The Time Traveler Twist

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters except Katie who is based off me.

Note From Author: Have you wondered what wuld have happened if annie haden't went back to her own time in Both sides of Time. Well here is your answer.-Katie


It had been 3 months since Miss Annie Lockwood had suddenely appered. According to Strat and Annie through Time Travel. Harriett could not belive it Strat was in love with someone other that her. Then a knock at her door interupted her train of thought.

"Come in " she replied, to her disapointment Annie entered looking very excited. "Strat has suggested we start to court" said Annie in a trance.

Hariett's POV : oh no now I will never get Strat. I hate this girl. She is living my dream life.

Annie had no idea how Hariett was fealing about her she was thinking only about Strat and their future together. At the same moment when Annie was sharing the good news Strat was breaking the news to his father. This was the reaction he got.

"Strat I forbed you to marry that girl Annie or what ever her name is." "I love her and nomatter what you say or do you can not change the way we feel about each other. We will be together no matter what we have to do. Even if we must elope" Strat Screamed at his father. " You will do no such thing Mr. Hiram Stratton" his father argued back. "Also you can not because you do not have her father's concent." A disturbing smile crept across Mr. Hiram Stratton Sr.'s face. It actually made Strat frightened that was what his father wanted to be scared and back down well Strat was not prepared to go down without a fight. He loved Annie and would do anything to be with her forever. Strat stood tall and proudly pronounced " I will eventully marry her with or without your concent. Though I would prefore it." Stratsaid this so proudly for a breef moment you might have thought the Mr. Stratton was afraid of his son. then Strat proudly walked out of the room pround to have had the final word. Later that evening Strat escorted Annie through the gardens. This was so that no one could see tham kissing. If only they had know what lay ahead of them.