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Chapter Two: Now Meet The Bosses


"'Ku, I seriously do not know what to do about this guy!" Risa announced for the entire world to hear as she plopped herself down into the seat in front of her twin. She ran a frenzied hand through her hair. She had had to cancel their late-lunch-slash-early-dinner yesterday because she had been feeling so guilty about leaving her work unfinished—she always placed her heart into her matchmakings and Mr. Satoshi Hiwatari, no matter how hard he may seem, was not going to be the exception to her impeccable track record.

But apparently, he was very quickly becoming just that. She had had a hard time with clients before but never had it taken her two entire days to find at least one possible candidate. There was only so much Risa could do for this man. "It'd like the universe just doesn't like him or something! If it's not one thing, it's another. What is wrong with the world?" she finished dramatically, though this time not for show. She just needed to release some of her bottled-up anxiety.

"What am I going to tell him when he calls up later? 'Sorry, sir, but I wasn't able to find you a match. Here's your money back'?! Riku, this cannot be happening to me!" Risa laid her head on the table and Riku had to laugh. She hadn't seen Risa so flustered in such a long time—she was actually afraid that Risa Business Mode was never going to give Riku back her sister.

"Who's the lucky guy? You haven't had this hard a time since you first started. I should congratulate him on a job well done. Even better, I should take him out to dinner to celebrate, if only to make you even antsier." Riku grinned wider when her sister lifted her head to glare at her twin sister.

"Great help you are. Here I am, falling apart at the seams and you're just laughing at me like this is some really hilarious sitcom. Hello, Earth to Riku? Do you know how much is on the line, here? The guy said he'd pay triple—that's times three, 'Ku—plus a bonus if things ended up well. Which, looking at the way things are going, is me unsuccessfully trying to get run over by a bus."

Riku finally sobered and mustered a sympathetic smile for the mess that had become of her sister. "I'm sure there's someone you just overlooked, Ris. I mean, what, you have thousands of women just waiting on your computer. I doubt none of them would be a match for this guy you're so worked up about."

"I wish," Risa mumbled under her breath dejectedly. "This guy's the hardest client I've ever had to work for. I've gone through hundreds, 'Ku, hundreds of possible candidates. But when I skim down to their self-evaluations and preferences, none of them seem to click with the guy. Like, at all. Seriously, I am not kidding. I'm already dreading the phone call—a phone call, Riku!"

The elder of the two finally realized just how bad this whole thing had gotten. Her sister was repeating phrases and that could only mean trouble. Dear Lord…

"I cannot risk my name and reputation being ruined because I couldn't find this one guy a single match. If only he wasn't such a walking icebox," Risa moaned for what seemed to be the millionth time. She was getting sick of feeling so helpless. If she didn't find some sort of idea to postpone the apocalyptic phone call from her client later, she wouldn't be able to show her face in public for a long while. Okay, so that was an exaggeration but the thought of failure didn't sit well with her in the least bit.

Riku's eyebrows rose and she had to suppress the laugh that was just bubbling underneath her serious façade. "Tell me who this guy is already. Maybe I can give you some ideas," Riku tried to offer as sweetly as she could, hoping to send good sisterly vibes to her twin. In reality, she just wanted to know who the guy who had brought her unbelievably resilient sister down a peg, a feat that she knew from experience wasn't something just a plain nobody could achieve.

Risa placed her head in her hand, slowly perusing the menu that she hadn't noticed had been in front of her the whole time. She sighed. "The guy I'm looking a match for is named Satoshi Hiwatari but the guy who hired me is Dark Mousy, a name that I feel I should know but has totally escaped me for only God-knows-why."

She didn't give the shocked look that had completely taken over Riku's face a notice. "Anyway, that's not the point. The real point in this whole mess is that the Mousy guy has this picture of me as some sort of miracle worker in his head. Obviously, it never occurred to him that maybe Mr. Hiwatari doesn't have a girlfriend or whatever because no woman can handle him." Risa sighed again. She needed something with chocolate in it and quick, before she lost her mind.

Finally, the elder Harada got her voice back. "You mean Satoshi Hiwatari, as in the guy who practically owns half of the companies in the city?" she had to ask incredulously. She could not see the business tycoon allowing someone to set him up like this in a million years. Then again…

Risa rolled her eyes. Of course that would be what her sister would pay the most attention to. "He doesn't own them, 'Ku, he just has a lot of their stocks. He's not even a partner for most of them."

