Ichigo stood up by the waterfall with his arms hanging loosely at his side. He had no idea what to do or what he was doing. He just felt like he should come up here for some reason. He looked at the ground. Then, it just came natural to look at his wrist, at his bracelet. He held it up and touched it.

"Such a stupid small thing." He turned his head to the side. He looked up at the sky and let his arm drop back to his side. "Why has it changed my life so much?"

"It's only natural that it's changed your life so much." Ichigo turned around. Rukia was sitting on a rock behind him.

"Rukia, what are you doing here?" He was surprised. He had purposefully snuck out so that no one would find him here.

"I saw that you were sneaking out so I followed you. It was interesting." She rested her elbows on her knees. "So, why were you sneaking out?"

He sighed. "I just wanted to be alone." He looked at her for a second with an annoyed expression. She rolled her eyes. "And I just felt like being at the waterfall." He looked at the water. "Now that you're here I'm sure I'll be dragged in it, though, right?"

"Naw. It's too cold out. Plus it's night time so I can't see what mysterious dark creatures are in the water that might be ready to strike." She looked away from the water. She thought for a moment. "What's it like for you? To all of the sudden have such a connection with your mother?"

"What do you mean?" He completely turned around this time instead of just looking over his shoulder when he spoke.

"Well, I mean before you knew her and loved her. But now you're truly connected in a way. She was a Quincy, you are a Quincy. And the only reason you're a Quincy is because she was a Quincy. You got it from her, like a gift. What does that do to you?"

"Huh." He looked at the water, again. "I guess I never thought of it that way." He closed his eyes. "My mom." He looked at the ground. "I can't remember much about her." He looked sad. "But you're right. This is like a connection." He lifted his arm so he could look at the bracelet again." He smiled. "Like a piece of her." He turned to Rukia. "Thank you."

Rukia smiled.


I realized that my story was pretty much not finished so I wanted to do a short last chapter to bring it all together. I hope you all like it!

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