When Lirit woke hours later Eden was staring at a map on the land of Faerie. "Oh you're up" Eden said as Lirit sat up and looked around the room, magical tomes were in neat stacks. "I apologize for my actions but I was trying to cause as little damage as possible." Eden said taking the gag out of Lirit's mouth. "This is my tower, I moved you here because there are wards here that keep your magic from flailing out."

"Oh, okay" Lirit said nodding; Eden crouched down in front of her and balanced on her heels. Studying the girl with questioning look on her face Eden nodded once before standing up again.

"You should sleep, your training begins tomorrow." Eden said

"I never sleep for more than a few hours." Lirit said shaking her hair out

"Lirit, if you will not sleep I will put you under a magical sleep." Eden said "Your magical stamina is nearly nonexistent and bringing it back up will take strength which you currently do not have." She said crossing her arms over her chest. She looked incredibly powerful and determined to make Lirit comply with her will. "As soon as you get your strength up you can begin training and the sooner you start training the sooner you can go out in public" she said "If you cannot sleep then just rest." She said

"Yes ma'am" Lirit said, she had no idea who this woman was but she was intimidating.

"Now sleep." Eden said "or rest, I don't care" she said

"Fine" Lirit said lying back down she rolled over on one side and started counting the stones eventually falling asleep.


The next time Lirit awoke Eden was reading a large book that was apparently called Tutoring the Magically Defenseless for Recluses "Oh you are awake" Eden said "How are you feeling?"

"Okay, who are you and what have you done with the woman that was here before?" Lirit asked looking at Eden suspiciously

"I was just trying to be friendly" Eden said cocking a brow.

"Oh" Lirit said before rolling over and counting the stones again to pass the time.


"You're doing good little one" Eden said during training about three weeks after they'd begun.

"Little one, what the hell do you mean by little one?" Lirit asked

"It's a term of endearment, you're my little one" Eden said simply with a smile

"Ehh" Lirit said closing her eyes she concentrated on making a small ball of magical energy appear in the middle of a circle Eden had drawn. A flame rose on the paper, burning it up instantly.

"Well that backfired miserably" Eden laughed, "Take a break, we will try again later"

A/N: The whole 'little one' conversation happened between my councilor/tutor and me yesterday, I couldn't resist putting it in here because it just seemed to fit for Lirit and Eden. Other than that the next chapter will be up soon.