This time it was Riku who rolled her eyes. "Same difference, sis. Plus, whenever he invests in anything, everybody's over it in seconds. And," she drew out the word for emphasis, and, admittedly, to annoy her sister a little, "he's the new CEO of Echelon. I'm sure there are a lot of interested women out there."

"Including you, it seems." Risa's eyebrow quirked at her sister's gushing. "You seem to know an awful lot about the guy. Are you sure you don't want a shot at him? I'm sure it could be arranged. And it would solve all my problems, too."

Riku and Satoshi Hiwatari? Risa's nose wrinkled—both from amusement and skepticism. It could work. It'd be a really long shot but it wasn't impossible…

"Hello? Risa! Are you insane? I do not want to date Satoshi Hiwatari! I said there are a lot of interested women out there, I didn't say I wanted him for myself." Sometimes having such a hardheaded twin sister had its downsides. Risa sighed again.

"Then where are your brilliant ideas, then?" Risa asked half-heartedly when they were finally able to order, much to the waiter's relief. He knew better than to stay near hormonal women, the good man.

"Well, honestly, nowhere. I've got to say I'm proud you haven't cracked under all this pressure though. If you get out of this alive, we should go and buy you a new condo." Risa groaned. This wasn't helping.

"And back to what you said earlier, I'm surprised you don't know Dark Mousy. He's always on the news, what with being one of the youngest presidents of an architecture firm and whatever," here, Riku paused, remembering that her sister wasn't the biggest fan of current events before plowing on, "Come to think of it, you should be ashamed you don't know Satoshi Hiwatari either. You should really start opening the news section of the paper someday soon, Ris."

Risa scowled, her sister having hit a sore spot. "Oh, shut it, Riku, I've got enough problems already. And, hey, I researched Mr. Hiwatari's background when Mr. Mousy so graciously gave me this impossible task. I know everything I need to know, thank you very much."

"Except when he should meet with his date, you mean," Riku countered laughingly, making Risa scowl darken even further. "Stop worrying about it, sis, I'm sure everything will be fine at the end and—"

Risa raised an eyebrow again. "And…? I wouldn't mind if you finished your sentence you know, 'Ku."

Riku had previously been looking at the restaurant's entrance but then she quickly turned back to her sister before grinning like a maniac. "You know the saying, 'Speak of the devil and he shall appear'?"

Risa fully understood what her sister was saying and unsuccessfully hid the yelp of surprise that escaped her. Then she glared at her sister. "I'd just like to make it known to every living creature on the planet that if I die here, it's all your fault. Why couldn't you have picked a more low-key place anyway?!"

"It's not like I knew they were going to be here!" Riku quickly defended herself.

"Oh my God, you said 'they'. Please, please, please don't tell me that Mr. Hiwatari is actually here. Please, have mercy on my poor, tormented soul, 'Ku."

Riku kept quiet and Risa groaned into her hands. "This is not going to end well, 'Ku, I just know it."

All Riku could do was smile.


"So I told him that he could shove his…" Dark was telling his stoic blue-haired friend something that he knew would get a smile out of him when he noticed a pair of brunettes seated a few tables over from where they were being led by the restaurant hostess.

And he was pretty sure that he recognized one of them. Dark grinned. Oh, this was going to be a hell lot more interesting a lunch than he had originally planned it to be.

Satoshi raised an eyebrow at his violet-haired friend who had stopped walking and was gawking at a pair of women who looked oddly similar to each other.

"Twins," Satoshi said, more to himself than Dark, when he realized his brain seemed to be synapsing a bit slower than usual. Dark still heard though.

"That's what I thought." Then Dark grinned. Satoshi knew the meaning of that grin. He had had to do a lot of explaining to do because of that grin. What was Dark up to now? Satoshi rolled his eyes.

"Come on, Sat, let's go introduce ourselves to those lovely ladies." He motioned to the pair, one of whom was laughing at what seemed to be something that didn't sit very well with the other.

The other man merely shook his head. "Leave them alone, Dark. They have a right to a peaceful lunch, you know."

But Dark didn't listen to him and made his way over to the twins. Satoshi had no other choice but to follow. Damage control was in order, he could feel it.

