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The story is the tenth episode in a series called 'Rocky path' that begins around one year after 'Chosen'

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The sun prepared to rise above Oregon on a cold winter morning. The horizon started to clear, slowly turning from black to a pale smoky grey.

An owl hooted in the distance.

The bird having settled on a branch of a tree apparently guarded the entrance of a small, seemingly abandoned cemetery. Weeds had grown all over the place, almost hiding the decrepit tombstones and covering much of the paths between them.

Obviously, the dead here weren't used to having visitors.

Smothered screams and crashing sounds disturbed the quiet of the impending morning. The owl flew over the tiny cemetery, curious to know where the noise came from. The bird found the answer in the far rear of the graveyard where old abandoned crypts stood, all their past glory long gone. The owl landed on the half-collapsed roof and tried to find a way in to quench its curiosity.

Inside the small structure, a group of vampires gathered. Four of those dangerous predators were bending over a figure they held captive. Their prey that night was a young woman in her early twenties, with curly brown hair, dark eyes and long thin muscles. Her hair was tousled hair and her nose slightly bleeding but apart from that, she looked rather healthy.

For the moment.

She wasn't fighting her aggressors and her exposed neck caused cruel greedy smiles to cross their features.

"Told you it wasn't worth fighting," one of the vampires told. "Told you we would win in the end."

A half smile crept its way to the girl's lips and she rolled her eyes.

"God, why do vampires have to be all that chatty?" She asked in a mocking tone. "You're all the same, guys."

"I have to admit you're kinda peculiar yourself," the vampire answered. "Usually, they just scream."

"I hate being ordinary," she replied.

"It's a shame," the vampire added. "'Cause at the end you'll just scream like everyone."

"Wanna bet?" The girl asked as the smile on her lips grew larger.

The vampire furrowed his brows, surprised by her reaction. He opened his mouth to say something but the girl didn't give him enough time. She freed herself of the vampires' grips at amazing speed, throwing them off her forcibly. They all crashed down heavily against the walls of the crypt. They got up slowly to face the girl standing proudly in front of them, smirking.

The anger on the vampires' faces contrasted perfectly with the obvious satisfaction and amusement on the young woman's.

"Still up for a wager, guys?" She asked. "Let's bet about this one: who's gonna kick whose ass in the end?"

They didn't answer and just lunged at her.

"Guess it's four to one," the girl commented.

She dodged the assault easily and returned the blows with much pleasure. She elbowed one vampire, kicked the second, punched the third, and slipped under the last one's grip.

Nothing remained of the helpless girl she appeared to be a minute before.

As she launched another hard kick at the vampire in charge for the third time, he suddenly burst into nervous laughter.

"Okay, you damn girl," he exclaimed. "You're really strong for a girl. But as strong as you are, I'm sorry to tell you, you can't kill us. We can't be killed, we're vampires!"

The girl considered her bare hands, palms open in front of her. The vampire leader laughed even more as she realized how helpless she was against them. His friends looked hesitantly at him, then at the girl, before bursting into laughter as well.

"You can hit us as long as you want!" He went on. "We can't be killed. But you can. That's why we'll win at the end! All we need is for you to slip for just a moment and we will kill you."

Now, he was smiling broadly at her, obviously already enjoying these happy prospects. The girl glanced one last time at her hands, then looked down. She inspected the ground, searching for a branch or some piece of wood. There was none. She raised her head again and turned to look all around the room. She carefully examined the dirty walls covered with moss, the tall pillar right behind her - all that remained of a Christian cross, the rocky altar at her right and the closed coffin lying above.

As the vampires sprung at her once more, she turned round at lightning speed and seized the big wooden pillar behind her. She pulled it so hard that she tore it down from the ground. She turned round again and violently lunged at the attacking vampires with her new weapon. She knocked two of them to the ground at the time.

"Still think I can't kill you?" She smirked, pointing at her giant stake.

The two standing vampires glanced at each other then shrugged.

"It's way too big to…" began one of them as his companion tried to discreetly slip away behind him.

But he never got the chance to finish his sentence. The girl threw herself forward with the pillar in front of her and she impaled both demons. They crumpled to dust all at once.

"Still think I can't kill you?" She repeated, addressing first the ashes at her feet, then turning to the remaining vampires.

They both got to their feet and tried carefully to back away from her, fear now obvious in their eyes. She smirked and gestured vaguely to the dirty window adjoining the door at the demons' backs.

"Sun's rising," she declared. "You're trapped."

They glanced at the opening, then at each other, before looking at her again. They suddenly turned around to dash to the door but in their haste to run away, they were in each other's way. As the taller vampire finally reached the doorknob, he felt his friend reducing to ashes beside him. He turned his head to see the girl standing behind him, her giant stake in hand and an arrogant smile plastered on her face.

Deciding to fight for his life, the vampire reached for the pillar and snatched the wooden piece from the girl. Surprised, she almost lost her balance in the process and took a step back. The pillar fell noisily on the crypt's filthy floor. A glimmer of hope appeared in the vampire's eyes.

But it didn't last. The girl regained her composure at once and charged forward so quickly and violently the vampire couldn't dodge the attack. He stumbled and fell backward. The girl didn't give him time to recover and was instantly raining blows on his face. He tried to defend himself but her rage and strength were overwhelming. There was nothing he could do in order to save his unlife.

When she felt him giving up, she suddenly stopped hitting him. She seized his collar and slapped him against the wall, just beside the front door.

"So," she said casually. "Who's the winner, pal?"

He didn't answer and tried to focus again, somewhat dizzy with the blows he just received. When he was finally able to talk again, he simply asked:

"Who the hell are you?"

She loosened her grip a little and laughed heartily at the question.

"Wanna know who's gonna kill you?" She smirked.

She slipped slightly aside without letting go of him and kicked the door open.

"That's your right," she replied with mock solemnity. "My name's Kira," she added.

"Are you a Slayer or something?" He asked again.

Her smile grew wider as she pushed him toward the open door.

"Slayer," she repeated slowly.

She positioned him on the threshold and he didn't even try to struggle, knowing there was no way to escape.

"I'm Kira, the Vampire Slayer," she announced.

She had hardly finished her sentence when she threw him out of the crypt without warning. The vampire burned to ashes immediately in the rising sun's light.

The girl crossed her arms over her chest and tilted her head thoughtfully to the pile of dust in the grass in front of her.

"Kira the Vampire Slayer," she repeated. "I love the sound of it. That sounds good."