Comeplete Summary: Bella Swan is a vampire, plain and simple. Having been changed years before, and having no memory of her past or human life, she embarks to live life one day at a time. She only remembers her name from nomads who have come across her in her few years. But what will ensue when she meets the imfamous Cullen Clan and falls in love with the one who stole her heart?

My eyes flickered around me, taking in the wolves that surrounded me, circled me. I might have been a vampire, but fighting off multiples was never easy for me. And to make it worse, I was alone in this. No one was here.

Or so I thought. I felt their presence before they did anything. I caught a scent of the wolves, but it smelled different. Bigger. Strange. These wolves in front of me were as large as they could possibly get.

They suddenly took off in fear. I looked after them curiously, trying to figure out why. The next thing I saw was a large shadow in front of me. I could almost feel the rage leaking off of it, the indignaty. Almost like it could read my thoughts, it turned it turned around and looked at me.

It was a pure black wolf. It was as big as me, maybe bigger if it stood on its hindpaws. I looked at his eyes, and was startled by what I saw there. The eyes were like the fur - dark, sleek, impossible to forget. They were too intelligent for a meer animal. Human, maybe.

Could he be...? Could he be... like me? I thought. No, not possible. I've never met another shape-shifter. Ever. He must have seen something that reassured him or something of the sort. He decided to not attack me, despite being possible easy prey.

He padded off.

I stared after the trail the massive wolf had left. I considered following him, but then another scent reached my nose. It smelled... almost human. But not entirely.

Could he really be...? I shook my head. I was most likely the only shape-shifter in existence. I haven't heard of others like me.

My musing were interrupted when a tall, russet colored man walked into my view. I gasped lightly, thinking, I was right. I couldn't possibly be right. I was alone. Or so I thought... He began talking. "Who are you?"

I laughed lightly, my voice a peal of bells. "I'm Bella Swan. I'm a shape-shifter like you, so you know." He seemed shocked by my statement. I began thinking I just said the stupidest thing I could have possibly said. My brow furrowed in confusion.

Great, now I sound comepletly idiotic. Noticing my confusion, the russet man shook his head. "Don't worry. I know what you are. You're a vampire." My eyes widened a little at this. How does he know what I am?

I just gazed at him, my thoughts and confusion apparent on my face. "I can smell you from here," he clarified, wrinkling his nose.

"Oh." I honestly didn't know what else to say at this point.

He added,"You might want to leave now. Since I'm off of my own land and on the Cullen's, I can't attack you. But I guarentee you, they will attack you if you come with less than noble intentions. And come onto my land, I will attack you right as soon as you cross the boundry line."

Only one other thought entered my mind. "Who're the Cullen's?"

"The resident vampires," he spat out in obvious distaste. I wondered why. I hadn't looked him in the eyes until now, and when I did, recoginition and something else flickered through his pitch black eyes. "Wait...Be - Bella?" he asked in shock. It seemed he finally got what I was said earlier. I nodded, wondering if he could indeed read my mind. "How... How did you become - one of them?" I just stared at him.

He stared right back at me, still in shock. "You don't remember, do you? Like that other leech." I snarled at the derogatory term, but nodded my head. Something seemed to pass through his head then. "Your eyes, they're gold." My snarl was cut off then, my eyes giving voice to my feelings.

"So?" I asked, confused once more. He just shook his head, unbelieving.

"I can take you to their home," he said, ignoring my statement, "but that's all I can do."

Okay, now I was officially lost on what the hell he was talking about. So I just nodded my head absently, giving him my consent. He began walking away at a steady pace, like if he stopped he would collapse. I began following him through the trees shadows that surrounded me now. I began recognizing the sweet smells that looped around us. Vampires, my mind informed me. I almost snorted in amusement at myself. Well, duh. He told you that earlier. Im a fucking genius sometimes.

One caught my attention quickly though. It smelled like honey and dew covered lilacs. It smelled like what rain and sunshine would smell like. It smelled like... peace. Hmm... I wonder if peace has a scent... I just shrugged and continued after the strange man. He seemed harmless enough. Soon, a large off-white home came into view. I gawked at the size. Nice, I thought in awe. They must be loaded. I nearly laughed then.

The next thing I knew, there was seven vampires in front of me. There was one large, intimidating one with brown curls and rippling mucsles. I smiled internally. I was still going to be stronger than him. I was a newborn, after all. His arms were around what I could describe as a perfect figment of a mans imagination. She had sleek blonde hair that fell down her shoulders. She also had a sneer on her face, which took very little from her vampire beauty.

Another male had a smaller, but no less intimidating, frame. His hair and eyes were a warm gold, and he had a kind smile, his arm around s woman with soft looking brown hair and a motherly smile. I smiled back at them before continuing. There was a young looking man with reddish brown hair, like copper. He had a frustrated expression on his face, and he was concentrating very hard on something. There wasa pixie like girl with spiky black hair and a cute expression on her face. Her head was peeking from under his arm, which he held over her short, petite frame.

The last took my breathe away. He had a small smile playing on his lips, a warm brown color in his eyes, although I could tell he was a vampire like I was. He had perfect blonde hair which covered some of his face. The wind abruptly changed and his scent blew to me. So he was the peace smelling one... He must have saw something in my expression that made his smile more apparent. The reddish haired male turned to him, then laughed. "Really Jasper, you think? I can tell from here." The pixie girl looked between both of them, smiling as well.

