Another one-shot. Hope you like it.:)

And no, CSI: NY isn't mine.


Footsteps can be heard in the hallway. The sandy-haired man saunters to the third door on the left. As he grabs the doorknob, he suddenly stops.

Okay, Messer, calm down, Danny thinks to himself, still gripping the doorknob. It's not like there's anything you can do now that you're here. Who would've thought a country girl could have this kinda effect on me? At the thought, he chuckles. The guys at the lab would never have believed it. Flack would have a field day when he finds out I flew all the way to Montana. Hell, I can't believe it myself.

He glances at his watch. 1030. I'm an hour late. The trial's started already. If I don't go in now, my trip's pretty much useless.

Still, he pauses, feeling unsure. Being unsure isn't a familiar feeling for Danny, and he didn't like it. Why the heck did I fly all the way to Montana? Maybe this is just the lack of sleep. Yeah, that's it. The case with that magician must've gotten my head messed up. Mac did say to get some sleep, not get on a plane. Yet he knows deep down that lack of sleep is not the culprit, but something more, something he can't explain, but definitely has something to do with the girl on the witness stand on the other side of the door.

Come on, Messer. You've trusted your instincts so far, so just go on with this, he sternly reminds himself. And if your instincts are wrong, you can always make the excuse that Stella wanted you to check up on Montana, he reminds himself. And so saying, he twists the doorknob.

He takes a look and cautiously steps in. Luckily, no one pays attention to him, except for the one on the witness stand. The one who matters.

She looks at him, her eyes widening. For a split-second, Danny wonders again if he made the right decision, and then she suddenly gives a small smile that appeared only for a moment, but he noticed it. He always notices everything that goes on with Lindsay. He gives a small smile in return, and heads off to an empty bench. He hears Lindsay's voice ring out in the courtroom, narrating her ordeal. It quivers a few times, but she never falters. Danny feels proud of her, his Montana. She's the only girl he knows who's strong enough to do this, but he doesn't know that the reason why she could do this was because of him. Danny Messer.

She finishes her testimony and gets off the stand. Slowly, but without hesitation, she walks to the bench where Danny is sitting. Danny gives a small smile, uncertain of what Lindsay would say to him. She smiles and sits beside him, and she takes hold of his hand and squeezes it, not the first time she'll be doing it on that day. He wraps an arm around her shoulders, and she leans her head on his shoulder. Identical, small, contented smiles appear on their faces.

Yeah, he wants to know what she would say, or maybe he just wants to hear her voice, but right now, words are not needed.