It was a dark, cold night. I was walking home after my first day at a new school. With my luck, I wasn't very surprised when my truck that my dad bought me as a coming home present wouldn't start. Nothing ever seemed to work for me so instead of making a fool of myself in front of all the other student, I grabbed my school bag and headed in the direction of home. What I didn't notice was the pair of black eyes that followed me as I left.

The wind was howling and it was getting dark. I refused to believe I was lost. It was such a small town, I mean how can you get lost in Forks? But then I remembered that my luck was about as bad as it could get so I continued on the hunt for my house. I went down a side street hoping that maybe this would lead me closer to my destination. The streets were becoming emptier as the storm got worse and was driving everyone indoors.

As I was walking down the side street a shadow stepped out from behind one of the rubbish bins, my heart stopped, I'd seen this person at school. Why was he here, and more importantly, what did he want? He had stared hatefully towards me all throughout biology and I couldn't understand what I'd done wrong. So why, in this dark side street, did he appear seemingly out of no where? His features, so vivid even in the darkening day, still appeared to be angry at me, as if I'd intentionally came to Forks just to make him this way.

"Hello Bella", his voice, soft on the wind, carried to my ears and I unconsciously leaned closer to him, it was like I was drawn to him, I couldn't help myself. His expression changed, a look of hunger overcame his features and he leaned closer also. I was no longer in control of my body, I had no idea what was going on. The wind was picking up speed and my hair was sweeping all over my face, it was at this moment that he leaned even closer, this mysterious Cullen, who everyone appeared so afraid of, and opened his mouth, I could see his teeth, what was he going to do, bite me? He had such a feral look that the thought didn't seem far from the truth.

Instead he did something I would never have expected, he was so close to my face that I could taste his breath on my lips, then, as if ours bodies moved on their own accord, he kissed me, what was more surprising was that I kissed him back. This stranger that seemed to hate me. I jumped back realising what I was doing and ran in the opposite direction. I kept running, not looking where I was going, hoping that I was somewhere near my house. My dad was going to be so mad at me for being late and making him worry. I sighed in relief as my surroundings became more familiar, I was almost grateful for my encounter with Edward because if I hadn't run this way I would have surely become more lost, almost grateful but not enough, those eyes still haunted me and I shivered as I crossed the grass to my front door, glad to be home. My first day at school was one I was not going to forget in a hurry.