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Chapter 6- Esme Claus and the Edplosion

23rd December 1950

It was a peaceful afternoon. Carlisle was up in his study working and Rosalie had taken my newest daughter Alice out shopping. Alice and her mate Jasper had turned up on our doorstep a month ago scaring the heck out of us. Alice had greeted us all by name and knew just about everything about us and Jasper was covered in battle scars. But they had found there place in our family and settled in nicely. Well at least Alice had. Rosalie was thrilled to finally have a sister, Edward and Alice related well both being exceptionally gifted and Emmett enjoyed her company, they were both extremely light hearted.

Jasper however hadn't fared so well, Rosalie hated the fact Jasper could feel every emotion and that he wasn't very controlled around humans yet and Emmett and Edward were just plain scared of him I thought. They didn't like being around him and always looked a little upset when family time was called. I walked into the lounge where the three boys were. Emmett and Edward had their heads together on the couch whispering. Jasper was sitting reading trying to disguise his hurt that they were excluding him. Emmett and Edward were like little children.

"Carlisle!" I called. He was at my side in an instant looking as handsome as always.

"Can you take those two?" I said pointing at Edward and Emmett. "Out for the afternoon."

"I don't want to go out." Emmett complained.

"Neither." Edward agreed following his 'older' brother's lead.

"Come on you two there's a football game on in town." Carlisle said. Emmett brightened up.

"Cool, let's go." He said. Edward stayed stubborn scowling.

"The Bears are playing." Carlisle told him. Edward's native and favourite team.

"Alright." He sighed. The three of them grabbed coats and ambled out the door. I sat down on the couch beside Jasper.

"You'd think they were three years old." I said shaking my head.

"Yeah, I guess." Jasper murmured.

"Are you okay Jasper? You seem upset."

"It's just... nothing."

"It's okay you can tell me."

"Well I'd like to have a better relationship Emmett and Edward they always seem like they're close. And I like to be able to go out for an impromptu father and son bonding afternoon. I'd like for a better relationship with you and Carlisle. Most of all I'd like to have better control."

"You shouldn't worry about those two. They may act all tough but they are both utter marshmallows on the inside, they'll come around. If you want to bond with Carlisle just ask him, he'll most definitely say yes. I hope you and I can have a close relationship. As for the self control you just need to be patient, the only thing that will help it is time. It even took Carlisle 200 hundred years to perfect it and he's the king of self-control."

"It just seems to be taking such a long time. I mean it's not like I have the excuse of being a new born I'm over one-hundred years old."

"You've only been at it for two years. "

"I know."

"Come on I need to make a cake for Carlisle's stupid work Christmas party tomorrow night. Do you want to give me a hand?"

"I'd love to and weren't you just telling him this morning how much you were looking forward to it."

"I lied." I really wasn't looking forward to it. I would have much rather spent the evening at home with my children but as head of surgery Carlisle was expected to make an appearance. One of the problems was whenever we went to a Christmas party he would end up getting called into work and I would be left standing there on my own awkwardly. Jasper and I had an enjoyable afternoon baking a Christmas cake. We grimaced at the smell of it, but I did feel a lot closer to him. Just as I was finishing putting the fake holly on the cake I heard a car pull up the driveway and two female voices chattering animatedly. Jasper smiled softly.

"Alice is home." He said and ran for the door. It was astounding the connection between the two of them. When they were together it made you feel awkward just looking at them. Rosalie came into the kitchen.

"Hi Esme." she greeted me.

"Hi Rose how was shopping with Alice?"

"Good. I got all my Christmas shopping done."

"Good for you, I still need to go tomorrow."

"Have you seen Emmett?"

"Carlisle took him and Edward out for the afternoon. They went to a baseball game."

"Okay. Are you and Carlisle still going out tomorrow night?"

"Yes, I wouldn't be baking this cake if we weren't."

"Who are you leaving in charge?" this was a big thing in our family. We usually left one of our children in charge when we went out. To keep the rest in control. Usually the one had displayed the most maturity recently. It was a big prize, gave the winner gloating power.

