Second generation – Supernatural

Chapter 1

"Sam, have you ever thought about what you're going to do after this whole apocalyptic mess is over" Dean said , he had only just been staring a woman in a bikini a second before, he's train of thought was way off.

"I was thinking of keeping with the family business, hunting demons and maybe when I think the world is safe enough I will finally settle down, what brought this on?" Sam questioned with his eyes finally straying off his laptop.

"I was looking at this chick's ass and I saw the future" laughed Dean.

Sam looked back at his laptop, he knew Dean like nobody else did, Dean protected his thoughts with laughter and any joke he could think of at a moments notice.

A sudden gust blew threw the motel room, it was a cold and almost haunting to a persons skin.

"Hello Dean, Sam" Castiel said.

Both Dean and Sam had almost jumped three feet off their beds, Dean's heart had only just about began to beat again and Sam had managed to jump up sp fast to smack his head on his headboard.

"What the hell Castiel have you never heard of knocking, new rule angels have to knock or else I get one free shot" grunted Dean pulling himself off his bed and placing his knife back in its original place, the place where a secret was always held.

"I'm sorry Dean and Sam but I have been sent to deliver some important news, we have found Lilith, we managed to track her after she broke two more seals" as Castiel said this Dean had already picked up his sawn-off and made his way to the door, Castiel grabbed is arm.

"Dean no we already have someone there fighting, you're too important to our cause".

"Who?" sneered Dean.

"Someone that I trust".

A farmhouse, West Virgina - Abigail

I never knew things had gotten this bad, the seals of hell being broken so fast, the approaching flames getting closer and closer, there is only one question right now to think, can we win?

I don't belong to either side but I chose one and it's the right one but the thing I am, the things I can do, the family that doesn't know me.

"Pondering the future again Abigail". That annoying voice, but as annoying as it was this was the partner I had been assigned.

"What's the deal here anyway? Some more of Lilith's little demon fuckers here".

Uriel simply smirked..

"No, we have information saying that Lillith is in there, we requested you because of your abilities".

That word ' abilities, it scorched my soul, I tried to refrain from using my abilities since I discovered where they came from.

"You know I hate using them, if using abilities was so important why you didn't draft in Sam".

"Do not speak the vile name, he is the one we see killing us, not you".

"Don't call him vile, you have no right, you don't even know him".

"Neither do you! It's because your second generation, he is not as good as you think Abigail, besides Castiel would never approve of telling them how much you really are" said Uriel studying my emotions like a child ripping the legs off a spider.

"Let's go".

2 hours later- BMW

"Abigail! Abigail! Stay with me, thank you for saving my life" Uriel said his voice flooded with panic and gratitude.

It hurt so much, the knife was digging in my stomach I knew it what it was though, the blade of methodiethe, the one weapon that can kill an angel, when you get drafted by angels you do your research. Ahhh!

It's like hot metal cutting me slowly, causing my insides to turn against me.

"Where are we going?" I struggled to gasp.

"Castiel is with the Winchesters, I and he can heal you but you have to hang on, just hold on".

"No you can't go to them, if Sam has been using his abilities he will sense me".

Ugh! Ugh! My body didn't follow my mind, he thrusted forward and out of my mouth came a pool of blood.

The next thing I heard was my BMW door slam after Uriel had gotten out.

"Dean! Sam! Castiel! HELP!!! Screamed Uriel.

All I saw then was them in front of me, the faces of the two men I never met and the one that I loved, Castiel.

"Who is she? Jesus fucking Christ, who the hell stabbed her? Dean screamed.

I felt arms pull me up, some tough some soothing and soft. My scream pierced the air though as the blade put more pressure on my insides.

"Uriel, how did this happen" an angry Castiel demanded as they placed me on a bed.

"They had this, Lillith had me trapped and she was about to plunge that into me but Abigail jumped in front of me, I think Lillith twisted it" Uriel pointed to the knife still embedded in my stomach.

