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"Oh this will be a fun week" Blaise drawled and Harry just grinned happily. "Rules?" he asked raising an eyebrow and Harry hummed.

"You can use anyone in the prank as long as the main target is your chosen and you have to take credit for it...nothing that will hurt anyone and...try to make it as funny as you can?"

"Can we enlist people to help?"

"No...Except house elves if you have to get a potion into something" they nodded and all agreed unable to think of anything else. "Now, I got to go for a run, I have far too much energy..."

"I'm sure Draco will help you work it off" Blaise smirked and suddenly found himself drenched in water making Daphne shriek as she was in his lap and wet as well. Blaise blinked then looked at Harry who blinked as well

Let's Do The Time Warp Again

The members of 'Coash' watched their 'leader' (Harry continuously denied he was a leader) wearily. It was Sunday and thus his turn for his prank. The others throughout the week had been brilliant, but that didn't stop them feeling uneasy. Harry had been getting owls which he burnt without reading and Umbridge had been following him and picking up on anything wrong, he was banned from flying for apparently fighting, he was in detention almost every night for stupid thing which he did not do and it wall all taking a toll on him. None of them believed for a second that he was sleeping at night but none could work out how he was still awake.

Aries had kicked started their 8 days of pranking spectacularly. When the morning owls had flown in, three holding a long parcel went to Madam Hooch. She had eyed it with suspicion and scanned it for spells a number of times before opening it. No one but the group had been watching and even then they were watching discretely. It was only when she had unwrapped it to find a Firebolt2 and her exclamation of shock and awe had drawn the teachers attention, and it drew the student attention as well. They watched her as she stroked it looking over it with a sharp gaze. She then found the note and picked it up and read it to herself. Aries later told them it said 'My dearest, I have watched you for many days, watching the way you glide through the air with such grace. I decided one of your style and elegance deserves only the best and thus I have brought you the newest broom. Treat it well. Yours, Star.' They had given him a bemused look before watching as she picked it up. There was soon a pop and she was now and Eagle in her place. It squawked in outrage and flapped its wings. Just as it started to fly music filled the hall and Harry and many other Muggle-raised started laughing out of their shock as the recognised the music, but what was even funnier was that some first year Slytherin, which later earned Aries a glare from the three Slytherins, stood up and started to sing the lyrics to the music, Westlife's Flying Without Wings. The group hadn't stopped laughing for an hour after Madam Hooch turned back but still had the wings the feathers and the beak and Dumbledore threatened everyone again with no Hogsmead weekend, though none of the group minded, before placing everyone under a 6pm curfew. The group had fled to The Sanctuary and cracked up giving Aries the praise he deserved.

Monday was just as hilarious with Binns speeding in ranting loudly about how the goblin revolutions were lies and how the only history that mattered was Harry Potters, Luna had been glared at the whole day when they were in private. He had then turned and started to squeal about the history of catfish and seagulls. Harry didn't even want to ask Luna how she knew that stuff, and from the look on Aries face, neither did he. It was only when Harry noticed the bloody baron floating with his mouth open as he looked at his fellow ghost that Harry realised that Binns was wearing a pink glittery dress with silver sequins on the back that spelt out 'Tic' and had a curly ginger wig on. He had blinked a few times before his curiosity got the better of him and he walked over to the ghost teacher and ran his hand though him. The dress looked and felt real but he shivered as his hand went though and cold swept his body.

"Bloody hell" he had whispered in awe at Luna's genius. He had been snapped out of it when Binns turned to him and screamed before flying off and through all of the teacher's, numerous times, whilst still screaming. Dumbledore tried to calm him down but he flew to the rafters and Harry snapped his eyes shut realising the ghost and the dress and the wig on and that was all. He was deeply disturbed, but as he started ranting about the Vampire war he threw bombs full of red stuff the colour and consistency of blood which made everyone scream and squeal. The twin had to guide Harry away as he was shocked still. When he reached the ROR he had broken out of it and sat down heavily with the others before he started chuckling and soon they were in fits on the floor.

Sprout had been eating peacefully at breakfast when her hair started to change without her notice. It hadn't taken long before her hair was short and green and flowers sprouted from her head. It was Snape who noticed first, glancing at her before doing a double take and staring in horror at the women. The green grass that was now her hair started to grow down to her shoulders along with winding flowers. She had noticed and given a startled scream when she had almost eaten one of the flowers. Everyone looked at her with amusement and Draco had muttered 'weak' in Daphne's direction but had only gotten a smirk as a tree waddled in to the hall with branches as arms and legs and it had eyes and a mouth. In its leafy branches it had a squeal and in sync the two started to sing. "Roses are red, Violets are blue. I never want to lose you. Foxy by name, Foxy by nature, why wont you attend the dinners I cater." The tree had held out a bunch of roses before changing into a dazed Neville who looked around with wide eyes then flushed at the attention

"Eh. What's going on?" he asked but before he could speak Ron had stood up, getting Daphne and approving look, and skipped around with a basket of rose petals and threw them over Neville and Sprout.

