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Esme POV

23th December 2005

Christmas time. A time I once believed to be of togetherness and Family. Yet if that were true, why were only Carlisle, Jasper and I in our house with 2 days left? The others were trying to get home but flights were hard to get this time of year. Well, all but one were trying. Edward, my poor sweet Edward. Torn from the one loved because he wanted to keep her safe. He was out there somewhere alone and broken hearted. I had no idea where. Last time he called he was in Texas. His voice on the phone sounded dead. His piano he loved so much was gathering dust in the corner of our new house. I couldn't bring myself to call it home. Home was in Forks.

"Good Afternoon Esme." Jasper said waking me from my thoughts. He had just gotten home.

"Have you heard anything from Edward?" he asked. He felt so awful about what he did to Bella last September. He believes he's the reason Edward left her. It wasn't Jasper's fault. He didn't purposely try to kill her. It was his thirst. Even I had a hard time handling it on that occasion.

"No not word."

"Alice got a flight home; she'll be flying into JFK tomorrow."

"That's good. I hope Emmett and Rosalie can get one too."

"Yeah me too." the phone rang. Jasper ran to get it. I tuned out the conversation and looked out the window. Jasper would tell me if it was Edward.

"That was Emmett and Rosalie they're coming home." Jasper announced smiling.

"Fantastic, that's almost the whole family. We should get a tree." I was pleased to have almost all my children home but it wouldn't be the same without Edward.

"He could still come home you know."

"I know but it's not that likely and even if he did come home, would he even talk to us."

"I guess you're right. Shall we go find a tree or wait for Carlisle?"

"Let's wait he won't be too long. He likes getting Christmas trees."

"Speak of the devil." The black Mercedes was rolling up the driveway. I heard the groan of the garage door. Then the car door slamming and Carlisle's footsteps came towards us. Jasper glided over to the door and opened.

"Hello Carlisle. Alice, Emmett and Rosalie are coming home." He said unable to hold in his excitement at seeing his soul mate.

"That's good. And..." Carlisle began

"No, nothing." Jasper said cutting him off.

"I guess I knew that." He sighed. I walked over to the door.

"Hello dear how was your day." he asked.

"Same old, same old, fine I guess. I painted Edwards room." I replied. It was really Edward's storage room.

"We thought we'd go get a Christmas tree want to come Carlisle?" asked Jasper.

"Sure." He replied and the three of us walked out into the forest. We looked at several trees trying to measure if we could fit them inside our house. We spent the evening decorating. We went all out this year. We had so many lights you could see our house from space.

24rd December 2005

"For goodness sake Jasper calm down." Carlisle said. Jasper was practically bouncing in his seat. He was throwing emotions around the whole room. Alice was minutes away.

"Sorry." He grunted. We were at the terminal where Alice's flight was coming in. Emmett and Rosalie's flight wasn't far away either. Finally Alice emerged from the crowd. She walked up to Jasper and they store into each other's eyes for awhile. She hugged Carlisle and I before we moved to the international arrivals. Emmett and Rosalie were waiting. Emmett gave Alice and me a massive hug. Jasper chucked Rosalie her keys. She and Emmett drove home in the BMW and the rest of us went in the Mercedes. As soon as we got in the car Alice asked us a question.

"Has Edward called or visited."

"No, not a word." Carlisle said with regret. He missed Edward. They had been companions for 90 years apart from his rebellious phase.

"I keep getting flashes of him, but he's quite impulsive these days. I see Bella by accident, she isn't doing so well. She's like a zombie. I think she'll start getting better soon I'm not sure why though."

"Poor Bella." Jasper remarked his voice filled with guilt.

"Jazz, it wasn't your fault." Alice comforted him.

"No-one is to blame." I agreed with her.

"Did you find anything out about your past Alice?" Carlisle asked in an attempt to change the subject.

"There was a Mary Alice Brandon who disappeared mysteriously from an asylum in 1920. I think that could be me. The name sounds familiar. I'm headed for Mississippi after New Years."

"That's good." I commented. We sat in silence for the rest of the trip. I mulled over what Alice had seen in her visions. What was my son doing? When we got home Carlisle parked in the garage between the Volvo and the Aston Martin. Edward's beloved cars they hadn't been touched since we got here. We caught up with Emmett and Rosalie. They'd been in Europe and were returning after the visit.

"Don't worry Esme; the family will come together again someday." Carlisle said reassuringly, when we were alone in our room together.

"I don't see how."

"He can stay away forever. I believe he'll go back to Bella eventually. Remember how he looked when he was around her. It was true love Esme, they are meant to be together. Edward will realise that one day. She could even become one of us."

"Do you really think so?"

"I'm quite confident, Edward's strong but he's not strong enough to stay away from Bella forever."

"Do you think she'll take him back?"

"Definitely, he can dazzle her." I laughed at Carlisle used of Bella phrase. Maybe everything would be okay.

25th December 2005.

Carlisle and I were disturbed at 6:30 in the morning by a knock on the door.

"Come on guys get up, Jasper is being a spoil-sport; he said we can't open presents without everyone." Said Emmett's voice.

"Give us 2 minutes Emmett." Carlisle told him. We dressed quickly and ran down stairs. The kids were all sitting around the tree.

"Here." Said Rosalie. She gave Carlisle antlers and me a Santa hat. I looked at them all the boys had antlers and the girls had Santa hats. Emmett had a red clown nose on.

"There's a spare pair of antlers just in case." Jasper said.

"Present time." Yelled Emmett. Emmett handed them out. I got some very nice presents a painting from France from Rosalie and Emmett, a crystal vase from Jasper and Alice but I loved Carlisle's present the most. It was a photo of our family all together in a silver frame, I looked sadly at Edwards photo, he was smiling, it had been a long time since I had seen him smiling. When we finished with our presents there was a small pile left for Edward.

We had a traditional Cullen Family Christmas Lunch, deer and grizzly bear. We sang carols all afternoon. We were interrupted by the doorbell while we were singing Rudolph the Red- nose reindeer. I got up to answer it wondering who could be visiting. The sight I saw nearly made me sob with happiness Edward had came home after all.

"Hi I hope I'm not interrupting anything." I hugged him tightly.

"Where have you been?"

"Tracking Victoria." His eyes trailed to the tree "Oh I'm sorry I didn't bring any presents."

"It doesn't matter you've made my Christmas prefect." The rest of the family had come over now. Edward didn't stay long but it was good to see him OK even if he wasn't happy. i hoped with all my heart that Carlisle's prediction would come true.