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Les Vamps

The Cullens sat around their colossal living room, bored. Even Carlisle had no idea what they could do to fill up long night time hours. Conversation had died out; they had watched the sun set and were now listening to the new songs on Edward's iPod.

Suddenly Alice smiled and turned towards her 1 year old niece (physically 4 year old) "great idea Nessie"

She turned to her family her features alight with a grin "We're gonna start a band"

Suddenly the whole family was alive again (well not technically alive... you know what i mean... i hope) Alice began instructing from what she had seen in her vision. Rosalie, Emmett and Bella went out to buy equipment and the others put a studio together. Within an hour the band was set up and rearing to go. The band was as follows;

Manager - Nessie

Lead vocals – Carlisle

Guitar – Jasper

Bass – Esme

Keyboards – Edward

Drums - Emmett

Stylist – Alice (of course)

Groupies – Rosalie and Jacob

Songwriter – Bella

"Let's rock 'n' roll!!!!!!!!!!" screamed Emmett and slammed his drumsticks down onto the cymbal. The drum kit fell apart beneath him with a huge clattering sound and he looked up in surprise.


Then they began to get rehearsals in full swing starting out with Esme's favourite song; Rockstar by Nickleback. Apart from Emmett breaking a few more drum kits (Alice had envisioned this happening and told bell to buy a big supply of them) and realising on the tenth that maybe he shouldn't hit quite so hard, the night went by without a hitch.

They continued with their band for many months practicing every night until they were approached by a producer one night. He offered them a million dollar deal saying "you're sound is so new, you are definitely gonna be the youngest, hottest things on the market."

Emmett, not being able to resist being young and hot agreed immediately, and "Les Vamps" went off to record their first single.

"400 years old" became a huge success. It was number 1 in the USA, the UK, Ireland and many other countries for five weeks running. They then recorded an album which hit the world by storm. However soon the inevitable happened, a world tour.

The first stop was sunny California. LA was the spot for their first concert. It had sold out in minutes as had every other concert all over the world.

"We can do it" encouraged Bella, "come on, live isn't so bad"

"OMIGOD this had better turn out well, i like receiving fan mail with pictures of hot girls in swimsuits" Emmett said, the other boys (including Carlisle and Edward... i know... shocking) nodding in agreement. This earned them some very hard slaps.

A loud voice came from on stage "............ and now.... Les Vamps" and the Cullens exchanged worried glances as they ran on to take their places.

They launched into "400 years old", followed by their new single "your blood sings"


Each of their faces lit up in surprise (except for Alice) as they took in the crowds jeers.

"I knew this was a bad idea "sighed Alice as a large shoe hit the back of Rosalie's head. "they modified our voices on the CD's, now we sound dreadful"

Frowning they left the stage and took to running back to Forks.

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