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I was walking up those famous steps to Holmes apartment carrying the big brown box that I had decided to pack this morning for him. Of course as always the door opened before I had even knocked. Sometimes I wander why he always opens it for me he doesn't for anybody else just for me. O well what does it matter I guess it is just my hopelessly romantic side coming out.

I went into the room and looked over at Holmes and said, "I thought you might like these."

He looked at me and took the box from my hands. He sat down and opened up the box and a look of surprise came over his face. "Watson's journals, but why are you giving them to me?"

"I thought you might like them Holmes considering they are a part of your past and it is something of Watson's and I know how much you miss him. Plus I do have photocopies and I could always ask you."

"Thank you Lestrade." He said quietly and put the box carefully onto the floor.

"Speaking of Watson's where's…"

"He's at the yard for a diagnostics check."


I sat down on his couch and looked at him and after a moment said, "I have an old family house out in the country, which has a lot of your things in there from your Sussex house and other things that were yours that Watson got. I requested or vacation time starting in two weeks and I'm going to be heading out there. So when I get back I'll be stop by here and drop some of it off. Of course there will have to be more trips to get all of it. I won't do it if you don't want me too but since I was going out there anyways I thought I might do that. What do you think?"

"That is very thoughtful of you. Thank you." Holmes looked around and then looked at me undeceive for a moment. O, how I wanted a camera he always seems so self assured of himself. Never doubting anything. I would love to get a picture of him shocked or indecisive to remind myself that he is human too, and not just a cold, emotionless being. Quite like a certain family member of mine, but I won't go there. At least not right now.

"Lestrade," he started and then said, "I can't believe I'm asking this. But you inherited the journals right?"

"Yea I did my families had it for quite some time."

"How did you get them then they are Watson's shouldn't… Why are you laughing?" I couldn't help myself I had started laughing at what he was saying. I almost fell off the sofa I was laughing so hard. I calmed down after a moment with Holmes glaring at me. Which set me off again; I don't remember ever laughing this hard at least since I first heard the tail to this question.

"Well Holmes you know how Watson had that little problem and you had to hide his wallet?"

"Yes of course, he was a compulsive gambler."

"Well his son was worse." I started laughing again. "You see David Watson got into a card game with someone who happens to be my ancestor and well he was out of money so… in a card game my ancestor won from Watson's son the journals and a lot of your other belongings that Watson received."

Holmes even cracked a smile and he started laughing which he normally doesn't do. "That sounds like something that would happen to Watson." We both laughed for a moment but sadly my wrist com went off so I had to answer and of course the Chief Inspector wanted me in A.S.A. Immediately. So I got up and walked to the door and told Holmes I would see him later.

I got to the door when Holmes walked out onto the steps and said, "Lestrade wait."

"What is it Holmes I have to get going?"

"Just for my knowledge what was the name of your ancestor."

I paused and started laughing again and took a deep breath and said, "Who James Lestrade?" "No, the ancestor who won all of the journals." "O her. Well she was the one whose daughter married Lestrade's son."

"I realize that, but who was she?"

"You knew her as 'the woman' I know her as my favorite ancestor, Irene Adler Norton." I walked to my hover car quickly and started it up and drove to the Yard, laughing the whole way at Holmes' face I know that is the one thing he never saw coming.

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