"Pomona, Pomona oh so lovely, how does your garden grow? With devils snare and Mimbulus mimbletonia, oh wont you take me home!" he sung and Harry winced at the off key high pitch slaughter of Mary, Mary quite contrary. The Botanist had been too stunned to anything but gape at her too students and there for missed another tree-person come up behind her until she was grabbed and carried out. "She shall be held for ransom, I demand all the gummy worms and chocolate you can get your hands on. All hail the genius Foxy!" Harry had given the girl a nod of approval as there was a chuckle from someone and laughter swept over the hall as Ron blushed as did Neville.

Blaise's potions genius was shown when his target, Flitwick, had drunk his drink at dinner, the teachers had been far more cautious at breakfast so he postponed for dinner time. The effect was very amusing, Harry's lips had twitched but he looked too tired to laugh. The short dueling champion he suddenly grown and was wearing a blue dress and a white pinafore with blond hair held back by a head band but otherwise coming down to his shoulder blades. The groups' eyes had widened at the genius of it, Harry having got a DVD player to work in the room of requirements with a TV and they had watched Alice in wonderland, Luna's choice for the movie night which had become a regular occurrence. Draco raised an eyebrow at Blaise and just got a wink in return meaning there was more. Harry blinked as the Pavarti twins were suddenly dressed like Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum, McGonagall was the Cheshire cat, Dumbledore the Mad Hatter, Snape the White Rabbit and Umbridge the Queen of hearts. They then did a shortened version of the film, students and other teaches sometimes being an extra before they turned to the hall and bowed announcing 'All Hail out master director, Ace' and everyone but Flitwick changed back. As they had left chuckling Harry had drifted closer to Blaise.

"I should disqualify you, you used others targets and it's like a teacher wide prank…but you got us out of Transfiguration so I'll let you away with it" Blaise gave the smaller teen an amused look and went his separate way to meet up in The Sanctuary in a few minutes.

Thursday had appeared much to the worry of the teachers, all apprehensive about who was going to be next. As it happened, it wasn't until dinner did the prank start…and good Merlin Draco and the others bowed to the twins' scary genius, even when they worked solo. Dumbledore had been walking into the hall looking over the happily chatting students when he suddenly gave an alarming shrike and everyone turned to see him trying to curl into a ball whilst still standing.

"Well…if I ever need to lose and erection quickly, I got my image." Harry muttered disturbed from where they were sitting at Hufflepuff table all looking as shocked and horrified as the others. The other boys agreed then blinked at Daphne when she said "I don't think I can look at a…member without shuddering for a while" that had earned George a death glare from Blaise but he just smirked in return. Seconds later Dumbledore gave another shriek, this time more high pitched and effeminate. Harry cringed at the sighed but couldn't help but laugh. The female body had never held any attraction to him, and it defiantly didn't now, but Dumbledore as a naked female was quite funny. He scanned the spells George was using and was impressed at the complexity. He frowned seeing one more and George winked at him before bursting out laughing with the rest of the hall. Harry started at the sight in front of him then fell on the floor pulling a twin down with him as he rolled around trying to calm down; Dumbledore had two lemon drops on his nipples and a larger one lower down and was then street dancing. "Yo, yo, yo listen up y'al!" Dumbledore suddenly announce when he/she had stopped his/her dance with a flip and landed crouched. He stood and crossed his arms popping a hip. "Peace and love y'al to my bruver from another mother, Chess!" Harry gave an approving nod.

Friday had arrived with expectant students and tired, resigned, teachers. Harry chuckled to himself as he sat in Fred's lap stroking his hair as he watched the light play on it. Fred just hummed to him seeing if he could get him to sleep and he knew Harry had not slept in a good number of days. He didn't care it was only lunch time, if Harry slept he would find away to get him out of class which didn't get him in trouble. He cursed himself as a first year Gryffindor screamed in shock and everyone looked up with expectant grins then blinked seeing their feline animagus teacher was a dog, simple, but hilarious. Harry looked at her then chuckled.

"Switching sides professor?" he asked with a grin and Draco snorted which made a number of people chuckle. She growled at him and he just sniggered then laughed out right when she turned pink and had silver bows in her now curly fur, a bandanna holding her ears back said 'Checkers'. Everyone else joined him in his laughter and he just snuggled into Fred's neck with a satisfied smile as he drifted off. Fred tentively kissed his forehead before getting George to help him stand without waking Harry.

Harry had been watching Draco closely wondering what the teen would do to his godfather. The prank was like Fred's very simple, but very effective. Snape had started to refuse to eat and drink anything in the hall so Draco had broken into the great hall the night before and cast his charms on the chair to left of center, where Snape normally sat. when he had sat down to breakfast, the charms reacted to his magical signature and suddenly he was dressed like Neville grandmother, much like the Bogart, and he jumped up and started doing the can-can on the table "You know if he finds out this was me, I'm dead?" Draco murmured to the boy in his lap and got a smile in return. Harry laughed as Snape's hair suddenly became red and his eyes were golden and he started to give Dumbledore a lap dance before he jumped back on the table and Draco squeezed Harry's hand, a warning, Snape then turned into a copy of James Potter and he looked at himself and gave a scream of rage before the final charm over took his vocal cords. "I am, the lovable Angel!" he cheered and everyone stared at him before they cracked up. Draco looked down at Harry who looked disturbed

"I'm sorry"

"Hush," he said then grinned "It's brilliant!"

