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Twenty years have passed since Monkey D. Luffy and his pirate crew found the grand treasure One Piece.

Monkey D. Luffy was known throughout the world as King of the Pirates.

Roronoa Zoro defeated the Legendary Hawk-Eyes Mihawk and became the World's Greatest Swordsman.

Nami mapped the entire world, Grand Line and all,

And Sanji found the All Blue he'd been searching for.

Now, Monkey D. Luffy has been executed, leaving the location of his fantastic fortune a mystery.

However, his death did not end the Great Age of Pirates.

Enthusiastic young men and women, adults, elderly citizens, travel the oceans once again, searching for the most amazing treasure in the world.

One Piece.


Setting Sail on the Road to Fortune

It was late afternoon. The sun was beginning to set on the vast ocean, changing its blue color into a vibrant red and orange, shimmering with the light of the falling sun. The orange glow illuminated the streets and mountains on the Red Line village of Fuschia. Shops were beginning to close, children rushing home after a full days play. The older kids and teenagers remained on the streets a while longer, their curfew being a bit later then those of the small children.

Sitting on a large rock on a Cliffside, watching the setting sun, a boy sat, one knee drawn upward with an arm resting upon it. He had vibrant yellowish green eyes, similar to that of a cats, and glowing with just as much mischief as one. He wore a plain white t-shirt with black pants and boots, and upon his head, covering all except short bangs that covered his eyes, was a black hat. His skin, though tinted orange from the light, was a lightly tanned pale. He was no older then sixteen years.

From behind, two other boys approached, wearing similar attire, though different in color. One looked a bit older then the boy on the rock, and the other seemed slightly younger. They looked surprisingly similar; brothers. Both were breathless, as if they'd run miles without stopping. "Chris," the younger one said with a worried excitement. "Is it true?"

"That depends entirely on what you're asking," The boy identified as Chris responded without turning. He waited until the sun had completely disappeared behind the horizon before at last turning his head. His eyes caught the last rays of sunlight and reflected, glowing like that of a cat.

"You know damn well, Chrisanthia," the older one said. Something dangerous flashed in Chris' eyes. He sighed and removed his hat, allowing short, vibrant red, wavy hair to fall across his shoulders as he rubbed his head a bit and stood.

The feminine appearance surprised most who joined Chris' imaginary pirate crew, but those who knew Chris from the years before knew very well that he was in fact a girl.

"I've told you not to call me that," she said harshly. Her voice was naturally deeper then a normal woman's, but not so deep that she sounded overly masculine. She placed the hat back upon her head and carefully tucked her hair within. "Yes, it is true,"

"You can't go, Chris," The younger boy said. Chris gazed at him and raised a brow.

"Are you giving the captain orders?" she asked playfully, obviously amused. The boy suddenly looked embarrassed, uncertain. He opened his mouth to respond, but Chris beat him to it. "You can't stop me, guys," she said with a much softer tone. She looked at the older boy. "Gray, we both knew this was coming,"

"You won't survive on your own," The older boy, Gray, said. Chris frowned at the statement.

"You doubted me in the past and you're doubting me again," She said. She shook her head a bit and approached them. "If you're so worried, then come with me,"

Gray looked away. "You know I can't," he said. "I can't leave Dagger," he put a hand on his younger brother's shoulder.

The boy, Dagger, suddenly reached beside his hip and drew a long, wooden sword. He pulled away from his brother and stepped toward Chris, holding the dull top out toward her. "I won't let you go, Chris. We need you here. The Fuschia Pirates are nothing without their captain!"

Chris gazed at the boy. "Don't be an idiot, Dagger," she said firmly. She glanced at Gray. "You've got a new captain now." Gray shifted uncomfortably, but stood tall despite that. "It's an adventure, Dagger. You don't understand,"

"No, you don't understand," Dagger said firmly. His courage was building by the minute. "You can't leave. What if you don't come back?

"I'll always come back," Chris said.

"Not if you die!" Dagger shouted. Chris stared at him silently for a few moments, then, she started laughing. She placed a hand on his head and ruffled his short brown his. His eyes widened a bit and he lowered the sword slightly.

"If I die, I die," She said with a shrug. She started passed the two boys. "The adventure's not fun if there's no risk involved,"

Dagger turned quickly and jumped in front of her, holding the sword out again. "No!" he said, tears forming in his eyes. "I'm not letting you go!"

"Dagger, enough!" Gray shouted. Before another word could be said, however, Dagger lunged at Chris, striking with the sword. The girl's eyes narrowed the slightest bit and she sidestepped, avoiding the attempt with ease. Dagger tripped over his own feet and staggered forward. She grabbed hold of his shoulder and pulled him back, then, she slammed him back into the ground. Chris reached for her belt and quickly took out a knife, with blades on either side of the handle. She held the larger side to the boy's throat. Dagger froze, shocked.

"Enough!" She said to him. "Don't be such a baby!" The boy didn't speak, only bit his lip as he attempted to stop his tears. She pulled back the knife and put it away as she rose to her feet and started walking again.

Gray instantly approached his brother and helped him to his feet. He looked at Chris. "So the old plan then?" he asked her. She stopped briefly and smiled. So he remembered.

"That's right," She said. "Leave undetected; the old Hag knows nothing, Mom and Dad know nothing. You're the only one," She looked at him over his shoulder. "You can tell them tomorrow morning. Once I'm gone."

"The boat's in the harbor," Gray said. Chris nodded and turned away.

"See ya, Gray," she said. Gray smiled.

"So long, Chrisanthia," he said, waving. Chris laughed lightly, but started walking. She'd let it slide, just this once.

By the time she reached the small harbor of Fuschia, the sunlight had completely faded, giving birth to the stars and the bright light of the moon. With a single bag packed with some food and water, she boarded the small dinghy and set sail to begin her dream.

She was going to become a pirate with a crew as famous as the Strawhats. The next title of King of the Pirates would most definitely be hers.

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