Chapter One-The birth of Son Pan

"Brrrbrrr....Brrrbrrr....Brrrbrrr" "WOMAN! GET THE PHONE!!" Vegeta screamed at his mate. Seven year old Trunks closed his ears for what was to come. "I TOLD YOU TO STOP CALLING ME WOMAN, YOU BAKA!" Bulma shrieked, while Vegeta and her son covered their sensitive ears in vain. Sensitive sayjin hearing and Bulma didn't really mix well. "And anyway, Im in the bath so i cant get the damn phone, so one of YOU have to get it!" She finished. Vegeta automatically looked at his son in a way of saying "get-the-phone-or-I,-the-prince-of-all-sayjin's-will-make-you-pay!"

"Mom sais i cant answer the phone 'cause I'm too young!" Trunks made up, trying both to get out of his father's wrath, and to get out of having to get up off his butt to get the phone. Surprisingly, it worked, Trunks sighed in relief while Vegeta growled in response. He cursed all six steps to the phone, which was still ringing like crazy.

"Hello?" Vegeta growled. He was met by a very loud shriek which could be heard form where Trunks was sitting. For the second time that day they had to put their hands over their ears. Vegeta was about to slam the phone down when suddenly the voice on the phone was calling him.

"WHAT?" He yelled into the phone, he hardly knew how to work the damn thing.

"Oh My God, Oh My God Oh My GOD!" the voice said, Vegeta recognized the voice as Kakkarott's mate.

"What do you want woman?" he said, ready to let loose, when he heard some scuffling in the background. He heard Chi-Chi go away from the phone and someone new coming to it.

"Bulma is that you?" It was Kakkarott he realized, What the hell? Kakkarott on the phone? Now THAT was new! He thought. So he voiced them. Goku obviously thought the same thing as he went:-

"Hey Vegeta! I've never spoken to you on the phone before! We have got to speak like this more often!" he said as if his wife hadn't just been having a panic attack on the phone.

"Kakkarott you idiot why the hell is your mate calling here as if she is about to get attacked by Majin Buu or something?" He, yet again, growled.

"oh yeah!" Realization dawning on him. "Videl is having the baby! We are here at the hospital right now! A blood curling scream was heard on the background, sounding a lot like Videl. " Tell everybody to come quick! Got to go and have my food now! Bye Vegeta!" Click. Vegeta sighed in frustration.

"Woman! Kakkarott's brat's mate is having her brat!" He shouted Bulma in an annoyed fashion just as she was walking in the room with a towel around her.

"Vegeta how many times to I have to tell you to stop calling me wo-"she faltered, realizing what he had just said. "WHAT? Oh my Kami!" She squealed, sounded like Chi-Chi did not long ago. " Quick! Vegeta fly us there! It's quicker! Trunks, go get your sister, she's in the cot! Vegeta grab hold of me and i'll hold Bra and Trunks can fly next to us!" She babbled to him, forgetting the fact that she was still in a towel. When she realized that Vegeta wasn't moving and was just staring at her strangely she lost her (easily lost) temper. "VEGETA! Do as i say or i'll make sure you sleep on the couch for the next month, AND i'll break the Gravity Room!" Vegeta stared blankly at her, he was about to open his mouth when Trunks came running in with one year old Bra in his arms, and wearing a frown.

"Mom, arn't you gonna change, i mean, it's pretty cold out." He said staring at her.

Bulma looked at him blankly for a moment then looked down at herself. She let out a frustrated sigh, and instead of thanking her son she shouted at Vegata for not telling her sooner. Vegeta glared at her while she ran out of the room, to put something decent on.

*2 hours later*

Goten and Trunks sat playing half heartedly at the hospital, Videl was taking a lot longer than anybody thought, it was supposed to be a quick birth, but was not turning out that way, she had been in labour now for four hours, And every ten second you could hear the blood curling scream of hers throughout the hospital. The women were sat there talking excitedly while the men sat there looking bored, and feeling it too. Gohan was in with Videl, helping through the labour. Suddenly he came running out, met with all the women asking a series of questions.

"Is it a girl?" "What does it look like?" "Can we go see?" "Does it have a tail?" "Can we go eat?" Everyone turned to look at the innocent looking Goku with an exasperated look. Goku ubbed the back of his head Son style and laughed nervously and stepped back.

"What? Im hungry." He said, suddenly Chi-Chi grabbed a frying pan that seemed to come fromn nowhere and hit him on the head with it. All the men groaned simultaneously at the frying pan, even Vegeta, he'd had nightmares of that damn thing! They all seemed to realize the reason they were there and turned back to Gohan, who was panting slightly, but with a great big grin on his face.

