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My Arrival

The next morning Annie was supriesd to hear a carriage arriving. She watched out her window as a person she knew she rembered but could not place stepped out. How do I know all this it is because I a friend of Annie's from her own time was the visitor in the carriage. Annie had told me the whole story when we had some private time to talk. She rushed down stairs and realised it was me. She know sence she knew me she had to introduce me as she was dressed she wondered how I to had traveled through time. Those questions were to be saved to the apropiate time. Of course I had to lie h about how ma and Annie had met but i was a very good lier with my natural natent of it and the lies Annie and I had pulled back home. i ofcourse were in a dress of our time I had to pretend to have amost been kidnapped and that it kidnapper had turn up my bueatiful dress. I sould tell Annie had to hold back a laugh to keep the secret but Strat knew that lie he'd seen it before. He somehow Knew that I was Annie's friend from her time. As I tell this story I cant help but wonder if Strat and Annie would be angry with me for it. So I cna't really ask I came back but she didn't I visit from time to time but I rairly have time. Anyway I had to make up a total lie about how we met but they fell for it. Everyone except Strat he could tell by the way I knew Annie that I was one of her friends who had traveled through as soon as everyone cleared out he asked me my name and home we had really met. I told him it was back in jr. high someone was being rude to me and she defended me. "We've been friends ever sence" I stated. We did not know what hard ships we would have to face the 3 of us as a team they could be overcome, but as single persons all hope would be lost. Yet at the moment we knew nothing of it. Everone seamed happy enough bt who knew what secrets this family held and kept to them selves. I was send back through time for a reasion to help Annie and Strat. They belonged together I was determined to make it so even if it put me in harms way Annie was my best friend and I would do anything for her.