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Chapter 3

I woke up in the night feeling a cool breeze on my shoulders, I was above the covers and was cold but I was sure I didn't open my window, in fact I was positive I was no where near it because of the strange shadow that passed across it earlier. I looked over to my window and there was a shape standing against it, silhouetted in the moonlight.

"Who's there?" I asked, my voice trembling, I was ready to scream for Charlie but I had a strange sense of peace even with a stranger standing in my room.

"Hello Bella" a voice that sounded too familiar, so recently had I heard those lips utter the same words that I knew without a doubt it could be. Edward Cullen was standing in my room at, I glanced at my clock grateful to the strangely lit night, half past one in the morning. Before I could speak he continued,

"I know I shouldn't be here, and I'm sorry, I truly tried to stay away from you and I apologise for my behaviour earlier but it seems when I'm around you I cant control my actions" He laughed these last words as if being out of control of his body at any time was strange for him.

"Why are you here? In my room? At this time of night?" I asked, my voice quiet in the darkness, I was curious when I should have been terrified. Someone with my bad luck would have started screaming a long time ago because the person in their room was most likely an axe murderer of some kind. But I wasn't like that at all, I was just curious, and it didn't help that butterflies were floating around my stomach remembering the kiss from earlier.

"I told you, I can't seem to keep away from you, you are like my own personal mystery sent here to be solved by me. And I know that the only way for me to do this is to tell you everything. But I warn you now, what I tell you will put you in danger if anyone ever found out you knew, especially my family, so would you like me to tell you or will I leave now and never speak to you again?" He sounded almost desperate, like he was terrified I would tell him to leave but I knew I wouldn't. I should have, it would be a dangerous thing and he was warning me about it, and I did have doubts but I couldn't help myself. Like I was his mystery he was mine and I wanted to find out what he was and why he was interested in plain old me.

He moved towards my bed slowly so as not to startle me and sat down at the bottom of it with his face turned to me, I was mesmerised by his now butterscotch eyes and was desperate to ask if he had gotten contacts but knew he would tell me before the night was out. Who said I didn't have patience when the occasion called for it I thought to myself.

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