I screamed at the top of my lungs. Then I froze. I'd heard about them. Edward and Bella Cullen.....We were on Esme Island.

This was thier honeymoon.

News had spread, and of course, I, Max, had heard. It was the Vampire and his wife. They were scary, and Edward looked like he wanted to eat me. Bella looked really dumb and insulted.

Nudge whispered that we needed to scram, but I stepped forward. I flared my wings, and Edward and I set up for a mythical face-down. I punched him hard in the left eye. Nudge and Angel joined me. Fang covered Bella, and Edward went feral. Feh. Five....(plus Total and Akila) of us, one vampire and one human of them. This would be easy. I just HAD to see if I could beat him.

It was easy. Fang had placed Gazzy and Iggy in front of Bella. She was a coward and kept calling for Edward. I don't know why, but I needed to prove that mine and my flocks live were worth more. An ego thing, I guess. Edward was in acouple peices, but I wasn't gonna burn him. Angel wiped thier memories and we set them free. We watched from a couple hundred feet up until it got a little to PG for Gazzy, Angel and Nudge.

I was just happy that I knew Edward Cullen couldn't whip the flock.