A sharp breath escaped your pale lips as I traced my hand down your scarred back, that breath the only indication that you even felt me. You weren't so much as shaking, even as I tossed the remainder of your clothing aside, even as the ropes I used to tie back your cold wrists cut into your body.


I hated it.

It wasn't possible for you to keep this charade up forever, was it? You were terrified, I could see it your eyes as The Cardmaster left the room, if only for a moment. Did you want to plead? Did you want to beg him to keep punishing you, not to leave you alone with me? You're so proud that it's sickening. I won't stop. Even if I actually get a scream out of you, I will not stop.

It has been on my mind lately, what you'd sound like. But I suppose such things are mere fantasy. I smiled, you could feel my breath beside your ear, as pressed my fingers against your lips.


You clenched your teeth, a moment of conflict before you took them into your mouth. Be thankful, I'm only doing that for you.

I was only trying to mess with you, as I lowered my other hand and began to play with your nipples, my own lust tripling as I heard a soft, gagged moan from you.

Perhaps you weren't so hard to break... But I was ahead of myself, as you regained your senses and bit down on my fingers, roughly enough to draw blood.

I admit, I had not expected that from you. I'll be sure to keep such things in mind in the future. It's safe to say that our hatred for eachother is mutual, Doctor.

You didn't even move as I walked to the wall, lifted the cat o' nine tails from its rack, and snapped it against your already torn back. You couldn't move, afterall, the ropes I had tied made quite sure of that. Not a sound from you, as per usual, as I traced patterns through the blood with my finger. I could recall the same blood dripping from Cains back when The Cardmaster was through with him... It stuck me again, anger towards Cain, towards you for trying to keep me at bay, trying to hide me under that false personality. I almost snarled, as I looked down at the blood still dripping from my fingers from your bite, my eyes darting to the wip in my hand.

Then I earned a reaction I'd been dying to hear, the startled gasp that escaped your throat, your eyes widening as I slammed the handle of the cat' into you. To think I had planned to be gentle... You didn't deserve that.

You were even shaking, you were even getting sick just from that alone. I'm sure you had realized by then that there was no victory for you in sight. You could give in and cry, beg me to stop.... Or you could endure it, as these punishments became worse and worse.

Either option would end the same, a reality that I was more than happy with as I pulled it out of you and tossed it aside on the floor, shedding my coat before unbuttoning the front my pants.

I thrust into you, pleasantly surprised by how you felt. I've never been that fond of men, Jizabel, just what happens to be in my reach, be it a whore or my own hands. You were worth it, I hope you realize.

I admit, it passed by alot quicker then I would have preferred. I hardly remember the exact details, apart from the blood dripping onto the tiles, the rhythm between us, the faint gasping I heard, as you tried your best not to vomit. Nothing complete, nothing attached, nothing more than separate pieces and the scent on the air. Blood, sex, sweat, smoke.

And then you finally screamed, as I gave a last hard thrust in, finally releasing inside of you.

....I'll leave you to guess which gave me more pleasure, my Jizabel.


Holy crap, I did it. I'm going to hell, aren't I?

SO YEAH. Consider this that sexed up version I mentioned when I wrote Madness. I'm the one who's mad here, sadly. Enjoy.