"I thought we destroyed that, Uriel did you bring her here to be healed?" for a split second my heart stopped, I felt the darkness engulf me, it was so dark, the pain its still here and then it came, the shock that brought me back the warm power that flowed through me.

I looked and saw that I had just been shocked with a charged taser.

I also saw that Sam wasn't moving, his body like a statue and I knew that he sensed something and I knew that he could tell I wasn't complete.

"Abigail, honey, can you hear me? We need to take the blade out and its going to hurt" Castiel said trying to sooth the pain that was returning .

I felt it like nothing in my life, to them it seemed like a second to the but it seemed like an eternity with the sharp tug pulling my life out piece by piece and then it came the darkness but this darkness was soft and welcoming it made me feel safe and sleepy, very very sleepy. I heard the faint voices of them telling me to stay but I couldn't I wanted to go, there was no more pain.

Two days later - Dean and Sam Winchester's motel room

"Who is she?, you've been gone for two days.". I knew this voice now, it was Dean, I could hear them now but my body ached all over, the knife sight still burning on the outside, I would wait for the pain to ease and let them finish.

"She is the one I told you about, the one that I trusted to fight Lillith" Castiel Said, he's voice sounded official as if to brief an army before battle.

"It looks like she failed then, but you still haven't answered my question, who is she?" Sam said like an interrogator.

I knew they were in another room, I rose out of my bed every muscle in my body aching as I reached the next room, I crept to make sure I wasn't heard. I spoke up.

"My name is Abigail, and you two are Dean and Sam Winchester".

Castiel rushed to my side and took me back to my bed, he held me with such care, making sure I wasn't in pain, but I had to speak with him. Privately.

"Abigail, you shouldn't move you almost died when we were healing you" Castiel said, but when these words were spoken his lips didn't move, I knew then that our minds were still connected, only one of my abilities.

"Castiel, have you told them? I think Sam might have already sensed me, the way he looked when I was bleeding" I thought to him.

"Abigail, we have orders to tell them".

"No! They can't know" I screamed in my mind.

"I'm sorry but this is an order that we were told could help the outcome of his war, I'm sorry".

As he rose, I grasped the shoulder of his jacket, he placed his hand on mine and stroked it, he knew this would hurt me and he knew I would forgive him.

"Castiel help me stand".

"So Abigail, nice job with Lillith" sneered Dean, I could hear the sarcasm as loud as a bell would if it was next to my ear.

"Shut up Dean, why don't you try having a knife shoved in your fucking gut and see how you like it" Castiel said, I looked at the Winchester's and saw their faces, it was as if they had never heard a angel use that word.

"Sam and Dean before we tell you something we need you to understand that this wasn't either of our faults, our lives led us to where we are now and that we can never change the past, Dean you know that better than anyone" I said recalling what Castiel had told me only months before now.

"What do you mean? We want to know who she is right now, you arrived here bleeding to death and we know nothing about you" Dean said eyeing his weapon kit, I knew this would happen if but I had to go through with this.

"Who is she?" shouted Sam. I knew he knew something was wrong with me.

It was time to tell them.

"My mother's name was Maria Timaine, she raised me to be a hunter after she met my father, she helped him into the world of supernatural, and my father's name was John Winchester".

In the second I spoke my father's name, time seemed to slow down, the Winchesters stood frozen in their place while Castiel held me with assuring arms, but everything changed in that second as well, Dean lunged for a knife and threw it at me, Castiel tried to stop it but I knew he wouldn't in time, I looked at the blade as its fluid motions began to approach me faster and faster, the force burst out of me like every time it had before, I found the energy of the blade and stopped it.

Castiel pulled me behind him and as I lost the energy, the blade fell to the grey floor.

Sam and Dean looked at me with hateful eyes as if I was one of the things that I and them hunted, my body told me to run but my mind halted me to stay, I could of course

not blame them for the looks that they bestowed down on me, John had only ever thought of Mary, my mother knew he didn't love her that's why he and the brothers never knew about me I was hid from everyone but that bastard.

