Legend of the Wraith

The hard sound of a rocking bed could be heard throughout the room. The melodic rhythm of the springs as the occupants of the bed bounced milking it for all its worth.

The pure bliss of the act was shared by two who shared the same soul who lavished their desires with all their hearts.

And it really annoyed the other person in the room.

"Would you two quit it!" Sam nearly shouted as she looked at the two. Both none ashamed of what they were doing, Dani and Rei merely smiled as the bounced up and down on her bed.

"I always liked you bed, Sam," Dani said as she tried to bounce higher that Rei. "It's so… bouncy." Sam sighed and looked at Dani's friend. He seemed to be enjoying himself.

"And what's your excuse?" she asked.

"I have never been on a bed with springs in them," he said happily. "I have to acquire one for myself." Again, Sam sighed. Honestly, it was like she was taking care of two kids.

But when she thought about it, Dani was technically a kid. Rei on the other hand… she didn't know what to think. When he was with Dani he acted like a confused kid and when he was teaching her how to control her plant powers, he had the wisdom of a sage.

"I'm going to regret this," Sam muttered as she looked at the two. "Okay, first, Dani. Do you know the basic parts of anatomy?"

"Yeah, a bit," Dani blushed. "I asked Jazz some things since… well… let's just say I needed a new size that day," the young halfa said as she indicated her growing breasts. "And from your magazines I saw the male part very well."

"Magazines?" Rei asked much to Sam's embarrassment. Not a good way to start a lecture. Immediately, Dani phased her hand through Sam's bed and took out one of the mentioned magazines.

Despite Sam's outrage that Dani gave her friend the magazine, she was surprised that Rei didn't ask about how Dani got the mag. The curiosity got to her.

"You know that Dani's a halfa?" Sam asked making Rei look up from the magazine.

"Half ghost, half human," Dani said to her amusement. Rei merely shook his head and returned to his reading. Sam sighed at this. How was he accepting this too calmly? Sensing the question, he answered while still reading.

"I have accepted my future Empress for who she is, despite the things I do not know about." Dani smiled and hugged him making the boy blush. "Um… is this the average size?"

"They're porn models," Sam sighed. "You sure are confident that Dani would wish to marry you. After all… you might be evil as far as we know."

"I cannot change who I am," Rei said as he closed the magazine. "I only strive to be better."

"Let me get this straight," Sam frowned at him. "You're not fazed by who Dani is, you teach about ghost powers as if you yourself have them, you talk to the Box Ghost as if he's normal and you're telling us you're evil?"

"Everyone has the capacity to be evil," Rei said as Dani gave him another Magazine. "It is simply how you tame that evil within you that makes us… benevolent."

"You should tell Danny that," Dani sighed as she ready beside him. "He's afraid to turn evil."

"Those who are afraid to turn evil knows what his evil self could do," Rei said as he blinked as a picture. "How could this fit?" he showed Sam the explicit picture making the Goth smirk.

"It's called porn," she said. "And you are forbidden to have sex until in you're married," She then realized that she had gotten off topic. "And Danny's trying hard not to be evil. He saw an alternate version of himself destroying the world and the Ghost Zone."

"I doubt he's the scariest thing you have faced," Rei simply said as he turned a page. "Are we even allowed to see this?"

"No," Dani said. "But that doesn't stop horny boys from getting them."

"Horny boys?" Rei asked. "You mean deamons?"

"You have much to learn about today's slang, my friend," Dani said as she looked at Sam. "Didn't you guys faced the Ghost King?"

"Pariah Dark," Sam nodded. "Almost destroyed the world then."

"Pariah Dark is a wuss," Rei said, looking at the two girls. "He's nothing compared to a Wraith."

"A wraith?" Dani asked. "Like those cloaked things that served Sauron?" Rei looked lost. Sam took pity on him and helped.

"Corrupted men who's souls obey the Dark Lord Sauron in the novel Lord of the Rings."

"Never heard of them," Rei simply said. "Anyway. A Wraith is a specter. A ghost who sucks the souls of men, leaving them empty. However, they also suck away their essence, their being, their strengths."

Dani shivered at this thought. And she thought being melted away was gruesome enough. Sam was intrigued. She never heard of this before. And the term Wraith was only associated with the spirits of beyond.

"Then, the Wraith King realized that if they could suck the essence of humans, why not ghosts?"

