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December 31st, 1976

"I'll do it if you will.'

'That's…not going to happen.'


'Lily, it's complicated.'

'How is it complicated? We said that this year, our resolution would be to address our sad crushes. So, I'll tell Potter - James - that I have decided he's possibly not the biggest prat to walk the earth and am willing to find out if there is any chance he's a decent bloke under all that pranking and stalking…'

'Very romantic, Lil.'

'And you can tell Sirius…'

'Lily, I can't.'

'Why not? What are these complications you speak of?'

Lily Evans crossed her arms across her chest, gazing cynically at her friend with a raised eyebrow, trying to clearly send the message that any excuse was going to be quickly shot down. She heard Remus sigh then he began to tick off reasons on his fingers.

'Complication number one: he's a boy. A boy who, unless he made an announcement in the last five minutes, is attracted to girls. Complication number two: I'm a boy, not a girl and therefore not Sirius' type. Complication number three: He's my best mate and it might put a slight dent in our friendship if I was to suddenly admit to being hopelessly in love with him and that I would rather like to shag him through the floor. Complication number four: there's a bloody good possibility that he'll react quite badly to my pronouncement and reject me loudly and, most likely, violently - which could lead to the entire school finding out that Remus Lupin is a sodding poof and making my last year here a living hell.'

Lily gazed at him contemplatively for a moment. Okay, so some of those excuses had a little merit, but Lily considered herself a very observant person and ever since Remus let slip the fact he was crushing severely on his best mate, she'd been watching the two boys closely. And in her humble opinion, there were no two people in this castle who were hotter for each other than they were - well, perhaps with the exception of her and Potter…shit…James.

She gave Remus a soft smile and said, 'And what if none of that happens? What if he admits that he also fancies the pants off you and wouldn't mind a bit of that promised shagging?'

'I'm more likely to wake up one morning without my furry little problem.'

'Remus, I've seen the way he looks at you, the way he touches you all the time…'

'And I've seen and, unfortunately, heard exactly how heterosexual Sirius is. I think you telling James is brilliant, but please, Lil, it isn't going to happen for me and Sirius. Just leave it.'

Lily frowned but, seeing the pain in Remus' eyes, she nodded, both Seventh Years dropping their heads back to their books and immersing themselves in Potion recipes.

'Gods, are you two really studying on New Year's Eve?'

Lily saw Remus' head shoot up then curse loudly as he clutched at his neck.

'Remus!' she admonished, looking around to see if Madam Pince had heard the expletive, but the woman was nowhere in sight. She turned back to the two boys, watching as Sirius sank elegantly into the chair next to Remus and reached out a hand to rub at the werewolf's neck.

Lily had to work hard to restrain the exclamation of 'I told you so!' that threatened to burst from her lips as she watched the brunette stroke his nimble fingers over a rapidly reddening Remus' neck, his face soft as he gazed at the werewolf.

How on earth do they not realise how the other one feels? They can't keep their bloody hands off each other.

'So? Why are you both wasting time in the library when you could be in the Common Room halfway to being completely trashed?'

Lily automatically bristled at Sirius' words. 'You know, Black, as Head Girl…'

'…you have to set an example to the younger children. I know, and I think it's a convenient excuse to be a bloody piker. I'm here for Moony anyway, not you. Your own parley will be here soon, no doubt. Alice was muttering about finding you earlier.'

Lily glared at Sirius, partly in annoyance that he palmed her Head Girl status off so flippantly and partly because it was her friend Alice who was asking about her and not James Potter. Sirius was ignoring her dirty looks, though, his attention focused on Remus, who was almost purring under the other boy's ministrations. Lily smirked.

This would be hot if they weren't so damn frustrating.

'Come on, Moony.'

'Sirius, I really should…'

'I miss you,' Sirius wheedled and Lily watched as Remus' famed stoicism completely collapsed.

The prefect could never say no to Sirius, letting the boy get away with murder - something Remus and Lily constantly bickered about. She looked on as Remus packed up his books and belatedly tried to set some guidelines to make up for his unqualified surrender to Sirius' request.

'I'm not drinking.'

'Course you aren't.'