"Dean if you ever do that again, I will throw you personally into the pits of hell, now Sam control your brother" Castiel said with a voice that even scared me, I had never heard him sound so evil.

"She can't be! H-how did you stop the blade? Castiel is this true?" Sam stuttered.

"Yes and I would refrain from throwing anymore knives at her".

"Castiel, should we tell them about how I stopped the knife?" I quivered under my breath.

"I think you should Abigail".

"Sam, do you remember a year and a half ago, the yellow eyed demon talked to you in a dream about a coming war where you were supposed to lead them?".

"Wait, I thought I was the sole survivor" questioned Sam.

"You were, I'm second generation, two years after he came to you and killed your mother he came to us, my mother was oblivious at first but then at twenty one my powers started to develop and I embraced them not knowing what they meant, I could move things with my mind, control fire and recently I started being able to exorcise demons, the headaches kept happening but then I was taken to fight" my voice trailed off it was one of the memories I hadn't thought about in years.

"He said that there was another generation, did you have to fight them?" Sam said looking like the terrors of the past had caught up.

"No I didn't Castiel saved me, he held out his hands and said not to worry, he was an angel and he knew my path" I think that my emotions had registered on my face, my eyes watered and my cheeks flushed a bright red.

"Awkward" Dean had now said after regaining his composure, they wouldn't be able to understand how me and Castiel felt about each other, he was breaking the rules when he fell in love with me and no matter what we do if they find out, we'll both be marked for death.

"I'm sorry that you had to know this but it was important that you did besides Dean I have something I believe belongs to you" as I said this a puzzled look flittered across his face.

"I tracked it down about 3 weeks ago in merry old England, I have the colt".

Dean's face lit up like a child's would in a candy store and after I stared at him he looked at Sam, he looked at him like the world was a place of pure joy rather than horror. Dean ran to me and hugged me it was so strange. and rather tight but no matter how much I couldn't breath it was nice even if he only considered me a ally it was nice to finally be able to hug my brother.

"I'll go get it, Castiel can you fill them in a bit more".

As I made my way across the room, I listed the items I would have to collect from my trunk, I haven't used the colt yet, yes it could have taken out Lillith in one shot but if I failed she would have gained a weapon that could cause us irreparable damage to the world.

Outside the room the cold wind sent shivers through my body, I may be able to control fire but it doesn't warm you up when you need it, I entered my red BMW without wasting any time, Dean would disapprove with a new car like mine but I love it, it was fast and easy to drive.

I kept the colt in a box covered in all the anti demon mojo I and the angels could think of, it was a priceless artifact in our world, it had to be kept safe. At all costs.

I grabbed all my weapons and put them carefully into my bag and carried them back to the room I was almost at the door when a voice that shocked me to my cores spoke.

"Another Winchester, more guts for me" Lilith mocked.

Before I could react, I was in the air, almost as if a invisible hand was round my throat I couldn't breath, I couldn't gather air to scream, I knew I wasn't strong enough yet to take out a demon on her level with my power but I could hurt her. I gathered all my concentration and concentrated on pulling her from the body she possessed, as she began to splutter out a little black smoke her hold on me disappeared and I dropped to the ground.

I lit my body on fire, my skin covered in it, I summoned all the strength I had to keep her down but it wasn't enough I could feel my mind burning against my exorcism power, I could feel the blood trickling from my nose.

"Sam!" I screamed.

Sam rushed to my side as soon as he heard me scream, he looked at my skin aflame amazed at what he saw not disgusted.

"Sam I can't keep her down, it's too much! Ahh!".

Sam and Dean became more distant, like an invisible force yanked me back, my feet dragged across the ground and into someone's arms, they yanked me up with bone-crushing force, the fire on my skin extinguished as I couldn't keep it up anymore.

"LET ME GO! ".

