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Danny loves the smell of vanilla.

It reminds him of his childhood, when he and his friends used to run after the ice cream truck just for the cheap, 10-cent vanilla ice cream cone.

It reminds him of weekends, when his Mama would wear her favorite perfume and force Louie and Danny into their Sunday best to wear to church.

Best of all, it reminds him of Lindsay Monroe, whose scent reached to him even amidst the stink of the zoo, when they first met. Or maybe it was the girl herself who unknowingly drew the attention of a certain blue-eyed CSI.
Yep. He never would get tired of that smell.

As he opened the door of their shared office, he unconsciously took a deep breath to take in his favorite scent, and smelled…

"Strawberries?" He muttered incredulously, not knowing he spoke aloud until Lindsay turned around and gave him an embarrassed smile.

"You don't like it? My sister gave me this lotion, and I didn't want it to go to waste, so I just used it." She gave him an uncertain look.

Danny smiled. He loves the smell of strawberries.

Just one of my CSI: NY one-shots. Wrote this some time back, and I only decided now to post it here. Hope you like it.