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Soul of Darkness

Chapter I: Fate

What is fate? Would it control our lives or would it lead us to damnation. Sometimes, fate could lead us to something rather unexpected. And sometimes fate lead us to something we can't control.

That is the rule of the universe. Some may manipulate a person's path but no one could change someone else's fate. You could only change your own.

Though Clockwork has power over time he does not change someone's fate. Or rather he gives a person a change to change his own fate. Some called it cheating but some call it ingenious.

Young Daniel Fenton called it a second chance.

Danny Fenton, now known throughout the world as Danny Phantom, a.k.a. the savior of the word, changed his fate when he made a decision to do the right thing. Needless to say, it was the correct choice.

It's all about choices

And it only takes one choice to change a life forever.

Danielle Phantom, unknown to her, was going to be the instrument of a choice.

The young halfa girl was flying at full speed towards Amity Park. It was like the hounds of hell were on her tail.

"Must get to Danny," Dani urged herself on. It was quite difficult for her to reach her objective since she was hunted like an animal.

"Run!" a voice taunted. "Lead me to the ghost-child." Dani knew that she was being used to find Danny. Normally she could take Skulker in a fair fight but he had his armor upgraded. He had his own shield and his projectiles were faster than before.

It took everything she had just to stay alive, well… figuratively speaking. She knew he was tormenting her, using her as bait to get to Danny. She was tired and she was about out of power. She knew she had to protect Danny but who would protect her?

A timely blast knocked her to the ground. She felt her powers fade as she returned to her human form. This was not good. She was defenseless, a state she hated to be in.

She never felt helpless after her cells were stabilized by her 'cousin' Danny. She had held her own until now. She only wished she could be with the only one she had considered family before her end.

"Someone help me," she pleaded softly. She wanted to live. She had only been alive for only a year, she had more stuff to see and more things to experience. Especially the one thing a teenage girl wanted to experience: to be in love.

"No one will help you girl," Skulker said cockily. "With you, I could finally capture the ghost-child. Such a fetching little thing, maybe I'll hang your pelt next to his."

"I think her skin is quite lovely where it is," a pleasant and calm voice said. Dani slightly blushed as she tried to look up. Was she being complimented? And how could she blush at a time like this?

"Leave, human," Skulker growled. "This does not concern you."

Dani's eyes felt heavy. She was so tired and the presence of the newcomer lifted a great deal of weight from her shoulders. Before sleep took her, she heard the stranger spoke. And his words calmed her.

"It just did."


Dani didn't know how long she was out. Neither did she know where she was. But somehow, she felt safe. She felt that she had come home.

"Dani?" a most welcomed voice called. She smiled as she opened her eyes and met with a welcoming blue eyes filled with concern.

"Hey cuz," she smiled at her cousin. Danny was just as she left him other than he was a couple of inches taller. Same unruly black hair and same azure eyes. "How did I end up here?"

"That's what we want to know," came a concerned voice of Danny's beloved. Sam Mason was behind Danny, looking at her with concern in her amethyst orbs. "We just found you in Danny's bed three days ago. We were worried."

"Three days?!" Dani blinked. Was she out that long?

"What happened?" Danny asked. "The ghost shield was up but somehow you were placed in my bed."

"Rather carefully I might add," Sam smirked. "You were literally tucked in with great care."

"I don't know," Dani sighed. "All I remember was that Skulker was chasing me to get to you, I lost my powers and changed back and this calm voice that intervened. And I'm hungry," this statement was accented with a loud growl coming from her stomach. Danny simply laughed as he shook his head.

"Okay sport. I'll get you something to eat," Danny said as he started towards the door. "Sam?"

"I'll stay with her," Sam smiled at him. When he was gone, she looked at Dani, her smile was still there. "Okay. He's gone. I know you're leaving something behind." The girl halfa sighed as she sat up.

"I don't really know but someone saved me," she said. "But he had this calm and serene voice that made me feel that everything was all right. You know? Like I was protected. And something tells me that he whooped Skulker's butt so hard that he'd think twice to hunt me again."

"Why didn't you tell Danny?' Sam asked. "It's not that big a deal."

"The thing is Sam, I felt something else within him," Dani looked at her hands and then folded her legs together. She wrapped her arms around her legs and looked at Sam. "It was before I passed out. I felt power beyond my wildest dream." Sam was intrigued. Who was Dani's savior and was he a threat to them?

"Who ever he was, we'll find out," Sam promised. "But now you must get your strength back." Dani nodded, still confused as to what had happened to her. Just then, Danny entered the room with a tray of food and smiled at his cousin.

"Oh, Dani, I forgot to tell you something," Danny smiled.

"What?' Dani smiled back.

"Welcome Home."


Eyes of the darkest void looked into Danny's room from the building across Fenton Works. He was confused on what he was feeling. Normally he would just move on and not get involved but at that time, he did.

He was confused on his choice.

Was it the correct one? He still pondered on his decision. But two things he knew for sure.

One: the choice was made.

And two: he didn't regret what he did.

And the strange thing about it? He wanted to see her again.

End of chapter:

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