"Hey, wait, Max. I didn't catch that." I said,

"Of course you didn't." She gave me a sly look.

That girl was the best thing that ever happened to me. She gently walked over, and repeated herself. But this time I held her closer, and made the kiss last longer. Max slowly, fluttering her eyes, relaxed and held my shoulders. My eyes were closed tightly, focused on the emotions I felt, but I had opened them to pull her close.

We pulled apart, and Max continued to a tree. I waited for her to close her eyes, and then sat in front of her, gently melding into the background. impressively, almost feeling like I had Gazzy's talent, I imitated Ari's voice.

"Max...They're coming, Max."

She woke with a jolt. "Ari?"

"Maxxxxx."I whispered.

"But, you're dead!"

I burst out of the darkness. Max jumped a foot. She slapped me so hard I felt a welt forming on my face. Pshh. I grabbed her, surprising her more, and kissed her again. Of course Nudge had woken up. That girl could tell WHENEVER anyone was talking. I guess she was getting a power too. I only had 'invisibilty'.

"HAH!" she yelled. The rest of the flock woke up.

"What's" were spreading. Even Total was confused. But eventually all eyes(except Iggy's) were on us. Max hadn't realized what was happening, but I wouldn't have let her go anyway. I finally released when I had forgotten how to breathe. Apparently Max had too.

I shook her. She wasn't moving. I turned her around and brushed her hair off her neck, fearing the worst. I got it. The tattoo had appeared. I'd nearly passed out, when she turned around.



"I knew you were gonna surprise me...Angel told me."

I looked at Angel. She was smiling like an idiot.


She pecked my lips quickly, leaving me wanting more. I didn't get it. She shot away at 200 miles-an-hour, and Angel told everyone BUT me where she landed.

Resigned to sleeping, I told myself quietly,

"I'll get her tomorrow."