The others looked at the three quizically, than turned to me. I tilted my head, and looked each in the eye. They must have noticed my expression, because the perfect blonde male spoke up. "She's feeling a bit perplexed and curious right now." I looked at him in a small state of bewilderment. "Now, she's shocked." I smiled. Empath, I thought. I smiled suddenly, catching them off guard, the lot of them.

"I knew that. Now I'm not, now that I know what you can do, Empath," I said, my emphasis clear. I was amused, really. The others were as startled as I was that I could figure it out. He smiled back at me, all smug. I reutrned it with a small smile of my own when I turned to the others. The pixie was right in front of me though when I turned to talk.

"We're going to be best friends!" she nearly shouted in my ear. I looked at her like she was crazy. She must have seen my expression because hers softened. "Sorry," she said in a whisper. I giggled a little bit. I could grow to like this one. Not sure about the blonde 'perfection' standing a dozen feet away.

The young man chuckled. I looked at him. "That's Alice. She can be a bit eccentric at times." A few of the others nodded.

I decided they were nice enough. I wanted to introduce myself. "Hi, Im Bella Swan." They looked at me, shocked, apparently. "What?" I asked, nearly dying to know what was going on. How does everyone know me? Arg! I was frustrated to say the least. I got a sympathizer. Or is it empathizer? I wondered.

"I'd be irratated too if I didn't know what was going on," the one I knew as Jasper said. I nodded in agreement, still looking at everyone else. Did they know something about my past that I didn't? I wondered, a little sad at the thought. "Don't be sad, Bella." My eyes flickered to him. Of course he knew what I was feeling. Stupid empath. He smiled charmingly, senseing my irratation at him.

"Sorry, Bella. We just think we know what happened to you." I nodded, not wanting to know right now. Maybe later.

Jasper could tell I didn't want to know, if my hesitation and emotions told him anything, and said, "We can tell you about it later, if that's okay." I just nodded again. God, I'm doing that a lot.

"Well Bella, I'm Carlisle, and this is my wife and mate, Esme," the other blonde male said to me, gesturing to the brown haired motherly figure next to him. I smiled warmly, breifly remembering I had a mother too, somewhere. I turned to the others.

"I'm Edward, and that's is my wife, Alice," the reddish haired one said. I still had a smile on my face. I kept it on. I looked at the blonde and big burly one.

"I'm Emmett, and this is my wife Rose." They both nodded. I then remembered the man that had led me here and turned back to thank him for bringing me here. But when I turned around, he wasn't there. He must have left, I thought a bit sadly. First friend, and he's already gone. Oh, well. Story of my life.

I then realized Jasper was waiting for my attention to speak, even if I already knew his name. "I'm Jasper. Im Rosalie's 'twin' brother," he said with a smirk. Seeing him with a smile on his face made my own lips twitch into an answering smile. But I still saw the hidden sadness in his caramel eyes. It almost looked as deep as my own. He twisted his head away from me, a knowing flash of intuition in his piercing eyes.

I just bowed my head, a small smirk reflective of his own splashing on my features.

But it was then that I heard a threatening growl. Typical. I released my own answering snap and growl. Whatever it was, it was going to pay quickly if it layed a hand on any of them... It wasn't entirely close, but I wasn't about to take chances. My over protective feelings, which I can usually keep under wraps, exploded out from me in the instant. I felt, rather than saw, Jasper's eyes widen at the already vast amount of protection I had over my new family. Family, I thought. Never really had one... before now. And I'm not letting it go for anything.

My profile blurred largly before I realized that whatever had snarled was going away already. I straightened before turning back to the Cullen's, who were, for the most part, staring at me in either a) comeplete shock, or b) comeplete awe. I grimaced, not used to the attention I was recieving at the moment. Noticing my obvious discomfort, Rosalie, Edward, and Jasper looked away.

Alice's eyes glazed over briefly, then she suddenly squealed, making me clutch my oversensitive ears in pain. I was more startled like before, but it didn't make it hurt any less. Alice was cut off abruptly by Edward, who had a hand covering over her mouth. I smiled gratefully. He looked like he was fit to burst into girly squeals like Alice had. His lips were pursed, surpressing the smile I know that wanted to get out. His shoulders heaved a bit, not totally stiffling his laughter. I glanced at everyone, but they just shrugged. Apparently, this was a regular occurence here. Carlisle nodded towards the house.

"Would you lke to go inside, see if you would like to stay here?" I cast him a surprised glance. He smiled knowingly, like Edward, before continueing. "Your eyes are gold like ours, so I assume you drink from animals as well?" I nodded in response, still slightly stunned. "Well, since you seem in control of your thirst, I feel obligated to offer you a room in the home since I can guess you wont attack any humans."

My mouth opened to say something - I'm not sure what, I'm sure it was a protest - but Rosalie cut me off saying (or rather squealing like Alice), "You can be on the third floor like me!" I glanced at her, as did everyone else did. Jasper then directed his warm gaze to me, and shook his head. Like he was pitying me. I felt anger at that development. I didnt want anyones pity, let alone his. I gritted my teeth. He smirked when Edward was behind me, patting my shoulder. I was wrapped in a blanket of calm. Stupid empath...

"I'll explain about that later, if you need me to," he said in a silky voice. Since I lost my voice, considering the events of the day, which had begun with a simple hunt, I just shook my head, trying to gather my thoughts.

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