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Lets Do The Time Warp Again

Harry Potter sat in his small room in number 4 Privet Drive, staring out of the window in depression. He had just lost his godfather at the Ministry of Magic. Granted, the minister could not deny any longer that Voldemort was back but Harry still lost the closest thing to a father he ever had. He sighed and glanced at the clock before slipping into his bed.

--Dream Sequence--

Harry found himself in a room that was similar to the Gryffindor Common Room. He saw a woman sitting in a chair by the fire. She had long black hair, sparkling blue eyes, and pale skin that glowed like moonlight. She wore a flowing silver silk dress. She looked up and smiled. "Hello Harry, please sit down." She said in a calm voice. Harry sat opposite her, in a leather armchair, watching her apprehensively. "Harry Potter. I am Destiny." She said, still calm. Harry's eyes widened.

"O…Kay. Why are you in my head?" Harry asked casually slightly confused.

"I have been sent here by the higher powers. Your godfather, Sirius Black, was not supposed to die that day at the Ministry. I have been sent here to rectify it." She said. Harry looked up, hope shining in his eyes.

"You're going to bring him back?" He asked quietly.

"No, I'm going to do one better." She waved her hand and a trunk appeared by her chair. It was polished cherry wood with a gold phoenix on the top and two locks. "This trunk is incredibly special. The first compartment is for your basic things but the second compartment is keyed to only you and is a small house. There is a bedroom with full wardrobe, bathroom, fully stocked kitchen, living room, full library, training room, and swimming pool. If you want something from the second compartment in the first compartment, just think about it and it will be in there. Also, there is a charm on it that one hour in the real world is one year in the trunk yet you won't age." She said happily. Harry gaped.

"Wait, what's the use if I can't do magic in the holidays?" He asked.

"Magic won't be detected inside the trunk because it's not on the same plane. I am going to send you back to the beginning of last summer with this trunk and from there it is up to you to save Sirius. When you wake up it will be July 17th. First, I am going to put a glamour on this trunk to make it look like your old one. You cannot tell anyone. Do you think you can do this?" She asked, placing a hand on his knee. Harry thought for a moment.

"I have to, for Sirius. Also, if I can train I will be able to fulfil the prophecy faster. I'll do it." He said determinedly. Destiny smiled.

"Good. Good luck, my child." She said, waving to him. Harry awoke.

--End Dream--

Harry shot up on his bed and immediately noticed he was slightly shorter. He saw the phoenix trunk at the bottom of his bed with a note on top. 'So it wasn't a dream' He thought, scrambling to the end of his bed and picking up the note.

Dear Harry,

No, it was not a dream, it was real. The date is now 17th July 1994. To glamour your trunk, tap the phoenix's head 3 times with your finger. To unlock the second compartment, place your finger in the lock and say "Destiny." Good luck.

Destiny .x.

Harry grinned. Sirius was alive. He checked the time, 2:00 am. He could get in 5 years before the Dursley's woke up. He quickly transferred everything from his old trunk to his new one, including the trunk itself, along with his clothes. He checked his room and saw that Hedwig was out hunting. He paused for a second and thought. 'I'm going to need some company for 5 years.' He pulled out a hat to cover his scar and his invisibility cloak after seeing it was only Mundungus. He climbed into a tree by the window and shimmied down before sprinting to a deserted street where he threw out an arm and called the Knight Bus. He shut Stan up by thrusting a galleon into his hand.

"Diagon Alley, if anyone asks, I was never here." He said. Stan nodded and 5 minutes later Harry Potter was invisible outside Magical Menagerie. He took off the cloak and was looking around when he heard something hissing at the back.

^Foolish man, if he thinks I'm going to eat that I'll bite him^ Harry snorted quietly and walked to the back where he saw a dark blue snake about a foot long with beady black eyes. He bent down so no one could hear him and hissed

^Hello there, what is your name? ^ The snake looked up, surprised.

^You speak. I am Silas. Who are you? ^ He asked interestedly.

^I am Harry, would you like me to buy you? ^ He asked. Silas nodded and Harry grinned and picked him up gently. He walked up to the counter and the clerk looked up. "I'd like to buy this snake, how much is he?" Harry asked. The clerk nodded.

"5 galleons." He said. Harry handed over the gold, glad he still had some gold from forth year, and Silas curled around his forearm. He nodded thanks and left the shop. He caught the night bus back and was back in his room by 2:55. He smiled and lowered himself into the trunk. He landed with a muffled thud on a squashy leather sofa in a large living room. Everything was decorated in black, blue, and silver. He saw a TV with DVD and even an Xbox, including a bookshelf full of DVDs and games. There were six doors around the edges of the room, labelled Bedroom, Library, Bathroom, Kitchen, Games Room, and Training Room with gold plaques. Harry pulled out his wand and levitated his old trunk into the bedroom. It was huge with a thick, soft, royal blue carpet, king sized bed with black and silver duvet, a desk with a laptop at it, a door labelled Wardrobe, a stand for his firebolt, a fat black leather chair and a coffee table. There were a few shelves around the walls with assorted items including a collection of muggle and wizarding CD's. There was also another door, which was open, and Harry looked into it curiously grinning at the on-suite so he did not have to leave his room to get to the bathroom. The bathroom was dark blue with black marble walls and surfaces with silver fixtures. There was a little open 'doorway' he presumed led to the shower as it had one glass wall and there was also a bath big enough for at least 5, it was still black marble up some black marble steps and by the looks of it had some jets in the side and bottom.

