Disclaimer – I don't own Merlin.

Right, this is my very first Merlin story, so feedback would really be appreciated. This just a very short prologue – I'll hopefully have the first chapter up later today.







"Oh for the love of – what?"

"How much longer?"

"That depends on whether you can shut up for more than two seconds."

"I meant are we going to get there any time soon?"

"How on earth would I know?"

"It's been seventeen jumps."

"I know."

"This will be eighteen jumps."

"I know."

"I just don't think my foot can take anymore…"

"Wait – there! There it is! Alright, hold on."

"Could you not land on my foot this time?"

"Oh shut up."

"Seriously Merlin – just try."

"Hold on."

"Holding on. Number eighteen here we come."

"Right. Mannon ist annah."