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Chapter 1

Hermione Granger inhaled, exhaled and grunted as she gave the punching bag a good number of hits, one after the other. Exercising was what she did regularly and kept her body in shape. It wasn't a requirement really for her job, but she made it a requirement to herself. After all, she was one of the best aurors in not just the East Coast, but also the entire American wizarding world. With the combination of her brains and brawn, she was one very tough auror, one that never backed down from her work, even with its difficulties and challenges. She solved a number of cases and dealt with crooked, and evil wizards and witches.

"Ah! Fuck!" Hermione shouted as she gave one last bag a heavy punch. Then, she let herself fall back on her bottom with a grunt on the mat. The pain in her knee had gotten unbearable. With her hand, she accioed an ice bag nearby, and iced her knee—it had a permanent injury.

Two years ago, when she was flying after one of the criminals on a broom, she was trying to dodge the many hexes that were being thrown at her. Unfortunately, one of the hexes had hit her broom, making her crash into the branches and trees around her. Then suddenly, her knee crashed into a big branch. In the end, she had broken her knee cap, but her partner was able to catch the criminal, bringing him to justice.

Before, Hermione hated broom flying. Even up until today, she hated it. However, there were some instances in which she needed to fly a broom. She ignored her fear of heights and became quickly skilled in broom flying easily thanks to the help of her team.

Her job wasn't at all different to what she did in the past, which was help defeat Voldemort. If she could, she wanted to bring all the evil wizards and witches to jail, making them get what they truly deserve. No evil didn't deserve to live at all. Yes, in some cases, she was trying to be Superwoman, which she obviously wasn't.

"Hey Hermione!" a man greeted her as he approached her with a box of doughnuts. When he got to her, he opened it as he sat down right next to her. "Peanut butter and jelly right?"

"Thanks Bill," Hermione said as she reached out for her doughnut.

Bill, or rather William Hicks was one of Hermione's partners in her team. All together, there were four of them. William Hicks, Johnny Blue, Joshua Chipson, and lastly, Hermione who was the only female. Together, they made the best auror team in Wizarding America.

"You're early," Bill said as he chewed on his doughnut.

"So are you," Hermione said back. "But then again, I'm always early."

"The boss called me and told me to come early, along with the others."

"Really? I didn't know," Hermione frowned.

"Have any idea why?"

Hermione just shrugged. There could have been dozens of reasons why.

"Nanny Beth with Tobi?" Bill asked changing the subject.

"As always," Hermione replied with a smile.

Tobi was her son and was four years of age. With Hermione always being caught up in her job, she had to hire a nanny to look after Tobi when she wasn't around. Being a single mother wasn't easy. Of course she made time for him when she could. Everyone in the team actually did take care of him, and became his uncle's. Bill was Tobi's godfather.

"You two!" Johnny said aloud from entrance door of the gym. "Boss's office now. Minister Smith is there."

"What now?" Hermione groaned. Whatever it was, it was important since the Minister was there.

"Whatever it is, we got to go," Bill said as he stood on his feet. He then held his hand out for Hermione and helped her up on her feet.

Hermione stuck her hand out towards her gym bag and accioed it along with her walking cane. She wiped her sweat off with a towel as Bill carried her bag. Getting dressed into fresh clothes would have to wait till later.


"Hermione, Bill, please, sit down," their boss Eric Wall told them.

After greeting him and Minister Dean Roberts, Hermione and Bill took their seats right next to Johnny and Joshua. The both of them saw them shrug; meaning that they also didn't know what was going on.

"What's going on sir?" Hermione asked.

"There's finally something in the Biff case," Eric answered firmly. He was director of all the aurors in America.

The Biff case was a case that Hermione and her team had been following for years. Ed Biff was currently the most wanted wizard in the American wizarding world. He was a child molester, a child rapist and child killer. The bastard had harmed many children and never got caught. He was a hard criminal to catch, and was gifted in the dark arts.

