.::.~*~*~Yuki Uzumaki: Naruto's Twin Sister~*~*~.::.

"Yuki-chan!!," Itachi yelled. "Time for school!!"

Yuki Uzumaki opened her eyes and looked at her clock.


She yawned and sat up.

"I'm up, Itachi-nii!," Yuki yelled back.

"Okay, breakfast is ready, hurry up!"

Yuki walked into the bathroom, passing the sleeping Naruto's room. She brushed her teeth and washed her face, then walked into Naruto's room.

"Naruto-nii...," Yuki mumbled gently. "Naruto-nii, wake up..."

Naruto groaned and rolled over.

Yuki sighed and opened the blinds, letting in the blinding morning sun.

"Augh!," Naruto yelled out. "Itachi, if that's you again-"

"Naruto, you know I don't like being in that pig sty you call a room," Itachi retorted coolly, suddenly standing outside Naruto's door. Itachi was right;;Naruto cleaned his room once a year, and you could see his old clothes, food, and socks all over his floor. "I suggest you thank Yuki-chan for waking you up." Itachi turned to Yuki. "Imouto-chan, your breakfast is getting cold." And with that he left.

"...Sorry about that, Yuki-chan...," Naruto mumbled.

"Oh, don't worry about it, Naruto-nii!," Yuki said, smiling. "Good morning also."

Naruto grinned widely, and, in a second, had Yuki in a big hug.

"Good morning, Yuki-chan!"

Naruto let go of her, and they both left the room, Naruto to the bathroom, and Yuki downstairs to the kitchen.

"Ah, Imouto-chan!," Itachi beamed. "Here's your food." He handed Yuki a plate of rice, eggs, and chicken.

"Thank you very much, Itachi-nii!," Yuki exclaimed.

As she sat at the table, Itachi put a glass of Yuki's favorite, apple juice, in front of her. Yuki started eating her food as Naruto came in and made some ramen. He sat next to Yuki, and ate his ramen, slurping occasionally.

"Hey, Yuki-chan, are you still in Asuma-sensei's class?," Naruto asked.

Asuma taught the freshman who needed extra help. Even so, there's only a handful of ninja who needed help;;the majority are students who just transferred or who were out for a long time.

Yuki is the latter.

"Yes, but Asuma-sensei says I'm doing a lot better than most students, so I should transfer out soon."

"Believe it! I have no idea why you were put there anyway!," Naruto exclaimed.

"Because she was in the hospital for a year, dimwit. Don't tell me you forgot," a cool voice retorted from the entrance to the kitchen.

"Sasuke-kun! Good morning!," Yuki chimed.

Sasuke almost smiled. "Good morning, Yuki."

"Shouldn't you be in school, Sasuke?," Itachi asked.

"As should everyone else. Yuki will be late to class if she doesn't hurry," Sasuke stated bluntly.

Yuki looked at the clock.


"You're right, Sasuke-kun! I should hurry and get changed! Thank you for telling me!," Yuki said as she ran back upstairs.

Back in the kitchen, Sasuke was glaring at Itachi.

"Itachi, Yuki should be up earlier. If you're going to live here, at least try to be a good guardian."

"You think an hour isn't enough time? Surely you don't want Yuki to lose time for sleep," Itachi questioned.

"Well, no-"

"Therefore, you should keep quiet. I only want what's best for Yuki-chan."

Naruto interrupted be slamming his bowl onto the table loudly.

"I don't want to hear either of you talking about what's 'best' for Yuki-chan. I'm her big brother, not you two. So shut the hell up already!," Naruto yelled.

"Oh, please. If I weren't living here, Yuki-chan would be doing everything. You can't even keep your room clean," Itachi shot back.

'Ouch...,' Sasuke thought. 'That's what you call a burn...'

Naruto was really offended by that.

"Oh yeah?! Well- Well- Messy rooms have nothing to do with making sure Yuki-chan is alright!," was Naruto's comeback.

"Okay, everyone, I'm leaveing for school!," Yuki called from the front door.

The guys in the kitchen scrambled to get out and see her before she left.

Sasuke got there first (there's was a different way to get to the front door) then Itachi, and lastly, Naruto. Yuki was wearing her white dress with black and ruby swirls, white stockings, and white and silver boots. She had a ruby heart clip in her long blonde hair and one yellow crescent moon earring. Yuki's black weapon pouch was tied around her waist.

"Bye, Yuki-chan!," Naruto said loudly, pulling her into a hug. "Get into Iruka-sensei's class soon, okay!?"

"You got it, Naruto-nii!"

"Yuki-chan, we'll find you at lunch, okay?," Sasuke told her, pulling Naruto off her.

"I'll give them your lunch, Imouto-chan," Itachi said.

"Okay! Thank you! I'll see you later!!," Yuki called to them as she walked outside.

"Bye, Yuki-chan!," she heard them call from behind her.

She walked down the street, turned a few corners, then heard two perfectly sychned voices.

"Yu-," the first voice was cut off by the next.


"Chaaan!!," both voices chimed.

Yuki saw two girls with identical faces and hair styles ran up to her and hugged her.

"Yuki-chan!," the first girl said.

"Good morning!," the second girl finished.

"Rena-chan, Ritsu-chan, hello! Good morning!"

Rena, the first girl, had on a pink yukata with violet flowers and the kanji "light trap" on the front. Ritsu, the second girl, had on a violet yukata and pink flowers, and the kanji "dark spell" on the front. They both had brown eyes and black buns.

"Jeez, you guys, give her some air...," a male voice said lightly.

"Nii-san!!," Rena and Ritsu turned and smiled at their older brother.

"Ryo-kun, good morning!," Yuki said smiling.

Ryoki is Rena and Ritsu's older brother. He has brown eyes and black hair, like them. They're triplets, but Ryo, the oldest, is a few inches taller than his sisters. He had a dark blue shirt on with the kanji "water ninja" on the front.

Ryoki smiled at Yuki. "Good morning, Yuki-chan."

"Hey, Yuki-chan!," Ritsu said, as they started to walk to school.

"How was your morning?," Rena finished."Itachi-nii and Naruto-nii were agruing again. And when Sasuke-kun came it got worse," Yuki sighed.

"Don't they argue about the same thing everyday though? About the exact same thing?," Ryoki asked, somewhat impatiently.

"Not the exact same thing, Ryo-kun. It depends on what happens before Sasuke-kun comes, usually...," Yuki explained.

"Well, what started the agruement this time?," Ritsu asked.

"Something about taking care of me properly...," Yuki answered.

"Someone's overprotective!," Rena mused.

"They should worry about themselves too, though...," Yuki sighed.

"Oh, come on!," Ritsu said cheerfully.

"Those idiots will learn!," Rena finished, just as cheerfully.

"But until then, just enjoy being pampered~," Ritsu and Rena said together.

Yuki just sighed as they reached the academy building.


"No, Itachi, Yuki doesn't like sweets with that much sugar!," Naruto yelled.

"Add more chocolate!," Sasuke demanded, ignoring Naruto's previous statement.

Itachi punched them both on their arms and continued with his food for Yuki.