Naruto was confused. He's never put any claims to being particularly bright, but he didn't think it was fair that people called him stupid all the time. He was just…distractable, and excitable, but that was really a good thing, right? Either way, it was besides the point. The point, and problem, and cause of confusion was his sexy jutsu. It always worked so well on Pervy-sage, that he'd been spending more and more time in it. Now he was getting disoriented at odd moments, thinking he should have boobs and long hair. All in all, he couldn't always remember if he was meat to be a boy or a girl… Then there was that odd stray image of Sasuke that occasionally popped into his head when he was persuading Pervy-sage to do his job as sensei…Naruto blushed in the darkness of his room, and locked that thought away, he was never, ever going to let it see the light of day, or the dark of night, again. Grinding his teeth, Naruto locked his hands together, stretching out the tightly clenched fists. There was a pop, and smoke began to drift through the room. Naruto sat bolt upright, wondering if the village was under attack. A blond ponytail waved in front of his face, and he realised abruptly that his pyjamas and even his favourite hat-thing had vanished (Naruto had called it boshi-san – mister hat – and counted it among his close friends).

Naruto stood up, the artistically modest swirls of smoke following him as he began to panic. He hadn't meant to set off a jutsu, he had that much control at least, right? What if he couldn't get back into his own body? He'd never be able to win Sakura as a girl…but maybe he could win Sas- NO! Naruto spun on his heel and brought his hands together.

"Release!" He yelled, putting the full weight of his chakra behind it, nothing happened.

"Release!" There was still no effect.

"RELEASE!" The smoke disappeared, leaving Naruto standing completely naked, in a girl's body in the middle of the night…his room was cold. Darting back to his bed, Naruto wrapped the blankets around his shoulders and stared blankly at the wall. Girl…I'm a Girl…I can't show up like this…what do I do? WHY ME? …What happens if I try to put clothes on?

This was just a random outlet for insanity, but still, it must be pretty confusing to go around changing into a girl all the time. Also, I'm not quite sure why the jutsu set off by itself, and why he can't release it. Maybe the nine-tailed Fox is also a perv… ~Ratpigeon.