Ok this is the first of my short stories about the Cullens and friends so tell me what you think ok xxx vc

The day Emmett decided to act human

Emmett stared at the baseball match on TV without taking anything in.

What will I do today he wondered to himself

He sat for a moment watching the humans in a TV ad, he smiled,

"I know" he said aloud "I'll act completely human!"

He looked down at his watch, 7 o clock in the morning time for a shower before school. He made sure the water was warm and went up to his and Rosalie's bathroom. Instead of shaking himself dry as usual he used a towel. Emmett found the new experience comforting and decided to do it more often.

Acting human is easy he thought

Next he dressed himself and went down to the fridge, cautiously, he had never used a fridge in his vampire life and was slightly afraid he'd forgotten how. He chose some cheerios from the cereal press and poured milk over them grimacing as he swallowed the vile substance.

"Come on, Emmett" Rosalie called "we're gonna be late"

Emmett bounded down the steps and slid into the Volvo next to Rosalie. He kissed her smiling, then turned and put on his seatbelt.

"What are you doing?" asked Edward in surprise, for vampires don't need seatbelts

"Putting on my seatbelt" Emmett replied innocently

"But why?" said Edward, curious

"Because today I am not Emmett the vampire I am Emmett the HUMAN" smiled Emmett while Rosalie rolled her eyes.

They pulled into the car park and Emmett walked towards the school building greeting everyone he passed, much to their surprise. Classes went by as normal but Emmett didn't sit beside any of his family, saying they were ruining his "look"

He wasn't looking forward to lunch, the prospect of more human food, but Jasper had bet him that he wouldn't last and Emmett really didn't want to give Jasper and Alice his lovely king size bed. Their bed was tiny he and Rose would have a lot of trouble with that thing.

Edward laughed at Emmett's face as they stood in the queue for lunch. He had to eat three portions of food or bye bye bed. Disgruntled Emmett returned to his empty table, still sitting apart from his family. He chewed down the pizza not looking forward to it coming back up later on. Looking over at the other table he could see Edward laughing at his thoughts.

The rest of the day dragged on, filled with puzzled glances as the rest of the students observed Emmett's unusual behaviour. By the time he was back in Edwards silver Volvo Emmett was wishing he had never agreed to tat bet with Jasper. He was promising he would never bet Jasper again but everyone doubted that tremendously.

Back at home Esme was asking Alice about Emmett's curious behaviour but he ignored them and went upstairs to do his homework like a human would do.

After a horrible dinner of dominos pizza and chocolate (they had run out of human food) Emmett was caught by jasper as he went up stairs with Rosalie.

"You've forgotten something" he smiled

"What" asked Emmett, curious?

"You're acting human for 24 hours, and humans have to sleep, go brush your teeth and get ready for bed" said Jasper an evil grin on his face.

Emmett growled as jasper handed him a toothbrush, toothpaste and pyjamas.

For the second time that day he went into the bathroom (a record for vampire Emmett). After changing into the pyjamas which were too small, Emmett tried to brush his teeth. It was going well, until he pulled the toothbrush out to find it had melted in his mouth after reacting with his venom.

Annoyed and with a minty, plastic taste in his mouth Emmett went to spend a night on his own pretending to sleep for 12 whole hours.