"She's done it!" he said, pride evident in his voice. "It's a baby girl!" he announced. There was squeals all round for the women, with the exeption of 18, while the men covered their ears. "You can go in, be careful though, Videl is still recovering. We haven't picked a name for her yet though." He finished. All the women bustled in, dragging their mates with them, and in some cases, children. There was Chi-Chi, Goku, six year old Goten, Bulma, Vegeta, Trunks, Bra, Mr. Satan, Krillin, 18, six year old Marron, and Piccolo.

Each of the women had a go at holding the baby who hadn't stopped screaming yet, and then it was the children's turn. Goten held her while the women looked on proudly, yet trying to cover their ears at the same time. Goten held the baby with great pride knowing that he was what his brother was calling "ucle" (uncle btw)or something. He stared at his niece smiling the Son smile. He stood up with her in his arms, and walked over to Gohan.

"Gohan, why is she screaming?" he asked, while Gohan jsut smiled tiredly.

Trunks looked on in disgust, wanted to go, but haven just been threatened by his father, who had been threatened by Bulma. He hadn't moved from his spot from across the room yet, against the wall, next to his father who had the same pose, not wanting to go anywhere near the new baby. Why is that brat still screaming? He thought, sounding a lot like his father. Marron saw the look on Trunks' face and tried to copy, wanting to be like Trunks in everyway.

"Trunks why don't you hold her?" Gohan suddenly asked, all faces turned to him. He opened his eyes wide and shook his head fiercely, but noticing his mother standing behind Gohan giving him death glare, he sighed in defeat. Goten started walking over to Trunks to put his niece in the arms of Trunks, but while doing so, he tripped and fell forward slightly, causing the baby to scream even more, , everyone in the room holding their breaths, but Trunks caught the baby with eased and looked at Goten as if to say "Idiot" Goten blushed and mumbled his apologies. Trunks sighed in frustration and looked down at the bundle in his arms. With the look of disgust still evident on his face. But as he looked down at her, his face changed drastically, from frown to smile. Trunks became mesmerized by the little girl in his arms. And as soon as he smiled, the baby stopped crying, just like that, and lifted her little arms up, as if to grasp him, he complied by holing her hands with his free one, and just like that everything else didn't seem to matter to him anymore, as he stared in her eyes, he felt happy, he felt as happy as any seven year old could, and he felt love. While everyone one in the room looked on surprised and happy, Vegeta knew that his son had just bonded with Kakkarott's brat's brat. He sighed inwardly. Great he thought to himself sarcastically. But Trunks noticed that Marron was coming up to him and he growled at her, wanted this baby to be his, and only his. Marron stepped back surprised, and looked angry at the little baby girl in his arms, knowing that she was getting in the way of her having Trunks all to himself. Everyone looked surprised at this, even Vegeta, who hadn't expected the bond to be THAT strong. He smirked to himself, Trunks is possessive over her already. He thought.

"Mine" Trunks stated simply, yet aggressively. No one understood that he had just bonded with her exept Vegeta.

Vegeta turned to him slowly, not to cause the boy to get even angrier. He bent down to whisper to his son so no one knew what he was saying.

"Trunks you have to give the baby back" he said in a surprisingly soft tone of voice.

"No she is mine, i love her, so there!" he said, equally quiet, but still aggressive,

Gohan, unaware of the situation, turned to Trunks

"Trunks, do have an idea for what we can call her?"

He asked him, Trunks smiled, and one simple word came out, "Pan" he said, Gohan's smile went wider and turned to Videl as if to say he liked it, and Videl nodded in return, too exhausted to actually say anything, but liking the name never the less.

"Okay, Pan Videl Son, I like it!" he answered, grinning like an idiot, or as you might say, grinning the infamous Son grin! The women nodded to each other excited, happy that the new addition to the big 'family' had a name.

Vegeta snorted, this didn't go unnoticed with everyone, as they all turned round to him, except Trunks, with a look of confusion on their faces. Vegeta saw that they were confused at this so he rolled his eyes. How dumb can they actually get? He thought. But saying that, this is the Son family/Z fighters we're talking about, I mean what was he expecting. He chuckled out loud after this thought came to mind, which caused everyone to look at him as if he had grown two heads. Chi-Chi on the other hand looked as if she was about to get that frying pan of hers out again, so he quickly regained his composure and went on to explain, after all he did NOT like the frying pan, it had managed to even give him nightmares some nights, which he did NOT want to go through again. Yup, giant frying pans chasing me are definitely gonna improve my status as the Prince of all Sayjin's. He thought.Bulma heard this part though, through their bond, and she looked at him funny, looking as if she didn't know whether to laugh or ask him what the hell was the matter with him. Shit, I forgot to keep my thoughts blocked from her.

"All I'm saying, is that you're probably going to regret doing that" he explained to them, with his infamous smirk.

"What do you mean Vegeta? Why would we regret it?" Gohan asked, confusion etched on his face.

Vegeta let out a frustrated sigh, "What i mean is that you are going to regret it knowing you Gohan, look at the boy for Kami's sake!" he said, losing his patience.