A hand flew to my mouth and began to drag me away farther from Sam and Dean, I couldn't scream.

"Sam! I know you can hear me, Help!".

"Abigail I knew you would be here, helping Sam of all people" the voice mocked. I knew this voice but it couldn't be, I thought everyone in my generation was dead, Leon?

The grip holding me was released and as I turned around I saw him, it was Leon, he had the ability to read minds but Castiel told me no-one survived.

"Leon, b-but you're dead".

"Far from it, they all ripped each other to pieces that night all but you saved because you caught the attention of those benevolent pricks" Leon said, I stepped back from he's voice as if it was a venomous snake.

"No, they could of saved you, but you chose to kill them, all of the people like us" I quivered.

"Oh I lost my chance to be something important that night but Lillith came to me, she knew my thirst for revenge was strong".

As he said Lillith's name, I lit my hand on fire, he had turned to her, accepted her offer.

I grabbed my knife from my belt and lunged at him, I felt the blade cut through the air. My hand stopped pushed back with a invisible barrier, I pushed against it but I saw Leon's hand there pushing my blade back.

"Sorry Abigail but I've accepted my gift, you're no match for me" Leon smirked

I couldn't push my hand towards him and I couldn't pull it away.

With a small flick of his finger my body flew through the air back in the direction of the battle I had pulled away from, my body had no sense of gravity as it hurtled, my body slammed against the ground, my body bruised to the single inch, I looked up to see Sam and Dean on the floor, Sam with a cut clean across his side and Dean tending to him, Lillith was gone.

Like the knife I had felt earlier a huge cut made its way across my back but no metal or material had touched it, my knees buckled under the pressure of the cut engraving itself into me.

"Does it hurt Abigail?" Leon laughed kicking me to the ground.

He knelt down, holding my arms down, his eyes crept to the blade I had attacked him with, and he picked up balancing it like a child would a pencil.

He pulled me up so I could see Sam and Dean, Sam was beginning to stir.

"You see them, they won't accept you, they'll always see you as a abomination, a demon, join us and we can create a world where we rule not them".

As he said this he cut a large wound into my leg, making it slow so I could feel, I tried not to scream but the pain was so intense, the blade pulled across slowly.

Dean drew his gun and pointed it at Leon.

"Let her go! NOW" shouted Dean as he stepped closer and closer.

I didn't realise that Leon was backing away till I saw Dean holding the colt in his hands, I brought myself to a hunched position and started crawling towards Sam, he held out his hand even though I knew he was in as much pain I was he still wanted to save me.

Leon was gone as I blinked, just gone as if to drift into the wind.

I grabbed Sam's hand and pulled myself towards him, Dean rushed over and helped usher us back into our room, and I felt the pain of my back more intense as I stood up my leather beige jacket starting to turn crimson.

"Dean, run to my car" I threw him my keys " There is a medical kit in there, go" I said as I winced in pain.

Dean rushed out of the door and I could hear him trying to beep the right car.

"Sam, are you ok?".

"Yeah Lillith caught me off guard she cut my side" Sam said turning to me." You look a lot worse., oh my god Abigail, your back it's sliced up"

"Its nothing, I've had worse".

"I'm going to kill that bastard, he supposed to be dead, they all are". My fists clenched.

"Who is he?" inquired Sam.

"One of us".

"I thought they were all dead"

"So did I"

Dean rushed back into the room but I felt oddly sick like I wanted to vomit, Sam set about sewing up a few of his cuts but I couldn't feel much I felt numb like all the energy in the world was gone, I reached and touched my back, Dean and Sam were in the bathroom trying wince away the pain, but as my hand came back to the front of me it was dripping with blood, I ripped off my jacket to see the entire back pure crimson red, that son of a bitch made the area numb so I wouldn't know how bad it is?

"Abigail!" Dean shouted, he rushed to me as my legs faltered and before I knew it I was falling into the darkness.

"Her vitals' are good but we need to know how she sustained such violent injuries".