And now Sunday had rolled along, Harry's prank was on its way but they were all worried about the gleam in his tired eyes. He started to eat the bacon sandwich Daphne had made him, seeing he wouldn't eat unless forced to. As he was just finishing his sandwich Umbridge came running in screaming like a very high pitched toad being squashed and ran to behind Dumbledore's chair, everyone raised their eyebrows at her and she whimpered.

"Albus, Albus please, you have to stop it, it's after me!"

"What is Deloris?" he asked raising an eyebrow and just then a wolf bounded in snarling as it stalked to her

"Is that a werewolf?" Draco whispered and Harry chuckled

"Illusion" he murmured watching with interest as Umbridge gave another scream as it jumped for her. She ducked under the table and crawled out the other side, tumbling down the steps in her haste. The werewolf pounced back at her and she screamed as it lowered its head but it just licked her cheek and turned into a dog who's tailed wagged as it lapped at her face. The students started laughing as she screamed in rage. She stood up pushing at the dog that disappeared in smoke and stalked to Albus

"That is the LAST straw!" the students chuckled as a camel appeared behind her with drinking straws on its back and an image of her put one on and the camel collapsed. She spun around and it disappeared before she could see it. "Albus you are here by removed from your seat..." another smoky image appeared of her lifting Dumbledore from his chair, sitting down and then putting the older man so she was straddling her, the image Umbridge threw back her head and 'Ride me Albus, Ride me like Cornelius never could!' was in a speech bubble making the twins spit their drinks out along with many of the 5th years and above to laugh or blush. She turned again as Albus' eyes widened and the image disappeared before she could see it. "And I will be running this school" she continued and the image appeared again this time she had the Castle on her back and was running in circles before she was squished making everyone cheer. She puffed up with pride and Harry chuckled into Aries' Shoulder, the poor boy having been picked as Harry's cuddly toy of the day.

"Now Deloris..."

"No Albus this has gone on long enough! Now! If these Pranksters do not turn themselves in the whole school will be banned from quidditch had have no free time at all!" the group looked at Harry but he just smiled and suddenly a giant foot and leg came from the ceiling followed by another and the bottom half of a body, she screamed at the sight of the giant as it landed on the floor and looked at her tilting its head.

"SQUISHY!" he boomed in a childish voice and went to pick her up but she looked around and they saw Centaurs, wolves, elves and vampires appeared and she screamed and ran out

"I QUIT!" the students all eyes the figures wearily

"Emerald!" the Giant boomed and the vampires, elves and centaurs joined the chant of 'Emerald, Emerald, Emerald' whilst the wolves howled before they all disappeared in a display of fireworks.

"You are a genius!" Blaise whispered excitedly as everyone cheered

"I do try" he smiled and petted Aries' hair getting a glare from the smaller boy.

"I guess you're right about changing your name" Daphne muttered "No one else has the power to be able to be called the Elvin name for Merlin" he nodded in agreement and they all smiled at each other whilst Dumbledore announced that he guessed defence against the dark arts was postponed until he could find a teacher.


"So, Darling Emerald" Fred drawled as he sat on the arm of Harry's chair "Why have you been Mr Broody?" they were once again in The Sanctuary and had been talking about who had won, everyone saying it should be Harry before he told them that he only wanted them to do it so he could see their strengths and weaknesses as they all had shown theirs in their pranks. They had all started to think about it before agreeing and deciding to fight over whose turn it was to pick a DVD. Harry had stayed silent and now the twins were curious. The others fell silent and looked to them.

"Remus and Sirius showed up last week" he said softly

"What!" George shouted "When?"

"Saturday when I went for my run" he hugged himself and Draco moved over wrapping his arms around the teen

"What did they say?"

"Nothing...well Sirius was as Padfoot...but Remus he just...I don't know I left them"

"You...left?" he nodded

"I ran away from them"

"Why?" Draco asked carefully whilst stroking his hair and Harry gave him a sad smile which made Draco want to go and kill his cousin.

"I know" was all he said and Draco felt his heart break remembering the number of nights he had Harry in his bed, drinking or drunk...sometimes smoking but he never made any more moves on Draco and the Slytherin was worried, even more so when he refused to talk to him about the meeting with Voldermort and why he kept disappearing.

"You know what?" Blaise asked but Draco shook his head cradling Harry against his chest.

"I did the right thing...right?" he asked quietly and Draco shrugged

"I don't know baby. I really don't." He kissed his temple "come on I want a nap, do you want a nap?" Harry nodded and let him pull him over to the bed. He waited until Harry was asleep before motioning the others over.

"Is he alright?" Fred asked and Draco shook his head.

"Can you write to Black for me?"

"Sure saying what?"

"You need some questions answered and can't write them down. Tell him they're to do with Harry who's really upset"

"Did they do something to him?" Draco shrugged and stroked Harry's hair indicating to the others to join them. The twins went to send their letter before coming back and lying on either side of the bed, protecting their brothers and sisters who lay between them.