There was one moment though that Hermione had almost caught him. However, she failed, and gave the bastard a slice on the right side of his neck with a dark spell. The scar would always be on his skin, even if Biff tried to use a glamour charm, or if he had drank polyjuice potion. It was one way they knew that it was him.

They hadn't found anything on the man for four months. Biff didn't commit a crime or even send a letter to the Ministry. It was all a game to him; he liked almost getting caught or confusing all the aurors.

"What sir?" Joshua asked.

The Minister then threw a newspaper down on the table in front of the four. Everyone looked at it right away and eyed the headlines: "STUDENT ALMOST KILLED IN HOGWARTS!"

"Hogwarts?!" Hermione gasped as she grabbed the paper taking a good look at it. It was the Daily Prophet indeed, and not the Times that they always got in New York.

"That was this morning's headline. I already contacted Lucius Malfoy as he is the Minister there. I told him that I would be sending in a team to help with the case. It is your case."

"Are you sure about this?" Hermione asked in disbelief. "Are you sure that it's Biff or some sort of copycat?"

"He left a letter Hermione and it was signed by him," Eric replied.

"What did it read?" Johnny asked.

"That he was getting tired of American kids, wanting a taste now for British ones," Eric replied in disgust.

Hermione stared at the picture on the front page, not bothering to read the story. She saw the Headmaster Albus Dumbledore standing at the gates of Hogwarts, alongside Minerva McGonagall. Both of them surrounded by the press.

Almost five years had passed since Voldemorts defeat. Five years since she had graduated Hogwarts and left London. Five long years since she had started a new life, wanting to leave everything behind. Now it felt like it was all catching up with her.

"We will depart for London in a few days. You must all be ready. I do not know how long the four of you will be staying in London. Weeks or months perhaps," Eric said. "I want this case solved."

"What about our families?" Joshua asked. Like Hermione, he had family, a wife and two daughters. This news was not like anything before. They had never left their jurisdiction to handle a case.

"Arrangements maybe made and you may visit them regularly as long as some of you remain behind to continue on with the work," the Dean answered.

"Now go and get to work," Eric commanded them.

Hermione remained seated, and in shock as the other three left. It wasn't happening. She had to go back to Britain and face her past again. How cruel could the world get?

"Hermione?" Eric called her name as he approached her.

"Is this really happening?" Hermione asked both of the men that now stood in the room.

"I'm afraid so," Dean replied. "If you want, you can be taken off the case and stay here. Merlin knows we need you though."

Hermione's past wasn't a mystery to her boss, the Minister or even her team. She was one of the most famous witches in the world. She was one of the reasons why Voldemort was defeated. Also, she was Harry Potter's best friend. He was not only The-Boy-Who-Lived, but also The-Boy-Who-Defeated-He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. It was because of her fame and contribution to Voldemort's defeat that Hermione got a job so easily with the American Ministry as an auror.

When she first arrived in New York City, she was already pregnant. The first job that she got was a desk job, as she helped out other teams solve various cases. After she had given birth, she was immediately put into field work with a team of her own.

Tobi's father, though he wasn't active in the boys life, wasn't a stranger to them by name. They knew exactly who he was since the day he was born. Magical birth certificates reviled everything about the child, even the names of both its parents. He too was just as famous as Hermione, also helping in the defeat of Voldemort.

Still, no one knew the entire truth about Hermione and the people in her past. They never bothered to ask, knowing that it was none of their business. It was her life, but if she needed them, they were there for her. After all, they all had become Hermione's friends.

"Hermione?" Eric said her name.

"I'll do it," Hermione said with a grunt as she stood up. The pain in her knee was still very much present.

"What about Snape?" he asked.

"I don't know," Hermione shook her head. "I can't answer that now. I'll deal with it when the time comes." She then started to limp towards the door with her cane and bag.

"Are you going to tell him?" Dean asked.

Hermione turned around sighed. "I have a case to work on." With that, she left Eric's office. As she closed the door behind her, she leaned back against it, with her head looking up at the ceiling. She was very much deep in thought.

All she could think about was her son—Tobias Ethan Snape.


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