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Author's note: I love angst as much as I love fluff. So I'm juggling this one with my other collection of one-shots titled The Partners And The Line. Please bear with me while I try to write two fics at the same time. This one's from both Booth's and Brennan's POVs. Multi-chap.


"Booth! Wake up!" I groan and cover my ears with my pillow. Didn't I just fall asleep?

"Booth, we're gonna be late."

"Five more minutes."

I feel her lips on my shoulder. She's planting soft kisses on me, marking a trail down my shoulder blade, my sides. I groan. I feel my arousal grow. If she doesn't stop this we're never gonna make it to work on time.

"Temperance!" I groan half with pleasure, half with annoyance.

I lift up my head and turn to face her, meeting her lips with mine and rolling us over so that she's pinned under me, positioning my tip just outside her entrance.

"Seelely." She states. We call each other by our first names, only in the privacy of the bed we share. And last night, I yelled out her name more than once. All that pent up sexual tension that has been building up for years now doesn't seem to simmer despite our daily love making.

"Happy first month anniversary." I grin, kissing her on her lips.

I see confusion when I look her in the eyes.

"I'm not accustomed with long-term relationships but I have been with the same man for periods of time that were longer than a month. Are we supposed to celebrate being together for a month?"

I laugh. She's co cute when she is confused.

"We make our own rules Temperance. And I decided we should." I rub the sensitive tip of my erection against her folds, eliciting a moan of pleasure from her. She's already wet, and knowing that she's wet for me is such a turn on. "We, have been together for a month now to the exact day. Exactly a month since – "

"You screamed you love me while we were having mind-blowing sex on my couch."

I smile. "And I've enjoyed every second if it since then."

She reaches down and grabs the length of me. I instinctively grind myself into her palm.

"As have I." She smiles, starting to stroke me rhythmically. "You have something planned?"

I burry my face in her neck. She smells so good. "You keep that up and I won't be able to answer your question."

Two can play at this game. I move my hand over her breast, rolling her nipple between my thumb and index finger. She murmurs her approval.

"It's a surprise." I manage.

"I'm excited." She runs a hand through my hair and our lips crash in a sizzling hot kiss.

She gives me a couple of strokes, then pushes me off her, leaving me alone on my bed, wanting more.

"You're killing me Temperance!" I yell after her retreating form.

"We can continue this tonight." She calls from the bathroom.

"No time for a quickie?" I join her in the bathroom. She has nothing on except my white dress shirt, unbuttoned and hanging loosely from her shoulders.

She takes in my naked form. I'm aching for some release. I can see in her eyes she wants me too.

"I don't want to be late."

"We'll be quick, that's why it's called a quickie."

"I know – "

I silence her with a kiss, marching her backwards till I'm pressing her to the cold tiled wall of my bathroom. I have always fantasied about this. Making love to my sexy partner against my bathroom wall. Now it's a reality. I dip two finger into her folds, spreading her. She feels wetter now. I apply gentle pressure to her clit, she groans into my mouth. I intend to get her ready for me but I feel her hand guide me to her entrance. Apparently she is ready.

I lift her left leg, hooking it over my hip. I sheath myself inside her. We both groan. From the first time we made love, I knew we were meant to be, it feels so right to be with her, inside her. I begin a slow rhythm, pumping gently into her, not wanting her to be left behind.

"It's a quickie remember?" She whispers into my ear.

I don't need anymore encouragement. With one hand I support her leg and with the other I stroke her clit as I thrust into her, increasing the pace. I know she's close, I can always tell.

"Seelely…" she gasps.

I feel myself building. So close to the edge. "Temperance…. So good, so tight."

"Ahhh…." She comes, her walls contracting rhythmically around me. That pushes me over the edge and I explode deep inside her with one final thrust.

We cling to each other, riding out the waves of pleasure. We're still panting as I slowly withdraw myself from her.

She smiles. "Is that my present for our anniversary?"

"Don't you worry your pretty little head about that."

"Compared to the female population, my head's not small."

"It's a figure of speech Bones." I laugh. I glance at the clock in her bedroom. "We'd better hurry if you don't want to be late."

This has been how most of my days have started since that day we closed a case that was particularly hard on the both of us. That day since we both decided life's too short to wait around for each other. Since that day I proved to her that I was that someone that was meant to be for her and she, that someone for me. That day one month ago. Life is good. Life will be good as long as I have my Bones by my side.

Chapter two wil be up soon. Stay tuned!