"Not too sure. I'll have to think about it." Jasper and Alice came back into the room hand in hand smiling at each other. Then I heard a large laugh and car doors slamming.

"Ha ha, Edward I told you Green Bay would beat the bears!" Emmett's booming voice came from outside.

"That ref was out of line!" Edward argued

"He was not!"

"Was too!"

"Was not!"

"Boys!" Carlisle said over the squabbling. "Enough!" the front door opened and they appeared in the kitchen. Emmett and Edward were both covered head to toe in mud. They were dripping on the floor. Carlisle was, thankfully, relatively clean.

"How was the game?" I said trying to stifle a laugh.

"Well the actual game was good but then when we were walking back to the car Emmett decided to say something derogatory about the bears and Chicago people in general. Then one thing lead to another and before I knew it they were mud wrestling." Carlisle explained.

"My boys, you never cease to amaze me. Go take a shower." I laughed. They both thundered off. Rosalie stared after Emmett.

"I... think I'll go ... help Emmett." She hurried after him. We have one strange family.

24th December 1950

Early in the morning I was fixing the decorations on the Christmas tree. Emmett and Jasper had decided to bond over a wrestling match and they crashed into tree. Alice was helping me.

"I don't remember anything about Christmas. Well I don't remember anything." Alice said. "Esme what's the meaning of Christmas?"

"Alice that is a really hard question to answer but I'll do my best. If you want the religious meaning Carlisle would be the one to ask but I always think Christmas is about family and cherishing the ones you love. I was the one who introduced Christmas to the Cullen family. Carlisle and Edward didn't celebrate so I started to. It's the one day we forget about everything else and spend the day together enjoying each other's company."

"I like that description. Christmas is my new favourite holiday. How do you celebrate?"

"We open presents first thing, then we go for a hunt instead of Christmas dinner and spend the rest of the day listening to carols and looking at our new gifts. It's almost normal."

"I can't wait for tomorrow. Unless someone makes a spur of the moment decision I foresee us having a fun day."


Carlisle and I were on our way out for the Christmas party. We had spent the rest of the day Christmas shopping with Edward. Things between Jasper and the others were beginning to ease, something I was very glad for. He and Emmett were playing chess together, while Edward and Alice played on another board. Their special talents made the game very interesting they had been playing for 10 minutes and had not moved yet. Rosalie was watching TV

"I want to come home and find the house the same as when I left it." I looked at Emmett for this one. "Anyway, Jasper is in charge. Be good. No wrestling. I'll miss you." I blew them each a kiss. They looked embarrassed. I'm their mom it's what I do.

"Yes, what your mother said behave. Emmett don't even think about bringing up yesterday or your Christmas present that I know you've seen is going back to the store. See you when we get home." Carlisle said and we ducked out the door and into the car.

"It will be nice to get out for an evening." Carlisle said.

"I guess, I just kind of wish that the kids..." I trailed

"That they what?"

"Believed in Santa Claus." I blurted out. Carlisle smiled looking amused.

"Just once I'd like to go through all the putting out milk and cookies and carrots for the reindeers. I'd like for them to write him a letter so I could answer it. Go through all the secrecy" I explained.

"Oh Esme, I know wouldn't it be wonderful. Maybe we can try convincing one of them."

"It wouldn't work they're all intelligent. They know."

"Maybe one day you'll get to play Santa Claus. I wonder... hmm"


"Nothing, just an idea that crossed my mind." We had arrived at the house where the party was being held. I carried in the cake Jasper and I had made. We knocked on the front door. The CEO of the hospital's wife answered.

"Merry Christmas Doctor and Mrs Cullen, welcome to the party. My, that cake looks lovely." She greeted us.

"Thank you." I said handing it to her.

"Come in, come in." she stepped to the side to let us pass waving to another couple who was coming up the drive. We went into the living room.

"Carlisle! I saw you and your boys at the game yesterday wasn't it a good one!" one of Carlisle's colleges Joe called out coming over to us with his wife Rachel.

"It was great though Emmett and Edward got into a fight after it. You see Edward supports the bears and Emmett was continuously reminding him they lost." Carlisle replied.

