Fanfic- Max and Fang

It was two in the morning. I had been up thinking about Iggy getting his sight slowly back, when Fang walked in. He was in his normal pajamas, just some comfortable pants. I had a pair of fleece pants and a tank top on. He looked over to me, and opened his mouth.

"Max, just speak your mind"
"What you think....of us."

Dangit, Fang! I thought. I didn't want to talk about this. I sort of loved him, but he was my best friend! I knew he could tell there was something between us, I mean, I could. I held up one finger, about to say something wise, and the voice broke in. Another pain in my side for the night.

"Max, tell him how you REALLY feel."

ACK! "Voice, why can't you help sometime?" I thought.

"I am helping. Be true, and you'll be all right, hon."

"JEB!" I thought, angry at him. The voice stayed quiet.

"Well, Fang,"

I was silenced by his sudden movement to me. Like in our kiss before (and that one with Red-Haired Wonder....Ergghhhh.) , he tilted my head, angled his, and gently silenced my angered thoughts. I was dizzy, and inhaled. I had never noticed before, but Fang had a very relaxing scent, like something familiar that

I freaked. My eyes got wide. Fang's were still closed, though. (I was reminded of that one time..."Oh Fang, you romantic fool....."Oh god. Did I really say that? ^^;) I did love him. I realized he was slowly pulling away from me, so I closed my eyes, and I held his head to me for one second more. Then it happened. Nudge couldn't sleep, so she had come to my room. She stood in the doorway, and giggled in happiness.

"I KNEW IT!" she screamed.

Angel Gazzy, Total and Iggy rushed up to my doorway after Nudge had yelled. Iggy asked "What's going on?" and Angel replied that "Max and Fang luff each other."

I rolled my eyes, and mentally smacked my forehead."Rolling my eyes, Iggy."I said. Thanks for keeping me in the loop!" He held up two thumbs, and smirked. I shot daggers with my eyes. Another mental smack on my forehead. "Now, Shoo! Before I get Eraser on you!" All of them(except Iggy) could see my anger. They ran back to bed. Total shot a snotty "Don't get any slobber in the house, please." How Total....and ironic. Which one of us is the dog, again? Iggy left, "Get a roo....wait, nevermind." He said, then following the Gasman, and I smirked.

All of them were in bed. Except Fang.

"Well, Max. You DO loooooove me, then."He said, smirking.

"Yes I do....I guess. As long as those redheads you're so smitten with aren't around. And Brigid."

I'd caught him. He didn't know what to say, but I did.

This time, Nudge didn't bust in.

Yeah, Angel heard our thoughts. I woke up, and she said "Wow.... you guys like each other alot!" She smiled really happily, and I caught the scent of bacon. Angel took off, and I heard a knocking on my window. Crap.... Fang again. "God, does he EVER leave me alone." I thought. The voice, of course, had something to say about that.

"Max, he's in love. And you are too, even though you deny it."

"God, Jeb, SHADDUP!" I screamed in my head. Fang could tell I had a voice headache, and balanced Fang-like on a branch.

"Not Jeb, Max. But really, denial is only a form of compassion, and is easily seen through."

More Fourtune cookie. Whatever. I opened the window. Fang wasn't there anymore. But he moved, and I could see him again. "Fang!" I couldn't control myself, and hugged him.


I then realized what I had just done. Crap.

"Hmm. Hugs...nah."

I relaxed, and went downstairs with Fang. Mmm. Breakfast.