"What happened?" Dani asked, entranced by this story.

"When a wraith… feeds on a ghost, he absorbs their powers and abilities. The more the wraiths ate, the more they become powerful. Until they nearly wiped themselves out by the greed of power."

"They fed on themselves?" Sam asked.

"It was the only thing that made them powerful and their only weakness. Cut them from their food source then they'll turn on each other."

"I would imagine that Pariah wasn't too keen of fighting them," Dani said.

"Are you kidding? He faced a ten year old wraith and he lost," Rei shuddered. "And he was wearing the Crown of Fire and the Ring of Rage."

"Scary," Dani shivered. Rei smiled and wrapped his arm around her.

"I promise you that a wraith will not harm you as long as I'm alive," he promised. "Besides, there are no more pure Wraiths." Sam paused as she heard his phrase his comment that way.

"What happened to the Wraith Boy?" she asked instead.

"History was silent about that," he smiled ruefully. "It is said that the Observants wanted him dead after he helped them subdue Pariah Dark."

"They have a funny way of showing gratitude," Sam crossed her arms remembering Danny's description of the Observants.

"What happened?" Dani asked, engrossed in his story. She didn't know if it was the sound of his voice but she could listen to him forever.

"His friend advised him against direct action," he said. "But he never got the chance to act. After he helped seal Pariah Dark in the Sarcophagus of Forever Sleep, he was lost. No one could find him. Not even Cogs."

"Cogs?" Sam blinked. What kind of name is Cogs?

"His friend," Rei clarified.

"Didn't they check the coffin?" Dani asked sarcastically making him shrug.

"He was gone, no one cared," he sadly said. "Um… does this hurt?" he suddenly asked, pointing to the magazine where the two couples were joined together. Sam immediately blushed and took the magazine away from him.

"Class dismissed," Sam glared at them, daring them to say anything. Wisely, both stayed silent.


"Why the long face?" Dani asked Rei as they lay on the grass where they first met. Rei's brows were furrowed as he looked into the sky.

"I was just thinking," he said. "Is procreation that simple these days? It used to mean something then."

"A lot of people are liberated these days," Dani sighed as she crept closer to him. "Sex is a way for them to express themselves. Do you know how many magazines Danny has?"

"How do you know?" Rei asked curiously. "Have you read them?"

"It has something to do with genetic memory," Dani said. "Don't ask. I got a head ache from Tucker explaining it to me."

"I realize I don't know anything about you," Rei frowned. "I like you a lot but I don't know anything about you."

"I'll tell you a secret if you tell me a secret?" Dani was uncomfortable with her own suggestion. Was she ready to trust him?

"Okay," Rei looked at her. "I'm not human." Dani's eyes widened as she sat up when she heard this. That explained a lot. Her secret was pale in comparison to his.

"I'm a clone of Danny," Dani said, grasping his hand. "You look human."

"Do I disgust you?" he asked worriedly. Dani only smiled and leaned down to give him a kiss to the cheek.

"Why would that hinder our relationship," she asked smiling. "Where are you from?"

"Ghost Zone," he answered. "Found a portal and landed here."

"That answers a few things," Dani frowned in thought. "You must have been alone for some time. So you're a ghost? What are your powers?"

"Not quite," Rei sat up and smiled. "And I'm keeping my powers secret for now."

"You're no fun," Dani huffed as she crossed her arms. Rei laughed. This was completely new to him. His mother told him that if he had found his soulmate he would be devoted to her for life, such is the way of their clan. He never thought that he would meet her in such a young age. "Oh! I must warn you. My parents don't take kindly to ghosts."

"Really?" Rei asked. "Lady Fenton seems nice."

"It's Dad I'm worried about," Dani leaned on Rei's back. "He shoots first and ask questions later."

"I'll keep that in mind," Rei gulped as she remembered the weapons in Jack Fenton's arsenal.

"Why do I get the feeling that you could take them on easily?" Dani looked at Rei who merely shrugged at her accusation.

"So, what now?" he asked. He really didn't know what to do. Aside from making Dani his bride nothing seemed to come to mind.

"You need to learn technology," Dani mused. "You suck. Big time. Maybe you could get Tucker to teach you?"

"He's the Mayor of Amity Park," Rei frowned. "And I couldn't understand half of what he says. I need someone technological enough to teach me by dumb enough to a level that I could understand." Suddenly, Dani's ghost sense went off and she looked around, preparing to fight.

