A month had passed since Drake came into the world. Remy had gained more confidence in being a Papa to his son. His dads were there and the Malfoys. His mom a lot too and even James. But he was trying to do as much on his own. He knew in the fall he would not always have them. Chloe would be here at school but the others would be gone. Drake would be with them days but it would be different. Remy got into a routine of feedings and diaper changes and he allowed the others to take the baby from time to time to allow him a chance to go into the lab. He had aced his final tests of course but he needed to slowly see in the fall he would need to take time for the lab. He needed to realize he did not have to feel guilt going to the lab. The baby did not need him every minute of the day.

He stood looking in the mirror. He was back in the garb he had worn for the centaur bonding ceremony. He had not worn it since. He had all his jewellery on as well. He wore his cuff and wedding band. It would be a long time before he considered removing either. As always he had his bow and arrow but he looked at the dagger. He had used it to captured Jack in the end. But it was not his.

His sister appeared in the doorway holding the baby. "Are you ready to go big brother? You know our escort will be waiting for us?"

Remy turned to look at her. "I am just trying to decide if I take Draco's dagger with me. It was his was one of the centaur pieces not buried with him."

Draco had been buried with his cuff and rings. Remy had kept the other pieces for his son to have one day. The dagger he had not been certain about. That and the pendant that Draco had been given when they told thee centaurs about the baby. He wore the pendant now around his neck but it was for his son one day. The dagger was bound to his magic. It had Draco's blood added. Remy had been able to use it for he and his husband had been linked. Now he was uncertain.

Regulus who was coming with them came in and took the dagger. "Take it. Ask your foster father. He may want to keep it himself for your son or you to."

Remy took the dagger from his Uncle and slid it into his belt. "You're right. Give me my Dragon. It is time to present him to the last of his grandfathers."

Handed his son he held the little boy against him. He knew Magorian would be anxious to meet him. Magorian consider Drake to be his grandson. Firenze and Bane were his centaur godfathers as well as his Uncles. Chloe and his Uncle Regulus were for Drake in the human world. Since Regulus had bee a part of his wedding he had been welcomed to come and attend the ceremony tonight. His sister was a welcome friend of the tribe always.

Firenze, Bane and Ronan were waiting at the woods. Bane smiled. "This is our nephew? He is a fine young foal you have there. He will be welcomed tonight."

Firenze spoke. "We were sorry for your loss brother. Draconis was a beloved member of the herd. His death has been mourned by our herd, and you in our prayers."

Handing his son to Firenze so he could mount and taking his son Remy thanked them both for their comments. He knew they were genuine. Draco was always welcome. And he knew his loss was felt by the herd. Draco may not have been their son and brother but he would have been mourned. When they got to the village and he dismounted with his son he could see the entire herd was gathered and he saw the genuine sadness in all their faces. Remy walked towards Magorian with the baby who was still blissfully asleep cradled against him.

He bowed his head. "Father I have come to present my son, your foster grandson to you. This is Draco Sirius Snape-Malfoy, named for my late husband and father."

Magorian came forward. "I was sorry to hear of your loss. I have mourned my son in law. Your herd is always with you my son and that precious baby you hold."

Motioned to hand over the baby Remy did so. He knew Magorian would never harm his grandson. Magorian smiled broadly as he held the small human baby in his arms. He had never held a human child before. He had three centaur grandchildren already. He took a gourd that held water from their holy springs and blessed the baby with it. He noticed Remy wore the pendant given to Draco and he smiled.

He held the baby. "It is tradition on the day of the blessing that the baby be given a new name. Would you allow me to give baby Draconis a third name?"

Remy bowed his head. "I would be honoured father. Both my husband and I have honoured the traditions of our herd. And I'd be honoured to continue to do so."

As the centaurs often did they looked to the stars. They had on the day they were told Drake was born. Remy had tears hearing his son referred to by the same name they had always called Draco, he was always Draconis. He had received a gift from them. It had read his future in the stars the day he was born. Drake was born on the 22nd of May, the day that Taurus met Gemini, a fitting day for the son of the Gemini twins. Drake was to be a mix. From Gemini he would be intellectually curious and inquisitive, restless for something to do or learn. But from Taurus he would have a deep sense of loyalty and a slight creative flow for him as well.

Magorian held the baby up. "My herd and family I present my grandson Draconis Sirius Liam Snape-Malfoy. Let him be welcome to our herd and our family."

Cheers rang through the herd and Firenze took his godson. "My godson be welcome, and know I watch over you as your dad would have."

Remy watched as his son was welcomed. Liam meant strong willed warrior. He prayed his son would never have to be a true warrior. He prayed his son would know a peace that his Daddy had never really got to enjoy. But from the reading of the stars he knew his little half bull would be strong willed, especially if like either his dads. And sharing a mile with Chloe and his Uncle who both learned the meaning, he knew they thought the same thing.

Remy looked at the knife. "I brought my husband's dagger with me. I was not sure what you would wish done with it,"

Magorian smiled. "It is for his son. To never be used. I see a bright future for my grandson and you. There will be obstacles but you will find happiness again."

Handed his son back Remy prayed he was right. His family kept saying the same thing. In a few years h would move on and find love again. Even Lucius and Narcissa reminded him there was love after loss. Drake was the heir to their fortune now, and if nothing more there was the Prince, Potter and Black fortunes left. But he never looked at children as heirs. If he had more it would be because he found someone he could see spending his life with again. If not the Black and Prince could go to Drake and he would leave the Potter to the children of his sister. He hoped one day his family was right though and his heart would heal enough that he could fall in love and have a future with someone new. He was not even nineteen; he did not want to spend his life alone.

He kissed his son. "It seems it is in the stars for us little one. Your Daddy would want us to be happy and move on one day. I will, one day I will."