Sirius winked at Lily who shook her head and looked down at her books. She was supposed to be helping Remus with a draught but if he was backing out, she may as well go and get ready for the party herself.

The boys got to their feet and Lily glanced up in time to see Sirius' hand sliding down Remus' back. The werewolf's knuckles turned white as he gripped the back of the chair and Lily stifled her laughter.

God, boys are so obtuse.

Sirius had hold of Remus' wrist now and was dragging him away. Remus called a farewell to her and Lily mouthed, 'Tell him,' then tutted when Remus pretended he hadn't heard her. Lily watched them leave, shaking her head at their retreating figures.

'Idiots,' she mumbled as she packed her own belongings up and shoved them carelessly into her bag.

She thought it was blatantly, almost painfully, obvious how they felt about each other, but neither twat would admit to it. With a little sigh, she stood, knowing that she was just as hopeless as they were. She had fancied the pants off James Potter for nearly a year now - not quite sure when he'd stopped being an annoying prat and started to make her heart beat faster. He'd become the star of her night time fantasies and those warm, hazel eyes were usually the impetus for her most powerful self-induced orgasms.

Walking slowly back to the Gryffindor common room, she pondered her plan for the night. She'd been thinking about this for months now and had finally decided to just take the plunge and admit to Pot…James…that he'd wormed his way through her defences. New Year's Eve seemed the perfect time - a fresh start as it were. Nerves made her stomach twist unpleasantly. James had been a little…standoffish lately and Lily had started to wonder if he'd finally done what she'd spent the last few years telling him to do and given up on her. She drew in a deep breath and crossed her arms over her chest as if to ward off the possibility. She had to admit, she was never particularly gracious about James' advances - granted, most had been ridiculously overblown and humiliating, but he had a good heart and now she was wishing she'd been less discouraging…and perhaps hexed him a little less.

Could he have really lost interest?

'Only one way to find out, Evans,' she muttered under her breath as she reached the portrait of the Fat Lady. 'Time to pull out that Gryffindor courage and a tiny, tiny dress and seduce the hell out of James Potter.'


'Wow, Lil! Whose socks are you planning to knock off tonight?'

Lily finished applying her vanilla flavoured lip gloss then grinned at an admiring Alice in the mirror.

'Can you keep a secret?' she asked, throwing the plastic cylinder of gloss into her wet pack before she turned around to face her friend.

'Course I can.'

Lily took a breath then said, 'JamesPotter,' as fast as she could.

Alice had obviously understood her hastily muttered words as her mouth fell open and eyes widened.

'James Potter? The same James Potter who has been…and I quote…"the bane of my fucking existence" for the last six years? The same James Potter who has relentlessly stalked you and proclaimed his undying love for you at least once a day for the last four years? The same James Potter who you swore you would never forgive for hurting Severus…?'

'Yes!' Lily almost shouted the word then felt her face heat up as Alice raised a surprised eyebrow. 'Yes, that same stalking, annoying, aggravating, infuriating, completely galling James Potter who I apparently had the bad taste and lack of common sense to fall for.'

She sighed heavily and slumped against the marble vanity. 'Gods, Alice. Am I going to make a complete idiot of myself? I've gone on and on about how I'll never return his feelings…I even hexed his dick blue…'

She ignored Alice's snicker and continued. 'Now, I find that the prat has somehow gotten under my damn skin and I can't get him out.'

'You're going to tell him?'

Lily nodded, looking up at her friend's brown eyes. 'Tonight. I thought it was kind of…symbolic or something. New year - new beginning…Gods, maybe I should just forget it and not say anything. This could pass, right? It might be just a phase or…maybe he's put a spell on me to make me think I love him - I wouldn't put it past him…'

'You love him?'

Lily closed her eyes and nodded resignedly. 'Yeah. Yeah, I think I do.'

She felt Alice's small hand close around her own and opened her eyes to see the blonde's wide smile.

'You should tell him. Tonight.'

Lily sucked in a tremulous breath and nodded again, more confidently this time.

'I will. I'll tell him.'


She looked around the crowded Common Room, trying to ignore all the Fifth and Sixth Years she saw blatantly consuming hard liquor.

Let them learn from the hangover they'll have tomorrow.

