He ran toward me, his arms opened wide and his blue eyes glittering with joy, he was back and here to see me.

Naruto Uzumaki wrapped his arms around my slender waist and he swung me up in the air. "I've missed you so much." He said softly, he smiled and nuzzled his face into my hair as he set me down.

"Naruto-kun." I whispered. Even though no one was around us, it was just me and him, just like last time.

"Hinata." He said almost as quietly as me his voice was husky and deep. He's grown, he's grown a lot. He still held me by my waist and I looked UP at him now. "I've thought about a lot of things the three years I've been gone and you happened to be number one on the list every single time."

I breathed in deeply. And held it in. He thought of me? He looked up at the sky. It was a clear blue day, and sighed. "I love you Hinata-chan" My eyes widened and I was about to kiss him when he disappeared. The warmth around my waist was gone and tears formed in the corners of my eyes.

"He'll be back soon."

I turned around, startled at the sound of Tenten's voice. I almost freaked out because I saw myself standing there with my friends TenTen and Ino and I knew there wasn't two of me. But then I realized that it was a replay of what happened today. I was worried Naruto wasn't ever coming back when they put their hands on my shoulders and muttered a comforting mantra.

"He'll be back soon." TenTen said.

"He'll be back soon." Ino said.

I opened my tired eyes to stare at my lavender bedroom wall. "He'll be back soon." I whispered into the night.