag and he grabbed onto my arm, taking me across the room and towards my next class. I felt Jasper's gaze on my back and I wanted to look and see but I just felt Edward's grip tighten.

"Don't even think about it." He muttered as we walked to our next class. I don't remember much of what happened the rest of the day. I was too caught up in the look that this guy Jasper was given me. I didn't know whether to be scared out of my mind or completely flattered? This was so not going to be a good thing…