Harry's face split into a grin and he dropped the trunk, diving onto the bed to find it incredibly soft. He laughed and clambered off, opening the door to the wardrobe. He gasped and saw clothes of all kinds lining the walls. Dress robes of all colours, training robes, battle robes, cloaks of various styles, dragon hide boots, gauntlets, a wand holster, dagger holsters, which confused Harry and other accessories were on the wall on the left. The right wall held muggle clothes, a mixture of jeans in all colours and styles, baggy combat trousers, slacks, dress trousers, tracksuits and even a couple of pairs of leather trousers. The shirts ranged from dress shirts to vest shirts and shirts with funny quotes and sayings on them. There were jumpers, coats and jackets, belts, armbands, trainers, dress shoes, boots and just about every type of clothes he could imagine. He even saw a jewellery box in the corner. A note was stuck to a mirror on one wall.


Love told me that you needed new clothes and picked out a new wardrobe for you. We hope you like them.

Destiny .x.

P.S. they will change size to fit you as you grow.

He smiled and rapidly changed into a black Rolling Stones shirt and loose blue jeans with a pair of black and white chequered Vans. He then walked out and made a mental note to burn all of Dudley's old cast offs. He left the bedroom and entered the second bathroom. His eyes widened when he saw it was defiantly different from the on-suite. It was almost a replica of the Prefect's bathroom at Hogwarts. His eyes roamed the marble structures before he turned on his heel, eager to see what else the trunk held. He came to the kitchen and saw fully stocked cupboards, a fridge, and freezer all with preserving charms and refilling charms on them, along with a microwave, oven, sink, and other appliances. Harry grinned at the thought of no more wilting salads or sour grapefruit slices. He then walked into the training room in awe. It was a large room with mats against the wall ready for use, dummies that were charmed to fight back in duelling, swordplay, and hand-to-hand combat. There was a door leading off to a fully stocked potions lab that he was sure even Snape would die for. There was also a small stocked armoury and mini-forge. The training room led off to a room filled with muggle and magical exercise machines and an Olympic size swimming pool. Harry was glad of this because after the tournament he decided he needed to learn to swim, as the Dursley's never taught him, probably hoping that maybe one day he would drown. He was glad to see the training room was connected to the showers. He finished in the training room before walking out into the library. His first thought was 'Hermione is going to be so jealous'. He browsed the shelves, seeing books on all kinds of subjects and he was sure he had the whole stock of Flourish and Blotts plus more. He flicked through a few books before his eye caught on a murky green potion on a desk, a note next to it.


This is a potion that will show you any special abilities you have such as animagus, metamorphmagus, empathy etc. Soak a piece of parchment in the potion, wait an hour, and prick 3 drops of blood on that parchment. After 5 minutes, it should show you. There will probably be books on the subject and if there is not sneak into Diagon Alley.

Destiny .x.

Harry smiled and pulled a piece of parchment out from the desk. He carefully poured the potion on the parchment and left it to settle. Whilst the potion was settling in he went into the Games room and grinned manically, there was arcade games, a pool table, a foosball table, a MASSIVE TV with a surround sound system hooked up to a DVD player so he could play both DVD's and CD's. There was every game he could possibly imagine and even a magic controlled 'dummy' he could play against. With a happy grin, he went back into the 'living room' and sat in his comfortable chair. He turned on the Xbox and played a game called Halo 3. It was a shooting game and he found he was good for a beginner. An hour was up and Harry retrieved the parchment from the library where it was dry and tinged green. He used his wand to make a small prick on his finger and made the drips of blood. He watched as it started to spread into words. Whilst it was finishing he thought about everything he needed to learn. He wanted to learn to use the swords, hand-to-hand combat and improve his duelling. He also wanted to learn to be an animagus and figured he should practise his potions, transfiguration, charms, Defence, Occlumency, and other subjects. The parchment was finished and Harry's eyes widened as he read:

Animagus - Panther, Black Viper, Hawk, Shadow Phoenix, Hell Hound, Dark One, Wolf.


Natural Occlumens

Magic Sight




He already knew about the Parselmouth but he had no idea about the others. He did not even know what Magic Sight or what a Grimtongue and Lycan was. He also did not get the bit about natural occlumens. If he was a natural, why couldn't Snape teach him? He decided to look everything up in the library. He browsed the shelves and found some books on each subject, minus the Parselmouth. He read through each of them and everything was clear.

Natural Occlumens' need different training from others. They need to unlock their natural ability before they can put it into practise, Otherwise it will not work. Once their ability is unlocked, they will find it much easier. For Deeper instructions, turn to page 30.

Harry grinned. 'So it was Snape's fault.' He thought amusedly. He spent the rest of the evening going through books and making a schedule for his training time. By the end of the 'night', he had written up a timetable.

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