Hermione made it back to her rooms, flushed and breathing irregularly. That had been to close for comfort. She lay on her bed and tried to read some of the books Professor Flitwick had lent her to familiarize herself with the course she would be covering over the next 4 years. After an hour or so she gave up, having only managed to read the first chapter of 'Charm Your Way to Success' by Prof. Diddius Dorkus.

She was feeling tired but trying to stay awake as long as possible, hoping that once she entered sleep, she'd be too tired to dream. But when one puts such efforts into a task, Murphy's Law sometimes kicks in to destroy even the best laid plans. Her eyelids began to droop, and her head began to fall forward, her chin resting on her chest. Soon she could no longer fight it and fell asleep fully clothed on top of her quilt.

"Miss Granger"

Hermione heard her name being called. But from where? It sounded echoed, distant but almost familiar. She was standing in the common room she and Blaise shared. Looking down at her self, was wearing a chocolate brown negligee and matching housecoat. Both short, ending mid-thigh. Her feet were bare and her hair was pinned up in a messy French roll, the odd curl had escaped and hung to frame her face. She couldn't remember dressing...or undressing, rather. The negligee set had been a gift from Lavender and Parvati for her birthday last year, citing that it was for a special (wink) occasion (nudge)! Needless to say the opportunity had never arisen, and to say she'd have felt a bit over-dressed with Ron in the Weasley's broom shed was a bit of an understatement!

"Miss Granger"

Another voice called to her now. This unidentified entity seemed also familiar, but she just couldn't grasp a name to match to it. She began to walk, her feet taking her places her mind knew not. She let go her resolve to stay put and allowed herself to be led. It felt good to let go and have her decisions be made for her, even if it was something as inconsequential as to where she was headed.

Too long she had spent as the voice of reasoning and the sensible third of the 'Golden Trio'. She was Hermione Granger. Soon to be Charms Apprentice and eventually Charms Mistress on Flitwick's imminent retirement. This felt right.

She found herself walking down the shifting stair cases to the ground floor where she continued down the stone steps leading to the dungeons. Her feet were cold but she didn't care. Her name was whispered on the wind once more but louder this time. She was on the right track. She found herself outside the potions classroom. Turning the door handle, it slowly creaked open.

Revealing the empty classroom as expected. She strolled along the centre aisle running her fingertips across the smooth oft used desks, feel of the wood grain sending shivers down her spine. The smell of parchment and potions ingredients, both calming and familiar to Head Girl. Coming to the head of the room, she stood in front of Prof. Snape's desk. The polished ebony wood was silky to the touch and she felt almost compelled to sit on it.

Rounding the desk, she imagined him sitting in the high-backed, forest green, leather chair. Watching her as she turned her back to him. She leaned over the desk and stretched as far as she could letting the silk chemise ride up her thighs skimming the point where her leg met her bum. She tossed her head over her shoulder to throw a sultry look at imaginary Snape; she could see him gripping the armrests, his knuckles turning white with restraint.

Hermione stood back up and turned to face the chair. She sat up on the desk and placed each bare foot on the edge of the chair to either side of where his knees would have been. Letting the thin straps of the gown fall down her shoulders she shrugged it down around her waist, her caramel colored nipples puckering in the cool of the dungeon air.

She began massaging her breast, softly sighing the title of the object of her desire. Licking her index finger, she rubbed and pinched her buds crying out for her Professor. Her cheeks flushed form her ministrations, she needed more. Rubbing her thighs in small circles edging closer to her core, she whispered "Touch me Severus".

Leaning back on one elbow, she used her free hand to spread her juice over her clit and began to rub the bundle of nerves until she was writhing and arching whispering praise to the person who could take away her ache.


Professor Snape woke with a start. The silent alarms on his classroom waking him. Someone had breeched his wards. And somebody was going to get a nasty hex!

Donning his black housecoat over his night clothes, he reached for his wand on his bed side table. A hex was on his thin lips as stalked silently through his suite of rooms, through his office to the pseudo bookcase/door that led into the potions class room. Fortunately the door opened out to leave him on the opposite side of the large free standing blackboard behind his desk.

A spy never forgets that which saved his life and the lives of others over a 20 year span, so where most others would jump out and surprise the trespasser, Severus cast a silent 'Murus Vitrum', turning the blackboard to one way glass. Lowering his ward, eyes as wide as saucers, he felt his cock throb and choked back a groan at what was laid out before him........................................

Chapter End Notes:
Murus Vitrum Translates roughly to Glass Wall.

Sorry for the cliffie but i good things come to those who wait. Thank you all for reviewing and if you haven't done it yet....get to it!! :D