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After a while we heard a knock at the door and we as one looked at the door as Watson opened it up. Alex and Robert both walked into the room and smiled at everyone.

I stood up and quickly introduced everyone to everyone and sat back down beside Holmes. Alex and Robert looked at me with weary eyes and both sat down on the last few available seats.

After a few moments Robert decided to talk. "Alright to start off your right my brother and J.J. are working together, but they also are working with the dirty cops. They are the ones that these cops have been working for. I would have told you earlier but I was worried about doing so."

"So they are after me definitely after me?"

"Yes everything is tied neatly together just like you like it."

"Robert are you absolutely sure about this?"

"Yes of course. I would not joke about this."

"I know I was just hoping so."

"Of course who wouldn't be especially with both of them after you and having such a large group of people who will be helping them out."

"Right so both of them are in on this and somehow they figured out I was onto their dirty cops scheme and have come after me putting my friends in extreme danger. Well there is only one thing left to do."

"What's that?" Robert said with everyone looking at me.

"I have got to call dad and let him know what is going on and see what all needs to be done. This has effectively left my hands and gone into the hands of two governments that are across the ocean from each other with different views about criminals and what should be done with them. This shall be large trouble."

Holmes looked at me and said, "Are you sure it is time to call in your father?"

"Of course I wouldn't be doing so unless I had to."

We all looked at each other and nodded as I went to the vidphone to call my father for advice.

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