Her eyes were searching, like a lioness looking for prey, and the green orbs lit up when she found it.

James Potter.

Fuck, he looks gorgeous.

Lily grabbed a glass of mead from a nearby table and took a sip to fortify herself before she started to make her way across the room to the tousle-headed teenager. She used to hate the messy state of his black hair, but now all she could think of was running her hands through those dishevelled locks as he kissed her or yanking hard on them as those soft-looking lips made their way over her body.

She cleared her throat, hoping the lustful thoughts that were making her body react heatedly weren't showing on her face, as she stepped out of the press of people right in front of the object of her desire. He looked as stunned by her appearance as she'd hoped he would be - his eyes sliding up and down her body appreciatively before they met hers.


'Hi, James.'


Lily stared disbelievingly at James Potter's backside as he raced up the stairs to his dorm, having muttered a completely transparent excuse to get as far away from her as possible.

Sweet Circe, I'm too late. I've spent so long pushing him away and now I'm ready, he doesn't want me anymore.

She was surprised by just how much the thought that he no longer wanted her hurt. Miserable and uncomfortable in the short, tight, low cut green dress, she made her way slowly over to the drink table, trying to keep her balance in the ridiculous heels she'd purchased because the stupid saleswoman said they made her legs look irresistible.

'Potter didn't have much trouble resisting them,' she mumbled to herself as she accepted a amber coloured drink from one of the Sixth Years (who, she noticed, was eyeing off her legs with the appreciation the sales woman promised).

She slunk over to the couch and, with some careful manoeuvring, sat down. She toed the shoes off and took a mouthful of her drink, nearly spitting it back out when she realised it was pure Fire whiskey - not the watered down with soda water mix she usually drank. Taking a more measured sip, she fixed her eyes on the staircase to the boys' rooms. Would James come back down? And where the hell was Remus when she needed him? Why didn't he tell her James had gone off her?

She took another, longer pull on the whiskey and frowned. Remus would have told her - he knew that Lily's feelings had changed; he was encouraging her to tell the bespectacled boy. Perhaps she was reading too much into James' sudden departure. Maybe he really did have to feed Sirius' fish for him. Lily drank again then smiled a determined smile.

He didn't give up on me after the first rejection. And I can be just as annoyingly stubborn as him.


'That's hilarious, Pot…James. You're very funny. I didn't know you were so funny.'

Lily flipped her hair over her shoulder and beamed at him.

'And did I mention how impressed I was by that last goal you scored in the game against Ravenclaw last weekend? It was brilliant. You're a natural.'

He looked almost scared - staring at her with wide eyes - as he stammered, 'Um, thanks. I…I practice hard…'

'Mmm, I can tell,' she purred, touching his bicep lightly, trying to hide her irritation when he almost jumped out of his skin.

Merlin, anyone would think he hadn't spent the last four years begging for this. What was wrong with the boy?

She finished off the last of her amber-coloured drink then, seeing him watching her, licked her lips seductively (that always seemed to work in the romance novels she had hidden under her mattress).

'Mmm, I quite like the taste of Firewhiskey. Would you like to taste it, James?'

She bit her lip suggestively and saw his face redden. He opened his mouth then closed it again - his goldfish impression was spot-on - then words seemed to just tumble out of his mouth.

'Er, Lily, are you sure you're feeling alright? Perhaps you should slow down with that Firewhiskey?'

Lily laughed, trying to make it sound like she wasn't about the slam her glass down on his head. He was being hopelessly thick-headed - didn't he see her flirting, her touching his arm, her laughing at those stupid bloody jokes? Why was it taking so long to sink in that he should be grabbing her and snogging the hell out her?

'I'm fine, James,' she said, putting her hand on his arm again. He looked like a deer caught in headlights and she sighed, removing her hand and sinking back into the cushions.

'You…you're just not acting like yourself tonight,' James said, watching her warily. 'It's like someone slipped you a potion or something. This isn't you.'

She frowned and looked away, downing the rest of her drink fast. She'd had other boyfriends and they all enjoyed her acting like the other girls did - giggly and flirty and wearing as little as decent in public. Why wasn't James responding? He really must be over her.