"Oh yes I've met your children. All of them are delightful." Rachel said. We had dragged Edward, Emmett and Rosalie to the hospital barbeque in the summer. Everyone had been intrigued by them and hovered around them like flies to honey. Ever since I had been getting comments about how beautiful Rosalie was, how polite Edward was, how humorous Emmett was. It was always nice to hear nice things about your children.

"Thank you." We spent the evening talking to people around the room and stomaching the human food there was for dinner. After dinner there was dancing I looked around from Carlisle but he was nowhere to be seen. He appeared at my side after a moment.

"Sorry I just had to make a quick phone call. Would you like to dance?" he said with all of his seventeenth centaury charm. He bowed and held at a hand to me.

"Of course." I took his hand and we walked out onto the dance floor. We waltzed around the other couples.

"I'm slightly worried about Edward." I admitted as we danced.

"Why?" Carlisle asked looking concerned.

"A couple of months ago he would have ignored Emmett. He's been slightly petulant lately. Takes offence easily and about anything. He's also been very brooding. I don't know what's wrong with him. I've been busy helping Alice and Jasper adjust this month I haven't picked up on it until the other day when I heard him playing a very angry song on the piano. I asked him to play a Christmas carol to brighten up for the holidays; he told me to get Rosalie to do it and stormed off. Whenever he plays now it's only ever angry or sad. I miss his happy tunes. I don't get it."

"I think he's just lonely with the new editions to our family he's missing out on having a mate and he's not getting as much attention from everyone else. I know he's not attention seeking but he does enjoy it. Especially when it's positive. He could be afraid Emmett won't want to spend time with him because Jasper is 'cooler' and Rosalie has Alice so she won't want his help with the piano or to talk about cars. We have been paying more attention to Alice and Jasper as they're newcomers and we have to make them comfortable. He might feel like he's getting shut out. Also we forget sometimes he's really a seventeen year old so it's quite natural for him to be moody and brooding. He'll cheer up."

"I hope so, I don't like seeing him so down. I wish his mate would hurry up and meet him."

"She'll be out there somewhere or she might not even be born yet."

"I hope she's out there already I don't know how long we will have to wait if she's yet to be born. She'll have to grow up and get bitten and then find us. The sooner she comes and pulls Edward out of this depression."

"He'll find her someday. I found you, Rosalie found Emmett, Jasper and Alice found each other. We just need to be patient."

25th December 2009

As was the case with every Christmas party Carlisle did get called into work, but luckily he had enough time to drive me home, he promised to be home by morning and kissed me swiftly goodbye. I walked up the porch steps and into the house. I opened the door and was greeted by a great shock. Five Christmas stockings were pinned up against the fire place. There was a plate of cookies in front of the crackling fire with an envelope beside it addressed to Santa Claus. I picked up the letter and opened it,

Dear Santa

Please can you buy me a new jeep? You know the one I heard my dad ordering over the phone. I crashed my last one. It was pretty fun. But seriously I need a new jeep. I also wouldn't mind a good supply of grizzly bears. Mountain lions suck. Thank you for bringing joy to all the kids around the world!

From Emmett McCarty Cullen

P.S. I don't really believe in you. I'm only doing this for my mom. Hi Esme!

Dear Santa Claus

If it's not too much trouble please give me some new sheet music, a new black couch and some leather seat polisher. That is all, thank you.

Yours truly

Edward Anthony Masen Cullen.

Dear Father Christmas

There's not all that much I want this year. Just make sure my Emmett- bear gets his jeep. Oh and maybe just a little bit of money for me. Not that much, just a couple of thousand. I know your rich so it won't be too hard to pull together.

Yours sincerely

Rosalie Lillian Hale (Cullen)

Dear Santa Claus

I don't ever remember you from my old life, it's a total blank. But I foresaw this happening a few weeks ago so I was prepared with everything. I think it's lovely that Esme wanted to play Santa Claus. I guess that's the problem when you only have teenaged Vampires for children, you miss out on the little children stuff. Anyway I was more than happy to do this for her because in the month Jasper and I have been her she has shown me what it's like to have a proper family, she's the only mom I've ever known.