"Ms. Risa Harada?" Dark asked once he reached the small table near the windows, shocking both Risa and Satoshi. Risa because she had thought the gods would listen to her prayers for once and let her have a few more hours before explaining to Mr. Mousy that she had failed at her search for Mr. Hiwatari's date and Satoshi because he had thought that Dark wasn't acquainted with either of the two. But of course he was, Satoshi had known Dark not to be shocked at most anything anymore. This was an exception to the rule, it seemed.

Risa squeaked quietly in her seat, shooting her twin a glare when she heard her snort behind her hand. "Um…yes, can I help you?" She turned her gaze to the tall, violet-haired man in front of her and remembered seeing him in a newspaper article not too long ago. No wonder he was familiar…

Then she saw the blue-haired, blue-eyed man standing a little behind Mr. Mousy and she felt her stomach knot up. Good God. That was Satoshi Hiwatari? He definitely did not look like that in his pictures.

"Dark Mousy, it's a pleasure to finally meet you in person and, of course, your lovely sister as well." Dark then nudged his friend, who had gone characteristically quiet. But Satoshi was always a gentleman.

Satoshi inwardly sighed and promised to give Dark a piece of his mind later on. "Satoshi Hiwatari, it's nice meeting the both of you," he said in his politest, most detached tone. He had just wanted to go eat lunch and get back to work. Dark and his crazy plans…

Risa looked back at Dark worriedly. Did Mr. Hiwatari really have no idea about this entire thing? Well, there goes her conscience. She inwardly grimaced at what she was doing behind his back.

Dark, obviously, had no such qualms. "Satoshi, I was planning you to meet Ms. Harada tomorrow but fate seems to have other plans." He smiled at the both of them and Riku had to pinch herself to not laugh. She wasn't getting any amusement from this whole thing, in fact, she felt a little worried for her sister but she just couldn't help herself.

Satoshi remained quiet, waiting for the blow. "Risa here is your personal matchmaker."

Complete silence.

"What?!" Satoshi spluttered, very possibly for the first time in his life.

"Yup, I hired her for you a few days ago. She's going to find you a date for the party next week," Dark continued, obviously pleased for having drawn out such a rare expression from his friend.

"What?!" this time it was Risa. "You never said anything about the deadline being next week!" she all but screeched, nearly jumping out of her seat and poking her boss in the chest. Then she remembered that these were her bosses and coughed a little. "Um, sir," she added quietly at the end.

"Dark, you're taking this whole party deal out of proportion. You didn't need to hire anybody." Satoshi could feel his ire rise. Dark had gone too far this time and Satoshi wasn't about to let it go easily.

"Oh yes, I did and I hired the best damn matchmaker in the city. You know what they're saying, Sat. The rumors going around everywhere are outrageous and I've finally taken it into my own hands to end them all."

Before anyone could say anything else though, the waiter arrived at Risa and Riku's table with their orders.

Riku stood up and took care of it, sensing that the mini-war was raging between the two males currently towering over their table wasn't going to end anytime soon. "Oh, could you please hold our food for a little while more? We still have a few things to discuss here and I don't think we'll be having the appetite to eat until we're through with everything." She smiled sweetly at the man and he nodded in understanding, quickly maneuvering his way back to the kitchen.

Dark had almost forgotten that there was a fourth person at the table and was instantly ashamed at having interrupted their dinner. "I'm sorry for having barged on the two of you with this."

Riku waved her hand dismissively, much to the horror of her sister. "It's alright. My sister and I were just talking about the two of you anyway."

Time to 'fess up, Risa realized and sighed. "Mr. Mousy, um, Mr. Hiwatari, I'm so sorry but I still haven't found a date for you. I may be able to find a few possible dates by the weekend but I really can't make any promises. I'm afraid that a week may not be enough time to find you a date for such a high-profile party."

"It's quite alright," Satoshi was able to ground out in between of his teeth. He was seething and Dark would have the honor of feeling the brunt of it when they were back in his office. "I should think I am…"

"Willing to wait for however long it takes as long as it's before Friday next week," Dark cut him off, sending his genius friend a smirk.

All Satoshi could do was suppress the scowl threatening to show on his face. There was no way he was going to let this go without a fight.


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