Lily slammed down her glass and struggled to stand, cursing the tight dress, the Firewhiskey and James Potter as she made an undignified spectacle of herself. Once she was standing, she took a deep breath and ran her hands down the front of her dress to straighten it out and regain some control.

'I'm sorry, James,' she said softly, not even sure he could hear her over the raucousness of the common room. 'I…thought that you…that you wanted…but you don't anymore and…I'm sorry…I took too long.'

She stumbled through the crowd as fast as the tight dress and impaired function would allow, not hearing James calling after her as she climbed out of the portrait hole.

Lily made it to the Astronomy Tower before the tears started to fall. It shouldn't hurt this much - leopards don't change their spots and James Potter was surely just as much of a jerk as he always was. Except now she wanted that jerk with everything inside her and…bloody hell…it couldn't hurt any more if she'd been cursed with an Unforgivable. She sank to the ground and buried her face in her hands, curling in on herself as the cold breeze swirled and whistled around her.

There was suddenly a heaviness over her shoulders and she looked up to see James crouching in front of her, wrapping his cloak around her.

'That dress is a little too…er, flimsy…for outdoor excursions,' he said softly then he sat down in front of her. 'Lily, I'm sorry that I upset you. I was worried because you were acting so unlike yourself.'

Lily let out a half sob/half laugh and shook her head. 'I was trying to flirt with you, to get your attention.' She wiped her face with the back of her hand and sniffled. 'I was trying to show you that…well, that I like you.'

'You like me?'

Lily looked up at his face when she heard the hope in those three whispered words and her heart leapt when she saw by the half moon glow that James' face shone with cautious anticipation.

She nodded. 'I like you, but I thought that you might have…stopped…liking…me.'

To her enormous surprise (and slight annoyance), James started to laugh. 'Stopped liking you?'

Lily scowled. 'Are you just going to repeat everything I…?'

Her words were halted by James' mouth covering hers and her irritation melted - as did she, her body going limp as his firm lips showed her exactly what she'd been missing all this time.

And, damn, if she wasn't kicking herself for waiting so long for this. James' lips were soft and sure - caressing hers with a tenderness that she would never have thought him capable of. His hand touched her cheek lightly, then firmed, sliding along her jaw and into her hair, tangling his fingers in her red hair as his tongue traced the seam of her lips. Lily moaned and opened her mouth for him, meeting his tentatively probing tongue with her own. James groaned needily then pulled back, but kept his hand on her nape, his mouth still brushing lightly over hers as he spoke.

'I love you, Lily. If I didn't lose interest after you hexed my dick blue last year, I'd say it's a pretty safe bet that you're never going to be rid of me.'

Lily raised her hand and stroked her fingers over his face, a soft, awed smile on her face. 'Thank Merlin for your stubborn pigheadedness, Potter.'

James grinned and kissed her briefly. 'We're meant to be, Lil. I've always known it - it just took you a little longer to realise.'

Lily's heart and body melted and she reached for him, pulling him into a long, deep kiss. He tasted just as she'd imagined - sweet, but with a little saltiness that made her ache. Her hands ran over his chest, feeling the muscles she had wondered about for so long and suddenly, she couldn't stand feeling the fabric of his shirt under her fingers, stopping her from feeling him. Her half-frozen fingers fumbled with his buttons and James pulled back, staring down at her in surprise.


She smiled and kissed his chin. 'You bragged so often about your incredible body that I thought it was time I got to see for myself if the boasting was justified.'

The corner of James' mouth turned up as he searched for and found certainty in her face. He shifted, pulling his wand from his pants pocket and waving it around them, casting warming spells, disillusionment spells and silencing spells around them. Once the warming spell took effect, Lily shrugged off his cloak, spreading it on the ground behind her then laying back on it.

James drew in a shaky breath as he stared down at her in awe and he whispered, 'Gods, you are gorgeous.'

Lily felt the words wash over her like warm water, heating her body and turning her bones to liquid. It was getting harder to breathe and, as James' hands rose to unbutton his shirt, revealing lightly tanned skin, she stopped altogether. He let the shirt hang open as he lay down on his side next to Lily, his hand sliding across her gently curved stomach to come to rest on her hip.

'Did I meet expectations?'