So what do I want? Well I wouldn't mind some money for shopping it's so much fun, and a good year at the stock markets. I hope the companies don't change their minds to much this year so I know exactly what to invest in. Thank you in advance; I know what I'm getting.

Love Alice Esme Cullen

P.S. I know this isn't my name but everyone else was signing their full names and I thought what better middle name to have than my mother's first name. I think I'll keep using it from now.

Dear Santa Claus

It's Jasper Whitlock here. Listen I know I haven't exactly been the best person in the past century but that's all changed now. When I found Alice she changed my world, I'm a good guy now. For Christmas I don't need anything material all I want is to be in control of my thirst and to fit in with my new family better. I know that isn't something you can give me but I'll work to give it to myself. It would make Alice so happy and that's really all I want.

From Jasper George Whitlock Cullen

I felt like I wanted to cry from happiness reading that. It wasn't just only fact that they had prepared all of this for me but that it absolutely proved to me that they did see me as their mother. I sat contemplating how lucky I was to have my five children. The truly were the best children in the world. I loved them to pieces. I looked up at the clock, it was 2 AM. Emmett usually had everyone downstairs by six on Christmas morning, I had to start working.

I penned a long reply to the kids. I just told them that they had all been wonderful children this year and absolutely deserved every gift they got. I threw the cookies into the fire and tipped the milk down the sink. Finally I wrapped all the gifts that could fit into the stockings and put them in each named stocking. Emmett's new car keys, Edwards sheet music and leather polisher (the couch was in the spare room), Rosalie and Alice's envelopes of money and the dozens of books for Jasper.

When I had finished it was nearing four. I read A Christmas Carol to while away the time until someone came downstairs or Carlisle got home. Edward surprisingly was the first downstairs.

"Oh Yay Santa came. I can hardly contain my excitement." He said flatly. I sighed.

"Edward are you alright." I moved over to him and put hand on his shoulder. He shrugged t of.

"I'm fine just leave me alone!" He growled storming out the front door. I stood there watching him go.

"Esme?" said a quiet voice. Emmett, Jasper, Alice and Rosalie were standing at the foot of the stairs.

"Are you alright?" Alice continued.

"I'm fine. Merry Christmas!" I said going over to hug them all smiling. On the inside I was fearful that Edward wouldn't come home.


We opened up our presents when Carlisle got back a couple of minutes later. Nobody spoke of Edward and his presents sat still in his Christmas stocking. Despite what had happened earlier we had a lovely morning, opening presents and hunting. Edward hadn't arrived back when we finished hunting and I started to worry. Emmett started describing every feature of his new jeep from 'Esme Claus'. Jasper got annoyed because he found out for the first time that the confederates lost and went ranting on about how stupid those union losers were. So it was pretty much just a usual Cullen Christmas.

Well, minus one person. Rosalie played the carols this year. Rosalie and Emmett went upstairs first, but not before Emmett could leave me with some parting words,

"Don't worry mom he'll get over his Edplosion and come home. He just needs to calm down." he said hugging me. Emmett knew exactly how to put a smile on my face. Alice and Jasper followed them not long after. I lingered in the lounge watching out the curtains while Carlisle finished up some paper work in his office. I was planning to sit here and wait for a few hours then I would go looking for him. I didn't want a repeat of his rebellious period. Finally at 11 PM I saw something moving through the snow. The front door creaked open and Edward came inside his head hung in shame.

"I'm sorry, Edward I had no idea. Please don't leave again." I said.

"No Esme I'm sorry I shouldn't have shouted at you like that. I don't know what came over me. I missed the whole day, everyone's gone upstairs now." the house shuddered violently to accentuate his point.

"It's okay you're obviously going through something at the moment. If I could help you just need to ask." He came and sat on the couch beside me. I put an arm around him to comfort him. His didn't get angry this time. He slumped against me.

"I'm just lonely everyone else has their mate but me. I don't know if I'll ever find my mate."

"Edward you will as I've said before you need to be patient. Carlisle had to wait over 200 years and jasper had to wait 100 years. I will happen good things take time."

"I know, I'll cope. Merry Christmas Mom."

"Merry Christmas honey."