Where am I? Oh my head it stings like hell.

It's so bright, that bleach smell invading my nose, it stung more.

"Where am I?" I croaked, my throat was so dry it was like I had been in the Sahara without water.

"Abigail its okay, you're in the hospital" my eyes were still blinded with a white light, the walls were white and too reflective. I looked at my wrist to see it riddled with IV's pumping whatever into my body.

"Where are you? I can't see it's so bright".

"Dean, close the curtains" Sam whispered.

"Abigail my name is Doctor Meyer, can you tell me how you sustained your injuries" he asked, he voice wasn't one I wanted to wake up to it was tough and harsh.

"I don't remember, my head feels so hot".

After that the doctor pushed some more morphine into me, I immediately felt the pull of its drowsiness, my eyelids felt heavy and as the darkness came again, I felt the heavy eyes of my brothers on me.

"Abigail, Abigail, I'm coming to get you" Leon said, I was dreaming so he was speaking to me with his mind, he's eyes were looking at me through the darkness.

"What do you want?" I snapped.

"You dead, I'm the leader, you're just a angel's screw toy".

"I'll kill you before you lay a finger on me you sick fuck".

"I won't kill you, your brother's will" he laughed.

"No! No! I'm there sister they will never do that!" I screamed.

"They will when I tell the world of you and Castiel".

I shot up from my bed screaming, my eyes full of fear and sweat rolling off my forehead, two strong arms held me in my place I shook them off after seeing what I had just seen. I saw them pulling out my soul, angels ripping me apart.

"Abigail, calm down, you're safe no-one I going to hurt you" assured Dean.

"They can't find out, Castiel has to hide, they can't find out about us" I muttered on and on.

"Castiel is fine, you have to rest now".

Dean placed me back in my sleeping position, my eyes stayed open like they were taped though, the images I had just saw frightened me and I wasn't easily frightened.

Dean looked at me and I knew that the world had become even more twisted, I knew what he had been through all too well, Castiel had told me what had happened to Dean in hell, put on a rack and forced to be ripped apart for what seemed to like 30 years.

"Dean I know you have questions, whatever you want to ask please just ask me" I managed to croak through my dusty throat.

He straightened from his slouch and leaned forward.

"Are you really our sister?" he asked gravely as if he hoped the answer would change.

"Yes, my mother met John when he was on 'hunting trip' I don't know much apart from that he never knew I existed, I knew though from my mother that I am his daughter and your sister".

"How are you like Sam?".

"Its in one way your fault but I don't blame you so don't worry, the yellow eyed demon started tracking anybody connected with the Winchester's, including my mother, when he heard that she had a baby he knew I would be a strong contender to be what he thought at that time Sam's soldier, when you went back in time you set him on that mission really, you led him to every Winchester, everyone who was connected".

His voice became silent, I knew the guilty look in his eyes but he shouldn't have had that look, I stopped blaming them a long time ago, I forgave them, that's what family does.

"Dean, I knew that fate would one day lead you to that yellow eye freak, you got justice for so many people when you killed him" I said trying to reassure him.

He breathed out but I knew that he was still feeling guilty inside, I would have to work on that at a later date.

"Who was the guy that did this to you?".

"Leon, he seems to be the sole survivor of round 2 of the demon fights, I thought they were all dead, he accepted his gifts, he accepted he could be strong if he became a monster, he was so strong the other night, he threw me across the car park with a flick of his finger" I winced at the thought of the pain I had felt the night before.

"How could you not feel that huge cut on your back that was the worst of what you had received" Dean asked.

"I think he must of stopped the pain, he knew I would ignore wounds but I didn't think it was that bad-".

My mind tingled as I felt her here, she was talking to Sam, she was very easy to sense because of how she was as a demon.

"Dean, Ruby's here" I said still focusing on her energy

"How do you know" said Dean looking at me.

"Psychic freak! GO!" I said as I ushered him to go meet her.

If she was here the news can only be bad.