'Surpassed them,' she murmured, turning on her side to face him, touching his chest lightly. He breathed in sharply and Lily's touch firmed - her confidence growing as he reacted to her. She flattened her hand in the centre of his chest and slid it slowly across smooth skin until it rested over his madly pounding heart. His chest rose and fell rapidly and she leaned forward, pressing her lips to his skin.

'That's…nice… Gods!'

Her tongue had snuck out to taste his skin and his hand closed around her hip tightly. Lily smiled against his flesh then did it again, but this time, his reaction was less subtle.

James pushed her over onto her back and before she could even gasp in surprise, his mouth was on hers and he was kissing her hungrily - a far cry from the gentle kisses of earlier, but Lily found his loss of restraint so very arousing. She responded eagerly, dragging her hands over his chest in an attempt to learn every inch of it then stilled when she felt James' hand shift from her hip to cup her breast carefully. He was so tentative - brash, confident James Potter - and the knowledge that she had this effect on him made her feel powerful. Her hand covered his and she dragged it higher to cover the mound of her breast then smiled when he moaned. His mouth left hers to trail hot kisses down her throat and she arched up, groaning when he rolled a taut nipple between his fingers. Their hands roamed freely as James' shirt fell away and Lily's dress was pushed down to her waist - James making a strangled sounding noise when he saw she wasn't wearing a bra.

They became bolder quickly - their strong, mutual reaction to each other spurring them on - and soon their harsh, hastened breathing was loud in the air and their bodies were thrumming, desperate for release. James' fingers skimmed over the front of Lily's satiny knickers while her hands worked open his belt and fly. When her hand closed over his weeping cloth-encased erection, James pulled back, panting.

'Lil…I don't want…I mean, I do, but…not here…'

'No,' she agreed breathlessly. 'But I want you to touch me. I want to touch you…Please, James?'

He stared down into her emerald-coloured eyes then dipped his head to kiss her again, his lips moving slowly over hers as his fingers slipped under her knickers. Lily whispered a soft, 'Oh' into his mouth then quickly slipped her hand into his underwear, wrapping her thin fingers around his burning shaft.

James muttered something that sounded like a curse against her lips and their gentle lips became needy. His fingers found her clit easily - Lily was still coherent enough to recognise that this wasn't the first time he'd done this - then he stroked her tight bud and all ability to do anything but feel deserted her. She moved her hand on him, not taking any time to gauge length or width - just concentrating on bringing him as much pleasure as he was bringing her then, when two of his long fingers slid inside her, she gasped and tightened her grip, making James cry out.

'Shit, Lily…I'm…close…'

'Mmm,' she moaned, unable to form the words to tell him she was too then he flicked his thumb over her clit again and bursts of rainbow colours exploded in her head, heat suffusing her body as waves of pure bliss crashed over her. She arched up into him as the sensation continued, unaware she was calling his name over and over like a litany and she was ignorant of James' voice whispering her name as warm fluid spilled over her hand.

She wasn't sure how long it took for her to come back into herself, only vaguely aware of James straightening their clothing and murmuring spells before he drew her into his embrace. His lips were pressing to her cheek when she finally found her voice.


He chuckled. 'Wow, indeed.'

Lily giggled then rolled over so she could look him in the eye while she said what she was about to say.

'I'm sorry I was such a bitch to you.' He tried to interrupt but she stopped him with a quick kiss. 'No, don't. I'm not saying you weren't a pain in the arse, but I didn't have to be so awful about rejecting you.' She bit her lip but was unable to stop the words spilling out.

'I love you.'

James' hazel eyes lit up behind his glasses and he beamed down at her.

'You do?

Lily nodded.

'I do.'

James stared at her for another moment then let out a loud whoop that made Lily laugh before he kissed her hard and fast. He pulled back and grinned down at her.

'That was worth waiting six years to hear.'

Lily's smile widened then they both gasped as they heard a loud crack. Turning, they saw the sky light up with fireworks and realised they'd missed the countdown.

James turned back to Lily and smiled. 'Happy New Year, Lils.'

The redhead reached up and grasped James by the scruff of the neck and pulled his face back to hers as she replied, 'Happy New Year, Potter.'

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