"Dean! I swear I am going to kill you!"

"Good luck with that Sam"

Sam grimaced as he looked at his laptop in which on the screen, apparently his dumb ass brother had decided to write a little message in permanent marker….all over his screen.


I just wanted to tell you that I am hungry so I an going to get something...maybe a cheeseburger or steak...yeah...cheeseburger sounds nice. Anyway, oh yeah and one more thing....relax bitch.

- Dean

"I'll get you for this Dean, I swear I will" He yelled knowing that Dean heard him.

"Sure you will Sammy"

Sam poked his head out of the bathroom and shot his brother a glare, "Just wait and see what I do to you"

"Dude, your pranks are bush league" His brother laughed at him. Dean thought he knew all of Sam's tricks, but the truth was, he didn't.

"You want to start a war Dean? Cause I'll give you a damn war"

"Fine, you know your going to lose anyway"

"Try me" Sam huffed as he stalked past Dean, "Let's go"

"Go where?" Dean asked confused.

"To the school Dean"

Dean gave Sam a smart ass smirk, "Oh, that one...let's go then Sammy"

"It's Sam" He said through clenched teeth.


The two got to the school in silence as the bell siganal rang, and it was obvious that Sam was still mad.

"C'mon Sammy, lighten up will ya?"

"No" Sam crossed his arms"

"Why not?"

"You ruined my laptop Dean"


Sam laughed, "So?"

"It'll come off...eventually"

"Whatever Dean, I'm still going to get you back for this, you just watch me."