"I am Technus, Manipulator of machines, Lord of all gadgetry, Wizard of integrated circuitry!" Nicholai Technus, the Technological Ghost, said as he terrorized a local video store.

"Him again," Dani stood and started to transform when Rei stood up and smiled almost evilly.

"Perfect," he said in a deep voice. "I can use him." He then turned towards Dani with a smile and then kissed her cheek. "I'll catch you later. I have to learn a few things."

"Are you sure?" Dani asked conflicted. "He's a tough one."

"I'll be fine." He said. "Trust me."


It was midnight when two figures stopped and looked at a mansion that was abandoned by its owner.

"Tell me again why I, Technus, Master of all that is Electronic, agreed to this?" the ghost asked as he and Rei looked at what was once Vlad Master's mansion. The Technological Ghost looked like he went through twelve round with a heavy weight, though most of his injuries were healing, he was a bit wary of the young lad.

"One; you lost to me. Two; I need your help. Three: you will be rewarded when I take over the ghost zone," Rei Atrum said as he tried the locks.

"You are crazy, child. No one could rule the Ghost Zone despite your victory over me," Technus said, crossing his arms. "And it's not hip for me to take orders from a kid."

"Is it my fault that you lost so easily?" Rei frowned.

"Child," Technus sighed. "I have been beaten with less powerful beings. Had I known what you are I wouldn't even be near you."

"Boxy thinks I could conquer the Zone," Rei said as he grabbed the padlock to the gate and gave it on big pull, and the effect wasn't what they had expected.

The whole gate gave way and the two immediately ran for cover. The heavy iron gate fell with a loud clang that echoed through the empty street. The boy and the ghost waited for a few moments before proceeding, making sure all was clear.

"I would have checked to see what the noise was," Rei grumbled as he entered the premises.

"It is logical that a person would run from the source of the noise since it always leads to trouble," Technus said as he followed Rei in. "Most of us learned that people panic at the slight inkling of fear."

"And you use that to your advantage?" Rei asked as he motioned Technus to security system by the front door. Technus smirked as he touched the security panel and the door opened.

"I'm an evil ghost," he shrugged. "It comes natural."

"Well things are going to change when I take the throne," Rei said as he entered the house. "Evil will be vanquished."

"And what about us?" Technus asked.

"You're just misunderstood," Rei said nonchalantly. "And those who would refrain from doing evil deeds will have leniency. Those who destroys the peace will be punished."

"Like Walker?" Technus said mentioning the Ghost Warden.

"You have to tell me about him," Rei frowned. "He seems… Egotistical.

"He's drunk with power given to him by the Observants long ago," the ghost said. "And the Zone is such in a disarray that everything goes. Every powerful ghost protects their own territory. You have a herculean task if you're going to rule the Ghost Zone, child."

"Then why did you agree to help me?" the lad glanced at the ghost not sure if he made the right choice.

"One, you beat me," Technus sighed. "Two, I want to see what you can do and three, I'll be right there to say "I told you so,""

"You're all heart," he grumbled as he looked for the way to the basement.

"I am Technus, Lord of lights and everything beeping. I don't have a heart."

"Yeah, yeah," Rei waved him off. "Let's just get the things we need and get out of here."

"All this for a girl?" Technus asked, not really getting the concept of doing anything for emotions.

"She's worth it," he smiled.

"You know, sooner or later she would find out about this,' Technus said.

"I'm not going to hide things from her," he confided. "I trust her."

"Does she trust you?" Technus asked the main question in Rei's heart.

"In time," Rei smiled confidently making the ghost smirk in doubt. "What? I believe in love."

"Your love will be the end of you," Technus grumbled as they reached the basement. Rei simply smiled and followed the techno ghost.

"I will still love her," he said with a serious smile. "Even if she is the hand of my demise."

"You have it bad, man," The ghost shook his head and smiled. "It will be interesting observing you."

"You have a long wait ahead of you if you think I'll fail immediately."

"Why are we here again?" Technus asked as he looked around the dark basement.

"Resources," Rei smiled. "Come on. I need to get to bed by two."

"You have curfew?" the ghost asked incredulously.

"I have classes tomorrow," he simply said much to the confusion of Technus, Master of machinery, Duke of diodes, Earl of electronics… etc… etc…

end of chapter