I have been told that plot was coming in, but though I looked, I couldn't find it. Whatever it was, it probably won't get much development because this is the last chapter! Really. Anyway, I know that this story has been largely - entirely - Naruto-centric, and Naruto has just been spotted trying to escape the scene of his would-be-lovers battle for his favour, but first we will go back a bit, and look at what Sakura has done since she stalked off to find Ino waaaay back in Chapter five. Okay? Good.

P.S. I added some stuff to Chapter Eight, namely the thoughts of the Jonin after Narutos' appearance.


"Ino! Let me in!" Sakura banged on the door to Ino's room, outwardly calm as she smiled at In's mother, but inwardly seething. THat Naruto...When I get my hands on him he is going to be so sorry, he'll be gathering his teeth up with a dustpan...

"What is it, Billboard brow?" asked Ino, opening her door and yawining.

"Sasuke's chosen someone."

"What?" THe blonde Kunoichi dragged Sakura into her bedroom, complete with extensive Sasuke paraphernalia and sat her down on the bed. "Who? Tell me everything. Is she good enough for him, or do we still have a chance?"

"He chose Naruto."

There was a deafening silence in the room, as Ino's eyes grew wider and wider. but it was a brief calm, because after about ten seconds of eternity, an ear-piercing, window-shattering, house-quaking shriek ruptured the sound barrier and fled out across the village hidden in the leaves.


After hearing returned, Sakura and Ino resumed their conference.

"This is not acceptable. We have to stop it."

"I know, I know, but how? Naruto is an idiot, but he's a tough idiot."

"Sakura, we're mobilising every Sasuke Fangirl in the Village to take Naruto down. And fetch any-" Ino paused to shiver, "Naruto Fangirls, they can help too."

"I'll get Rock Lee too. He'd love to put his skills to the test again."

"Good idea. Now, lets go!" THe two girls nodded to each other, and vanished, each going to spread the news through the secret communicationchannels of the Sasuke fandom.


"Naruto! Get your butt back here!" Shouted Sasuke and Jiraiya in unison. Naruto turned and glared at them, beginning a complex series of hand movements.

"Rasengan!" He shouted, and the spiralling energy lashed out, targeting Jiraiya. before it had even hit, Naruto began a second Rasengan for Sasuke. Both shots hit the amorous Ninja squarely in the stomach, and they collapsed with a gasp. Naruto glared at them, folding his arms.

"Listen to me. the both of you. My name is Naruto Uzumaki, I will be the next Hokkage, I am a boy, I am not gay, and I will never become either of your lovers!!!" Naruto finished with a punch in his fist for emphasis, and, due to how irritated he was, nearly sprained his wrist. He was just about to leave when he heard an ominous rumble sound.

"To the Power of Youth!"

Turning to look, he saw a huge dustcloud of long hair and dresses, headed by Ino, Sakura and Rock Lee.

"Die Naruto!!!" Howled the rest of the horde of angry Kunoichi (and some particularly devout Sasuke fangirls from our very own Earth - not many though, because it didn't include the Sasuke-Naruto fangirls).

"Oh ****" Naruto said, backing away. "Uh, Sasuke, Pervy-sage, would the two of you mind giving me a hand?" Naruto didn't get an answer though, the two of them were nearly dead from his Rasengan.

"Um..E-excuse me, Naruto?" Naruto could have laughed in delight when he heard Hinata's quiet voice.

"Hinata! I didn't see you there! You can help me escape!"

"Um... actually, N-naruto, I'm not here to help you...Jyuuken!" Hinata said, surrounding her hands with Chakra as she attacked, her Byakugan coming into effect as well.

Thus, Naruto is idefeated by the combined force of the Sasuke Fangirl squad (1368 members) The Naruto fangirl squad (1 member) and Rock Lee, the one and only. The tale of his defeat is so horrible and unbelievable, it quickly passes into legend. And like all legend, there are rumours saying that it never actually happened, or, that Naruto Uzumaki was spared from death by the Nine-tailed fox demo, and has taken on a new identity, far, far away.


"One bowl of Ramen please!" The owner of the Ichiraku Ramen's eyes bulged, as he saw who had walked into the shop. She seemed slightly familiar, but he had no idea whee he'd seen her before. She was tanned an curvy, with long blond hair up in two ponytails, and a short, sleeveless orange dress with a black shirt and leggings under. On each cheek under her sunny blue eyes, where three short black lines.

"C-coming right up." He said, turning to his stove.

Naruto Uzumaki sat down, revelling in the familiar smell. It had been three years, but now, he was back, he was stronger, and he was ready for revenge...and he even had the perfect disguise in his Sexy Jutsu, now with clothes on!

The Sasuke fangirl squad would pay, and Sasuke would become Naruto's.


The end! I came up with a reason for the Sexy Jutsu random gender change, but if you want to know, you have to review and ask. Otherwise, you can use your imagination.