"What do you mean? Are you talking about Trunks?" He glanced at Trunks who was still holding Pan close to him and giving a glare to anybody who looked like a threat to him.

"Of course im on about the brat, look at him, he has bonded with her and you haven't even noticed!" Although Vegeta said this in a disgusted way, he was actually proud of his son, going after a Sayjin, and one that was most likely to follow her blood line and become strong at that. He smiled inwardly, knowing there was a chance that the Sayjin bloodline could keep on going, even IF the girl was only ΒΌ Sayjin. He was going to make sure that he did everything in his will to make sure they mate when they are older. He silently praised his son for picking such a promising mate.

"What do you MEAN he's bonded with her?! Thats impossible Vegeta, he is only seven years old!" Gohan said, unwilling to believe that his daughter has already bonded.

"Fine brat, believe what you want to, but you'll be sorry." Vegeta stated, with a smirk on his face, as usual.

"Why will he be sorry Vegeta? If Pan and Trunks have bonded, then why is that so bad?" This came from the recovering Videl. Vegeta's smirk only got bigger at this, the men were slowly catching on, even Goku, and had started joining in with the smirking, but Gohan, being naive, still didn't get it.

"Work it out brat, if they have bonded this early on, then dont you at least have an inkling at what's going to happen when they are older?" Vegeta asked, amused at the blinded father. Gohan suddenly clicked, and instantly went pale, thinking that he had only just had his daughter, and now it seemed as if she were already getting taken away from him.

"No! I wont allow it! Vegeta make Trunks give her back to me right this instant!" Gohan yelled at the prince.

"You just made a BIG mistake brat." Vegeta said, eyes not leaving Trunks.

Gohan, noticing this, spun around to face the demi sayjin that was holding his daughter. And as soon as he did, he instantly retreated. The face on Trunks was enough to murder, and as the people in the room noticed this, they all gasped. Trunks stood there, holding Pan close to him, and looking ready to kill Gohan, and if it had not been for the little bundle in his arms, he would have done so, he was already in fighting stance, but not actually attacking, he just wanted to make sure that Gohan knew he was serious.

"What is going on?" Bulma shrieked, unable to fully understand the situation. At this, Vegeta got up from his position against the wall.

"Trunks" he said calmly, which surprised everyone, since he usually called everyone brat or woman. To the women, this showed that the situation was serious. "Trunks, are you going to put Pan down?" he asked, making everyone open their mouths in surprise, this time he had not only used Trunks' name but also Pan too.

" No father" he stated simply to Vegeta, all the while never letting his eyes leave Gohan's.

"Son, he is no threat to you, he is Pan's father, he is merely trying to look after her, there is nothing stopping you from bonding with her" Vegeta said, the last part earning a glare from Gohan. But it was working, Trunks' features suddemly became unsure, and he sighed, whether in defeat,anger or frustration Vegeta didn't know. But Trunks walked straight past Gohan and walked over to where Videl's bed was. His face softened as he looked down at Pan, he kissed the top of her head, and he slowly and softly handed her over to her mother. Videl smiled thankfully at him, and he returned it, seeing as he didn't see Videl as a threat. He turned on his heel, the smirk that was uncannily like Vegeta's returned to his face as he walked over to where the room's window was situated. He opened it and was gone in a flash.

Everyone sighed, some sighed in relief, other's in frustration, and the rest in confusion. And then the women all ruined the silence by starting to speak at the same time, asking question's about what just what happened and why. At the same time Marron started crying, because she didn't like the fact that Trunks' attention was all on this new baby.

"QUIET!" Vegeta growled. "If you have question's, then save them for later, where your mates can expain it to you." At this everyone shut up, and watched him as he made his way over to Videl. Everyone looked at him in confusion wondering what he was doing. He stopped by the side of the bed and reached his arms out. Videl stared in confusion at his outstretched arms.

"Woman, give me Pan" he stated, surprising everyone, not only because he had used her name again, when there was no danger. But he also wanted to hold her. I mean, he also wanted to hold her, and that just made everyone wonder if this really was Vegeta. Videl, still unsure why he wanted to hold Pan, handed her over reluctantly. Vegeta held her at arms length so he could have a better look at her, he studied her, taking in her brown hair and big brown eyes, and the little brown tail that was wrapped around her leg .Hmm, she has just been born and yet she already has control of her tail...interesting, you will definitely be strong, i'll make sure of that. He thought. And his smirk got wider, until it was an actual smile. He gave Pan back to Videl, and headed to the window where Trunks had originally flew out of, and did the same as he, leaving everyone in a state of shock. They satyed like this for a few seconds until Pan let out a small cry, snapping everyone out of it.

Chapter two-Present Day

Pan-17 Trunks-24 Bra-18 Goten-23 Marron-23